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Jacko and Cal's Rule Suggestions

Caveat: Not suggesting we make any changes until we have played vanilla for a while / only make them when they come up JT

Thought this idea was interesting for when we inevitable get eaten by enemies:
Before making your first death save, you can accept a minor or major injury for a bonus to your death save rolls. If you accept a minor injury you get a +2 to your roll and if you accept a major injury you get a +4 to the roll. If you make your death save, you take an injury background, chosen by the GM, as a -2 (minor injury) or -4 (major injury). The GM can put on something like Concussion -2 or Lame leg -4.

I've already made up a bunch of horrible and grim critical tables for this game as well as other changes. You can review them here (GM Notes Word Doc.) >>>

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