Sir Felstrom

Human, Fighter [3]

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
18 [+4] 16 [+3] 13 [+1] 9 [-1] 12 [+1] 14 [+2]

HP: 55
Recoveries: 9 (D10x3+Con)

AC: 21 (Armour [16] + Mid of Con/Dex/Wis [+1] + Shield [1] + Level [3])
Initiative: +4 (Dexterity Mod [+1] + Level [3])
PD: 16 (10 + Mid of Con/Dex/Str [+3] + Level [3])
MD: 14 (10 + Mid of Int/Wis/Cha [+1] + Level [3])


Features, Feats and Talents:

  • Extra Tough Feature
    • Start with 9 recoveries instead of 8.
  • Threatening Feature
    • Whenever an enemy attempts to disengage with you they add your Constitution Modifier as a negative (3).
  • Heavy Warrior Talent
    • Twice per Battle while you are wearing heavy armour you may halve incoming damage from a single source.
    • Adventurer Feat.
  • Skilled Intercept Talent
    • Once per round as a Free Action make a DC 11 test to intercept an enemy who is moving to attack an ally. You may pop free of an enemy in order to do this.
    • The intercepted enemy still makes their attack with you as the target instead. If this attack hits and you are wearing heavy armour you take half damage.
  • Comeback Strike Talent
    • Once per battle as a Free Action make a second attack after your first attack misses.
    • Adventurer Feat.
  • Further Background Feat
    • Add a new background with 2 points [Monster Hunter].

Fighter Manoeuvres and Attacks:

  • Standard Melee Attack
    • At-Will. One enemy.
    • Str + Level vs. AC (+7)
    • Hit: 2x Weapon + Str Damage
    • Miss: Damage equal to level
  • Standard Ranged Attack
    • At-Will. One enemy.
    • Dex + Level vs. AC (+4)
    • Hit: 2x Weapon + Dex Damage
  • Defensive Fighting
    • Flexible Melee Attack; Natural 16+ or any even roll when fighting with a shield.
    • +2 AC until the end of your next turn.
  • Shield Bash
    • Flexible Melee Attack; any Natural even roll.
    • The target pops free of you and allies after the attack.
    • Adventurer Feat.
  • Deadly Assault
    • Flexible Melee or Ranged Attack; any Natural even hit.
    • Re-roll 1s and 2s from your damage roll.
    • Adventurer Feat.
  • Carve an Opening
    • Flexible Melee Attack; any Natural odd roll.
    • Your melee critical range expands by a cumulative +1 each time you choose this flexible attack until you get a critical. When you get a critical it resets.


  • Longsword: A castle forged sword given to Felstrom by Sir Yezever. It is a simple arming sword, finely crafted and well maintained.
    • Level [3] x D8
  • Cavalier's Gloves
    • +1D8 Damage with Lance while mounted [Recharge 11+]
  • Knight's Plate Armour: Armour found within the icons taken by the Liche Sir Pelius. It is overlapping plates of gold trimmed steel of exquisite quality. Worn beneath Felstrom's sky blue tabard, the last remnant of his family heraldry.
    • +1 Heavy Armour.
    • Armour [16] + Mid of Con/Dex/Wis [+1] + Shield [1] + Level [3]
  • Shield: A heater shield painted black and bearing Sir Felstrom's adopted personal heraldry: a black dragon set against a yellow orb.
  • Lance: Long spear used from horseback. The spear bears a small light blue pennant.
    • Level [3] x D8

Coin Purse:
Gold: 0

  • 30 gold worth of jewellery
  • Flint and tinder box
  • Travelling pack
  • Bear fur cloak
  • Sleeping roll
  • Waterskin
  • Well worn nobles attire (good clothes)
  • 50ft of good rope
  • Small tent
  • 5x torches
  • 10x rations

Auburn riding horse named Sapporo.

Icon Relationships

  • The Kingdom: [Positive- 2] As a knight of the Kingdom Felstrom is afforded some trust within the Kingdom. Sworn to protect those within the Kingdom, he prays to the God-King for guidance and helps his allies when he can.
  • The Crusaders: [Negative- 1] A raiding party of Crusaders destroyed Felstrom's master's keep and set his people to the sword.



Noble's Court: [2 points]

  • Felstrom's family were nobility in the north in the Court of Duke Alacar. His father was a boyhood friend of the Duke and his mother a merchant's daughter. As he was only half nobleborn Felstrom was expected to learn the ways of the court but also to be useful to the Duke should he need to serve. He grew up in the court here learning the ways of the courtier and the warrior both.

Sworn to Serve: [4 points]

  • When he came of age Felstrom was squired to Sir Yezever, a knight of some renown within the Alacar court. Yezever trained Felstrom for many years. Alacar was troubled by bandit and beastman raids and had a wary alliance with the forces of the Crusaders to the north.
  • Yezever taught Felstrom the sword and lance and that the duty of a knight was to protect those who could not protect themselves. He was a devout follower of the God-King and a true believer in the divinity of the current King.
  • A massive raid came from the north, an army of Crusaders baring down and sacking outlying towns. Felstrom took part in the defence of a small town named Oakdale and was knighted for his trouble. Eventually Alacar was overrun and sacked, Yezever falling to the Darkblade leading the Crusader force.

Wandering Knight: [2 points]

  • When the forces of the Kingdom arrived there was little left of Alacar and the majority of the nobility had been slain by the Crusaders. A new duke was put in place and Sir Felstrom was offered a place in his hall.
  • He refused and was granted leave by the Duke to wander the lands, serving not one lord but the Kingdom itself. He learned to live off the land and travelled alone, casting off his family crest and taking on the sigil of a black dragon on a yellow and black field.

Monster Hunter: [2 points]

  • In his duties defending the people of the Kingdom Felstrom found himself again and again hunting down monsters that troubled the many villages and towns of the Kingdom.
  • He began to learn about wild beasts and monsters, magical abominations and undead. As he slew he learned what hurt different beasts and how they could be trapped or killed. He sometimes took coin for his work but more often that not accepted room and board, viewing this as his duty to the King.

One Unique Thing

Knight Errant

After the fall of Alacar, Sir Felstrom was given leave to continue his service without a specific Lord. Knights are usually bound to a single Lord in defence of his lands but Felstrom has been allowed to wander the lands, defending the Kingdom as he sees fit.

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