Mazek Asymptus

Level Three

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
8 8 8 20 14 16
-1 -1 -1 +5 +2 +3
+2 +4 +2 +8 +7 +6

Initiative: +2 (-1+3)
HP: 25
Recoveries: 8 [(3D6)-1]

AC: 12
PD: 12
MD: 18
Spell Slots: 3x 1st Level, 4x 3rd Level

OUT: I suffer the reverse of the Mage's curse, the longer I spend in the Overworld the weaker my powers get.

Icon Relationships:
Positive Relationship (God King) - 1
The mages have long stood with humanity as aetheric protectors.
Conflicted Relationship (Archmage) - 1
As a mage I focused my powers under the Archmage, however there are those he taught who would greatly like to know
why the curse affects me differently.

Negative Relationship (The Diabolist) - 1
The Diabolists are playing with powers they do not understand, they need to be stopped.

Advisor to the Courts (4)
Having the unique ability to maintain my powers and presence in the mortal world I have served as an advisor in the courts of many nobles and even the God King.
Student of the Magi (3)
I spent many years as a pet project of the Archmage, unable to practice my powers in the Overworld but able to absorb the knowledge in his vast collection of lore.
The muddy path (1)
The Archmage tasked me to wander the world and report back to him as the true state of affairs of the kingdom. Swapping my arcane robes for more humbler attire the callouses on my feet remind me that not all can be learnt through a book.

Racial Power: At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.

Class Features:
Every wizard can cast a handful of cantrips each day. You don’t have to memorise or choose them beforehand, you just cast them on the fly. Wizards can cast a number of cantrips equal to their Intelligence modifier each battle. Each cantrip takes a standard action to cast as a ranged spell. Outside of battle, a wizard can cast about three to six cantrips every five minutes.

At the adventurer tier (levels 1–4), cantrips with a standard duration last 10–60 minutes, plus 10 minutes per wizard level. The GM rolls and the wizard becomes aware that their cantrip is about to end a couple minutes before it’s done. At the champion tier, levels 5–7, most cantrips last 1–6 hours. At the epic tier, levels 8–10, cantrips last between 2–12 hours.

Cyclic Spells:
Spells that have a cyclic usage can always be cast at least once per battle, and are only expended in that battle if they are cast when the escalation die is 0 or odd. In other words, if you cast a cyclic spell like color spray or rebuke when the escalation die is even, the spell is not expended and can still be cast later in the battle.

Overworld Advantage:
Wizardly magic taps into the power of the overworld. While a wizard is in the overworld, their daily spells become recharge 16+ after battle.

Ritual Magic:
Wizards can cast their spells as rituals.

Once per battle, when you cast a spell that targets Physical Defense, before rolling for the number of targets or making the spell’s attack roll, you can expend your quick action to evoke the spell. Hit or miss, you’ll max out the spell’s damage dice (except on a natural one, which deals no damage to the target and likely damages the caster in some manner).

High Arcana:
Your study of the highest orders of magic gives you options that lesser wizards cannot match.
Memorization: Unlike other spellcasters, who can only choose a specific spell once, when you pick your spells, you can choose any daily wizard spell twice. (Note that this doesn’t apply to the very few wizard spells that start as recharge spells.) For example, at 7th level when you have five 7th level spells and four 5th level spells, you could choose fireball twice as a 7th level spell, or once as a 7th level spell and once as a 5th level spell; your 3rd level spell slot can’t be used for fireball because fireball starts as a 5th level spell.
Counter-magic: As a wizard with the High Arcana talent, you gain a bonus spell, counter-magic.

Wizard’s Familiar: RavenBarnabus
Your familiar is a tiny or small animal or creature that aids your magic, gives you someone to talk to when you would otherwise be a crazy person talking to yourself, and can add unexpected touches to the story when you or the GM feel moved to improvise. A familiar might or might not keep watch as you sleep, depending on whether it’s sleepy.
Agile: You gain a +2 bonus to Dexterity skill checks.
Alert: You gain a +2 bonus to Wisdom skill checks.
Scout: Once per day, your familiar can separate itself from you and make a reconnaissance run of an area or location, and it may even manage that feat unseen (easy skill check for the environment to get your familiar to scout unseen).

Adv: Shocking Grasp, Ray of Frost, Familiar, Foce Salvo

Basic Attacks:
Melee attack, At-Will, Target: One enemy, Attack: Strength + Level vs. AC (+1)
Hit: WEAPON + Strength damage (2D6-1)
Miss: Damage equal to your level

Attack: Int + Level (+8)

Memorised Spells:
Bonus: Counter-magic
Lvl 1: Shocking Grasp, Magic Missile, Blur
Lvl 3: Utility, Ray of Frost, Force Salvo, Force Salvo


Staff (1D8)
Cold Weather Clothing
Travelling Clothes
Peaked Cap
Various pouches of Spell Components
Travelling pack
50ft of Rope
Travelling Cart (Saddled by Ser Barnabus, Horselord)

5 GP

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