The 1933 Nazi Device in 1929 USA

[The following journal entries are encoded in a cipher that was particularly hard to break, with alternating sentences in English and French written with Cyrillic characters and Russian in the Latin alphabet]

The Repercussions of Revolutions

Let me recount the events that have led to this moment in my life, for they are tale worthy of any of Tzara’s poetry, or perhaps more appropriately the Futurists (with their love of octane speed, technology and militarism).

Several weeks ago I was in the drinking hole, Leom, Tobias and I (amongst other Jews and dissidents) frequented in Berlin, its name obscured by layers of grime over the sign in the Berlin alley. It is the end of Weimar, 1934 and Hitler has recently taken control of Deutschland with his Brownshirts and now the barbaric SS. Two days before this Leom’s brother Mikhail had disappeared after trying to infiltrate the Techno college [?] for some revolutionary purpose. Leom in extreme, yet inspiring revolutionary zeal urged us to sneak into the building to find his brother, Tobias himself was more reserved, in somewhat cowardly. I told him that an ideology was nothing if we are not prepared to die for it, and so that night we entered the college after the students and scientists had left.

After rummaging through the office of one Brownshirt, we discovered that the Nazis had appropriated the college to work on some sort of techno-revolutionary power source. The man in charge, one Yuri Jenkov. Liberating the plans for the device, we overheard a conversation on the stairs to the basement, stressing the importance of the completion of the device for 1933. Most puzzling at the time, considering the deadline was one year previously.

Regardless we moved to the bottom of the complex coming out beneath what can only be described as the device. A giant ball and cables suspended over murky water. It was at this moment that we spotted the scientists and Brownshirt security, on the platforms high above us. Moving back upstairs, Leom produced two revolvers, and zealously urged an attack on the guards to find his brother. Giving one of the revolvers to Tobias, I said we would enter, but there was to be not killing or wounding unless I gave the orders, we would take the security hostage and try and find Mikhail.
We busted into the room, and eventually managed to convince the fascist pigs to drop their Lugers to the ground at the gunpoints of Tobias and Leom. Collecting the weapons, I convinced them with some quick words that we were French agents. I tried to pry them for information on the device but the Nazis were not forth coming. Instead I turned to one of the scientists, a man with frizzled hair and Russian accent I assumed to be Yuri. He after Leom lost his cool and demanded where his brother was, told us Mikhail was inside the device. He said that to get to him the device must be opened by two people. Following his directions I moved to open the device, and on his command opened the crank wheel. Inside was coils of metal that I cannot comprehend still even though I have looked over the plans many times, and a gantry with empty hand cuffs. It was then that the light took me.

Waking, I was in a sumptuous, but destroyed conference room, and surrounded by strangers speaking English in accents that I could only think to be American. It was at this point that a huge truck covered in the Swastika burst through the wall, and black uniformed soldiers poured forth.

It Is hard to narrate what followed, but I will give it my best attempt. Drawing a Luger, I jumped over what appear to be the desk I had awoken on, but instead of jumping, everything slowed down to a crawl, and I moved the same speed. In seconds for me, the rest of the world had moved only a fraction of a second. I took a shot with my Luger, and took out a soldier off the vehicle, (though never again shall I discharge a weapon against a human being, I realise now that the revolution must not be forced, this was the mistake of the Bolsheviks. Human life is worth too much, even that of a fascist). I further noticed that I could easily dodge most of the shots that the fascist levelled at me as they slowed on their approach to me.

Even stranger was the actions of my now companions, then strangers to me, who recovering from what appeared to have been an explosion entered the fray.

A young ganger in a leather jacket exploded into energy and crashed into a pillar before proceeding to shoot lightning from his hands and scorch his way through the soldiers and creating an area of extreme heat. I would come to know him as Adam McFey, son of the Capitalist McFey of Starcorp, the offices of which we were in. An anti-prohibitionist and biker, he is of similar anarchist tendencies to myself, though he has never experienced the deprivations of Weimar or of Bolshevik Russia. He says that he must have received his powers from a malfunctioning device in the Starcorp building. He was dragged there by his father after being picked up for speeding one too many times in New York.

A man with a revolver, turned into demon-shadow before my eyes and I later saw him hold several Nazis aloft with tentacles of shadow as well as disintegrating a man with his incorporeal form. Richard Cross, as I came to know him, a Detective come Private Investigator, a Yankee as they say it. By his reports, he inadvertently activated a Nazi demon ritual in the building while trying to save a scientist about to be sacrificed on an SS dagger. Instead it seems that he received the demon powers the Nazi so wished for. Indeed he was investigating a similar ritual killing for a member of the Starcorp board who’s fiancée had disappeared, which brought him to the building.

The third man, a veritable blue eyed and blonde haired giant in only a hospital gown, crashed through a pillar and with praeternatural, or more accurately, supernatural strength threw the board table at the truck, cutting it in half. He then proceeded to engage the soldiers in melee combat, throwing them across the room with his punches. A Nazi commander with some sort of techno-magical glove was even felled by this “All American Farm Boy” as Cross calls him. An Astronaut, Jack Jasinksy, he tells the tale of being in the first man mission to space, entering a space-station and finding a room, or ship inside it, which didn’t match any known specifications with unknown etchings in the room that the NASA boys translated as “Weapon”. Double crossed by his companion, he was locked in the room as a Spaceshuttle bearing the Iron Cross docked with the station. Gas vented into the room and he fell to earth. He next awoke in Starcorp he says, meeting Cross in the wards.
I helped the others finish off the soldiers, by according to some space-time manipulation that I have manifested from the Nazi Device, teleporting them into each other. Finishing the fight we left the now crumbling building.

Outside to our inconvenience, after quick introductions we discovered the repressive elements of the US state had been deployed against our escape, police blocking the bridge and biplanes inbound after McFey spiralled of into the sky, unable to control his lighning flight. Captain Capitalist, Jack made a flight-like leap to rescue McFey as he plummeted to the ground. At the same time a snatched them both from the air and reversed their momentum, bringing them down along the ground horizontally so as to avoid the crushing impact of the fall into the ground. McFey was quick to be off after he recovered shouting that we meet him at the “Lincoln Memorial”, as I found we were in the Capitol City of the US, Washington. He then morphed into lighting and with jumped with successive explosions through the power lines. Cross, Jack Justice and I reconvened in an alley, for neither could make it across the bridge to the mainland undetected. Jack we found also had supernatural hearing and other senses, and reported that more repressive element were inbound and they would soon find us. Throwing the lugers in water I slowed time by effort of will, and walked us through the blockade, noticing that if willing Jack and Cross were capable of coming with me through the altered flow of time. Dropping supernatural darkness amongst the repressive elements, as we saw they could indeed see us as we travelled at supernatural speed (though we must have only seemed as a blur) we made it to alley undetected.

After planning our journey to the memorial, Cross got Jack’s sizes and bought him some clothes so we could proceed undetected to our rendezvous with the McFey. Moving through the streets I noticed to my shock that the date was [?] 1929 a full 4 years before I had entered the Techno-college. Meeting up with McFey, who was passed out asleep in front of the fountain in nothing but ill-fitting pants, a strip of cloth mask and a white sheet cape (he described being attacked by a gang of negros as he tried to steal some clothes and then shot at by a man, though I suspect that he is taking artistic licence with the first part). I gave my comrade my coat, removing the plans for the Nazi device and we moved to “Lucy’s Diner” a place that Captain Justice assured us was good for a meal. I had bacon, and a decent amount of meat for the first time in several months. After more length introduction, including my explanation of how I got here, and offer to share my Vodka both of which I received several stares of amazement from my comrades, and suggestions I not display such liquids in public. It is illegal here they tell me, though all but Stars and Stripes had some.

We stayed in a motel that night. The next day I changed what Deutschmarks I had and Cross stole his motor vehicle from under police watch with precision. We were soon on the interstate through the state they call Philadelphia and into New York arriving in several hours at the disgracefully lavish and empty moonshine bottle ridden penthouse of McFey.

Using his apartment as a base of operations for the next weeks, we accomplished several things. Firstly and foremost the testing our newfound abilities to their limits. Cross chased up the criminal boss he had been investigating before his discharge from the service, one Stone. Jack re-entered NASA Starcorp as all the scientists from the Starcorp incident, were reported missing, so he had no one to fear identifying him. McFey returned to racing his Indian after recovering it from impound and running alcohol. I managed to use my capacity to slow the flow of time to translate and copy out the Nazi Device plans from Deutsch to English, and learnt that it was designed by one Einstein. Resolving that I must find this man I lurked the Rockefeller institute until I managed to get admittance to a lecture he was giving. I was also offered a job at a newspaper after I asked around for information in Times Square that no one had, an editor approaching me and suggesting if I could find out the things about the Starcorp incident and Germany that I was asking, then he would pay me if I wrote them into articles. I took him, having little cash. There is of course still the matter of the papers.

We also after hearing of ‘superheros’ or ‘costumed vigilantes’ who were manifesting amazing powers through the news channels realised that if we were to use our powers in public, it would be best to follow this trend and create alias’ for ourselves. We are Tesla, the Elusive Man, Shade and Ardent Justice and have gear that we have matched so as to be at least marginally useful with our powers as well as identifying. I still have no clue what “the device must be ready by 1933 was meant to mean.”

Capitalism, Crime and Superpowers sleep with Death

So here I am back in McFey’s bourgeois penthouse apartment in Upper East-Side New York City, on August 3? 1929, after disaster has struck the United States. The President has been killed, the US is in the grips of the Depressions that I know will last for at least 4 years. It was on the day of my opportunity at the lecture with Einstein, Jack’s award ceremony, McFeys biggest haul and Cross’s meeting with the Mayor to reinstate his Detective capacity that it all went wrong. We had been so close.

At 4.02 pm and 56 seconds (for have discovered that I can recall time perfectly) a huge drill machine bored towards the First Branch of the National Bank, outside of which the President and Vice President were awarded Jack with medals for his service to the US, his cover story being a crash landing in the country side, taking him several weeks to get healthy enough, being cared for by some noble proletarians before finally making his way back to NASA.

Hearing the rumbling, Security began to escort Einstein out of the building, slowing time down I changed into the outfit of the Elusive man approached him and letting time flow normally I convinced the professor to let me warp him to safety on the top of a building, much to the confusion of the two security force members. Warping my way through space time, I came to the main street only to see the huge drill mowing through the road and cars, with dissidents firing tommy guns out of what can only be described as tank. The good folk of America screamed and ran in every direction, cars were knocked over and destroyed, the buildings around destabilised.
Upon sighting this I saw the shadow form of Shade fly through the tank, and get churned out the back of the exhaust, unharmed, before McFey bolted into the air and exploded his contraband and Indian against the side of the vehicle and landing on it, proceeding to melt the metal to get inside. Slowing time to a mere shudder I climbed onto the tank and found the hatch locked. Attempting to get inside I tried to taunt the thugs, who eventually responded by standing out of man holes on the roof and firing at the three of us. Mainly unharmed we proceeded inside and fought the ganstas, MC Fey with his lightning, Shade with plumes of shadow and myself by teleporting the criminals into each other. It appeared that inside the machine it was incredibly dark, that the gangstas had some sort of vision enhancing googles. It was at this moment that the tank was rocked by a huge force, and we with almost no exception where thrown around the innards of the vehicle, before a second impact broke the tank open and launched all of us out onto the street. Of course it was only Ardent Justice who could be responsible for such strength.

As the melee spilled out onto the street several things happened, more gangstas emerged from inside the tank, these one’s armed with sophisticated energy weapons and lead by a man made of granite, who was immediately engaged in a slugging match with Justice. Secondly a government vehicle tried to get past, accompanied by a tri-cart motorbike, out of which jumped three costumed heros. Anouncing themselves as the thrilling three, Downburst covered in lightning motifs, Stratogirl with wings and Rocketman powered by a jetpack. They proceeded to engage in the melee with the rest of us, but not before a huge metallic ape, launched itself through the air and impacted in front of the government car, halting it. Downburst who was at this time surfing on the car proceeded to engage the metal ape, the controller who we could just see through the cockpit glass, announcing himself as Doctor Dastardly. Tesla flew in to assist but it was at this moment that the Doctor smashed Downburts out of the air, and into the government car, flipping it and causing an explosion of energy as Downburst was crushed.

After a scream of terror from Stratogirl, I moved to her aid, and on her suggestion checked out the passengers of the car. The passengers, all three of them, plus I presumed Downbursts bodies, were reduced to skeletons. Turning back to the fight, I noticed that Justice had left engaging Granite and begun to clean up the gangstas and Shade was now engaging Granite, who he later informed us he recognised as Stone, the criminal lord. An ineffective attack by Tesla on the Doctor’s metal apparatus made it apparent that we were probably overmatched. Rocketman proved as ineffectual as Downburst, though thankfully less dead, as his rockets malfunctioned and he careened off into the air and back down onto a car, accompanied by another scream from Stratogirl. The Doctor at this point rocketed past and over our heads towards the building, obviously heading to steal from the bank. Though I care little for the money of the American Captilists invested in that bank, I knew many proletarians and good people have their savings there, and they need what little money they have to survive the next few years. It was also apparent that we must stop this Doctor, for his wanton disregard of the nobility inherent in human life. Trying to play the criminals off against each other I stood atop a car and used my oratory skills to inspire them to stop the Doctor from making off with their share of the cash… to little effect.

Finishing off the gangstas there was little we could do as Doctor Dastardly made his escape with the vault contents and Stone escaped into the sewer evading Shades attacks. The street cleared of gagnstas, we realised we had a crisis on our hands. There were fires everywhere, the globe on Atlas about to crush many civilians, a giant out of control drill, a gas mains leaking and several buildings about to collapse. Stratogirl, Shade and I immediately saw to removing the civilians from the buildings through flight, telekinesis and slowing the time stream. Justice grabbed with globe just as it began to slip, and with colossal strength placed it down, much more securely on the ground, before with even more heroic strength lifted the drill above his head until it had torn itself to pieces and was unfunctional. Tesla used his energy manipulation to put out several fires, collecting the energy into himself, before he had expended to much of his power and fell unconscious in one of the conflagrations. Once the civilians had been rescued Shade began to crush close the gas mains with his shadowy tentacles and form. As Stratogirl used bursts of wind to put out the fires I took up a ray fun and blew apart a fire hydrant and then accelerated its streams of water over Tesla, pulling him from the fire.

Once the area was secure we were forced to make a speedy departure, Stratogirl departing weeping with Rocketman and the others de-costuming out of sight and proceeding away from the area as the military, fire brigade and police arrived. Taking the two function energy weapons I could find, for I was certain Einstein would be interested I returned to where I had left him, only to find a note, with a hastily scrawled “Kidnap!” on it. Frustration.

I then disassembled the ray weapons and hid them around an office building, I will return to fetch them out of there at an easier time, and I de-costumed and left the scene of destruction.
As it turned out, the passengers were President Hoover and two secret service agents. The Vice-President informed the nation that night, there would be an election later this year.

Mobsters, Munitions and Malevolence

Shade and I learnt several weeks after our run in with Doctor Dasterdly that what he stole from the First Branch was in fact the safety deposit box of a private investigator. No more information was revealed, so we decided to break into the bank, and easy task for the both of us, though I broke off a lockpick in the lock before Shade materialised into the bank and opened for us. As we snuck through the bank, we found little of use, merely some thousand lockers full of stock options. Avoiding two slack guards, we also discovered that we were not alone in the building, discovering an air vent above our heads that was ajar. Investigating Shade found tools used to get entry into the building. As we approached the vault the third intruder came to our intention. Dressed in a pinstripe suit, with horribly green shirt and lurid pink tie and a mask he dashed out of an adjoining room with a sack of dollars. He shouted out to the guards that there was little they could do to prevent his escape, gave a bow and declared that he was the glorious Cavalier or some such. He then pulled a ray gun from his jacket and preceded to make good his escape , teleporting though in smaller distances than I am capable of, through the halls. Shade and I though managed to catch him, and after brief scuffle, I disarmed him of his weaponry and Shade stripped his mask and bound him, recognising him as one John Dillinger, notorious bank robber. We left him there as the guards approached guns raised to shoot. If not for this Dillinger, we may have gotten more information on the attack on the First Branch, but for now this petty bourgeois thug has disrupted our greater efforts.

It was during the next months following the incident at the first national bank, that the four of us decided to hollow out an area beneath the central park to use as a meeting place. Using our various powers we managed to carve out a section of cave the size of a mansion (though we have no amenities yet) which we can later use as a staging point for our operations. Its entrances are concealed, though we can access it easily from McFey’s apartment and from certain sewer entries. We reinforced the walls and floor, but so far we have only had time to move in some deck chairs, a card table, a single rug and an oil lantern.

A year has passed since the attack on the first branch and with it the passing of the Cape act of 1929. Superheros, masked vigilantes as they call them are illegal unless registered with the government. Simarly a no fly zone has been declared over Washington in an attempt to curb, I suppose the illegal activity of these people. We have heard the news, and seen the photos in the media of some of these government heros, indeed I have written several articles about them. Some of the most recognisable are G-Man, the Human Bullet, Captain Freedom and Majesty and of course Ardent Justice who we urged to become a registered hero, for the rest of us certainly wouldn't.

My search for Einstein has come up cold so far, the only other interesting bit of information I have learnt is that one Edward Hubble has disappeared too. Alas I still have no understanding of the Nazi device. I have experimented with the ray weaponry that I liberated off the thugs some months back. I have successful modulated the power of the beam to a non-lethal level, though this took me many months of tinkering, even with my capacity to distort time.

It was after Ardent’s registration that he received an invite, stupidly advertised through the paper to meet with Majesty and G-Man on top of a building. He went, and apparently they asked him to accompany him on some task. Ardent then came back to us and said he had permission to bring us along to the stake-out we where doing as ‘sidekicks’. We went along. Turns out that the G-Man and Majesty where trying to get some evidence for a gang bust, trying to bust the two other mob bosses in NY other than Stone, but the evidence couldn’t be contaminated by illegal action. So much for that, from our location we couldn’t see or hear anything and G-Man, who reportedly has super hearing said that the bosses and there Japanese counterparts were speaking Italian anyway. Briefcases were exchanged and the criminals got into their opulent limousines and so we split up and decided to go after them. Tesla and I after one suitcase, Ardent and Shade after another and G-Man and Majesty after the third.

Tesla and I caught up to our quarry at a traffic light, and he busted up the wheels on the entire right hand side of the 3 car convoy. I then quickly located the suitcase, used my ray gun to blow open the glass window and attempted to teleport it out of the window though the mobster managed to hold onto the case. Tesla then proceeded to join me and blow the mobster back into the car with a bolt of blue electricity. It was at this point that we saw Ardent and Shade intercept their quarry on the other side of the lights. I warped and Tesla flew over to them to assist. Shade we saw fly into one of the cars and precede to disintegrate its engine block, we saw Argent Justice lift an entire car and smash it down, causing a massive car pile-up. I located the second suitcase quickly, and as my comrades routed the mobsters and beat up there ridiculous motor vehicles I liberated the suitcase from the mobster who was similarly holding on for dear life to the suitcase, by dropping the first case quickly and blasting him off with my ray-gun. Recovering the suitcase I then teleported from the area with both. Reconvening with Majest and G-Man who had acquired the third case we checked there contents, $5000 US in one, All American Weaponry in the other and drawings of a device that Ardent claims to be the one that changed him and serial punches of an account that belongs to one Henry Ford. Taking the plans and the serial number, we left the rest in the charge of the Govermentals.

I copied out the plans perfectly using my time distortion and returned the originals to Ardent so he could give them over to the inquiries. The chicken-scratch markings that Ardent described turn out to be very similar to Aztec script and hieroglyphs, whatever that implies.

Shade was a week after this, contacted at his PI office, now that he has returned to the employment, though the letter was addressed to ‘Shadow’. It was from Ford and requested a meeting and a return of his property. Tesla, Ardent and Shade got into costume to meet with ford, they found me infiltrated into the Ford building, dressed as a janitor outside his office as they arrived in the to meet him. I could hear their conversation with Ford from outside the office. Though I have the suspicion that Ford has a fairly good idea who I am. Ford it turns out is a super-human himself, having lived for at least 1000 years, mentioning that he trained Vladmir Dracula, Joan of Ark, Napoleon, Cleopatra amongst others. He dedicates his life to the training of superheros he feels are worth, and apparently we qualify. In exchange for us doing a few tasks for him he would provide us with resources. We agreed and we now have Ford installed security measures and power in our staging area.

A month later was the trial of the mob bosses we had helped to apprehend. Though things, as now seems usual went badly. Stone Capone himself was outside the court house talking with the media in his ‘capacity as a private citizen’ (such a ridiculous concept in a legitimate society he would be arrested on sight) about how he would be ‘the boss of bosses’ should the other mobsters be imprisoned.

Ardent Justice was present at the trial in his official capacity, Tesla was nearby and I was present as a journalist. It became apparent quickly however that the DA had not arrived. We changed into costume and spread out looking for him so that the trial could go ahead. Though no sooner than we had got a good idea of the whereabouts of him than we were interrupted by a drive shooting attempting to kill Stone, and the immediate jacking of an armoured car. Men with tommy guns opened up on Stone who turned into his granite form and charged off across the street. His gangstas also managed to change into a stone form, a surprising development. Shade flew in at this point and preceded to try and deal with Stone and his mobsters. The car-jacking was a different matter. Men in insulated suits were using advanced weaponry to freeze open the back of the armoured car. Tesla and I precede to engage these criminals, though we both found ourselves quickly encased in thick layers of ice from their freeze-rays, which were a struggle to get out of though I managed to accelerate myself out of the ice and Tesla melted himself out of his encasement. It was at this point that the notorious super-villain Kelvin-Zero descended from the sky. Tesla recognised him as one of his once biker companions who had been involved in the Starcorp accident, though Kelvin-Zero didn’t seem amused. They fought across the street clashing across the street with their clashing energy rays. Behind them could be seen Ardent justice punching mobsters across the road, and throwing cars about as he and shade clashed with Stone.

A fourth dimension was added to this fight as small hovering drones entered the arena, we felt them testing our defences with short bursts of different energy. Not wanting to risk them escaping with any knowledge of who we are, I left the fight to track one down and the others destroyed them before they could get away, Tesla exploding his with energy once he had finished off Kelvin-Zero by blasting him into the sky when Kelvin’s cold rays clashed with Teslas energy. The fight over we gathered ourselves. Kelvin’s men had made of with the armoured van, probably containing money. And Stone had made good his escape also. I picked up a freeze gun off an unconscious goon, and we preceded back to our sanctuary after the adjournment of the trial for today.
In the next few weeks we added a communications hub to monitor police chatter and the media, increased the strength of our fortifications and added a living room to our safe house in preparation for whatever comes next.

"I'm suspending your borrowing privileges, punk!" - 'Ardent Justice' during a battle at the State Library this morning.

New York's fast-talking District Attorney Jack Flash was rescued today in a heroic mission by super-team "The Aces."
The historic trial of New York's most notorious gang-bosses, Joe Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano, was put in peril when Flash (30), was abducted en route to the Supreme Court. The DA is currently Chief Prosecutor for the state case, alleging that the two gangsters were involved in serious trafficking offences between 1927 and 1930. "The Aces" are the city's most active superhero team, comprised of energy-controller 'Tesla', time-manipulator 'the Elusive Man', and shadowmancer 'Shade'; super-soldier 'Ardent Justice' is the team's only registered member. Flash was kidnapped by his super-powered mercenary ex-girlfriend Maggie "The Magpie" Pilenskie while driving on Broadway. He was held captive in the New York State Library where the Aces intercepted him. During a farcical wedding staged by his deranged former lover, the crime-fighting team intervened to save Flash's life. In a battle lasting about 10 minutes, the Aces turned their various talents to the defeat of the Magpie's flying cronies and exotic attack-birds. Pilenski is known to have escaped the fray, but her conspirators and a battered Flash were recovered and turned into NYPD custody.

Famous for their activity within the city and nearby counties, the Aces have been lauded by local officials for their heroism, despite their refusal to register their identities. The reclusive super-team were involved in the aprehension of super-powered criminal Jimmy "the Stone" Capone in August and have been observed in battle with other prominent villains such as Kelvin Zero and Dr Dastardly earlier this year. Reports received by the The Globe indicate that the team were also observed in battle in the "no-fly zone" over Washington DC on the same day as Flash's rescue.

It has been widely speculated that these heroes are investigating a distribution racket around the reviled substance "Trigger", an enhancement agent known to generate random superhuman characteristics in those who consume it. Speculation is rife that one of New York's superhumans is the source of this unpredictible chemical. Only a few samples have been obtained by the authorities, but the White House has already declared it illegal and highly dangerous. Government projections indicate that this substance is behind roughly 70% of super-powered individuals in America. The sale of "Trigger" is one of the key allegations levelled against Masseria and Maranzano in the present case. The trial resumes tomorrow. STORY; Washington Globe reporter Klark Kent

Scavengers, Solicitors and Steelmakers

So there we were. We had liberated a briefcase of green liquid injectors, off Stone Capone at the scene of the conflict outside the court, which supposedly made his Goons super-powered. Tesla was incredibly keen to use it himself, but I rightly counselled him out of it. I could not however stop him from attempting its use on a rat in our staging area. The rat appeared to gain various elemental powers. Unfortunately, it remains somewhere in our base, to be dealt with later.

So we went to see Ford to hand over the vials. But he wasn’t home. His entire office seemingly stripped clean, odd considering we had just met him. Regardless we returned to base. We received a tip off in the coming weeks of the whereabouts of Stone Capone, and so it was that we arrived at the warehouse, only to sight the molten form of Dr. Metropolis having apprehended Stone. He did however kindly inform us that the Magpie had taken Jack Flash, and set us on the right direction to recovering the DA. Having to return to his duties in Los Angeles, Dr. Metropolis bid us farewell and phased out of Manhattan leaving us with girder-bound stone, who Shade simply scooped into his dimensional pocket for later.

Moving on we approached the location the Metropolis had given us to find the DA’s car filled with gross-poison candy and a doll. It appeared to have all its silvery iconography and detailing removed and bird like scratches all over the car. In the car, we found a mock-wedding invite to a wedding at the State Library. Moving with caution, we made our way quickly to the State Library building.
We entered to find that the insides of the library were graffiti covered and trashed. We preceded into the building accompanied by cackling laughter and flitting birdlike shadows in the roof of the building. We then approached a mock dais for the site of a farcical marriage, on which the DA, Jack Flash was tied to chair and a lady with raven black hair in black and white checkers and a bird mask draped herself across his shoulders. Having at last confronted the Magpie, we exchanged a brief dialogue before our goals, hers to carry out her insane marriage and carry off the DA and ours to liberate him, being obviously incompatible we were forced to confrontation.

Birds swooped out of the rafters at us and her bird-masked goons jumped at us in huge leaps, cavorting and flapping with their wing-like blades to carry them through the air. It was at this moment, that Tesla had left us outside to climb onto the roof of the building shattered through the glass roof to join the fight. Ardent Justice spun amongst the goons and birds, hurling books at birds and throwing goons against the walls. Shade picked up the bird-goons and hurled them at each other with his tentacles of shadow. Feathers filled the air as Tesla turned the flying birds to piles of feathers and blasted men off their feet. And I amongst the combat dodging away from goons and birds to try and reach the DA.

We thought we her captured after the scuffle when Shade scooped her into his dimensional pocket, but it was not to be as she broke out into reality almost immediately, and with acrobatic skill vaulted away from us and up into the rafters, where cackling, she dumped on what appeared to be cement. It was however a special formulation, to dry faster by evaporation and at this she laughing activated a gargantuan fan she had somehow fitted into the back wall of the library, and then with a flourish she departed. Fearing being trapped under the fast drying cement, and the potential concreting of the DA we through our various methods, tachyon distortion on mine, Ardent’s strength, Tesla’s energy and Shades inter-dimensional shadow form we removed ourselves and the DA from the fast-crete and handed him over the awaiting authorities. There was of course, by this time a crowd gathered round the state library, and a reporters. A tall broad shouldered reporter who I have seen several times at Time square in my civilian capacity managed to push his way to the front and began to jabber questions at us. Looking to my companions who merely shrugged, I stepped on top of a nearby car and using my oratory skills (albeit rusty) from my Zurich and Berlin days, named us individually, and collectively as the Aces. I informed the gathering folk that despite not being registered, we were here to help any in time of need, to avert disaster and to protect the dignity of life. My job done, I looked to my companions and we made our egress from the scene before the repressive elements of the state could drum sufficient excuse and bravery to arrest us as the non-registered capes we are.

The trial of the two Mafia families then went ahead, and Stone was brought to Justice. Questioning stone, we found the green superpower inducing liquids were provided to him by one Heir Smit of the Westinkrupt Steel. The same company that built the tachyon reactor that sent me back to this time stream.

And so we left for Washington, and the Westinkrupt building.

The Conspirator and Capitalist in Capitol City

So we left for Washington after trying to contact Ford, again, who was still absent. On drive down the interstate in Shades car we realised the highway was blocked at the entry to the city and repressive elements were checking papers. Of which I have none. And furthermore 3 of us are unregistered capes, entering the capitol, which is also a no fly zone as of the Cape Act and it is in an election year. Problematic to say the least.

So we tried to make best use of Ardent’s capacity as a registered cape. And indeed it worked, we in our civilian clothes were ushered through the checkpoint without question as Ardent’s helpers. Except of course for Tesla, who decided to vacate the car and fly into Washington, before using the underground cables to conduct himself as electricity into the city.

We made rendezvous at Lucy’s diner and Tesla remarked that it appears a Super is guarding the no-fly zone, as he saw a streak of white across the sky and heard several sonic booms as he tried to fly into the city. The Human Bullet we think?

And so we waited till night and then Shade and I broke into the facility, all of us with cards in our pockets so he can materialise at one of us at any time. We made our way to the basement, and broke in on a scene much like the one I discover 2 years in the future in Berlin, a giant tachyon reactor suspended above murky water. Shade then disappeared into my playing card, an Ace of Clubs, given to me by Shade, a sinister looking card with a skull-face on it. I began my move back up into the higher levels of the facility when I was knocked over and unconscious briefly by what later I found out to be a huge explosion.

Waking and extricating myself from the rubble of what had become the Westinkrupt facility I saw I huge dirigible emerging from the ground, surely from the basement where the tachyon generator had been. It was branded gaudily with Swastikas, a huge metal cage around it and several bi-planes flying past. I saw my companions approaching and we briefly discussed what to do and then preceded to launch our attack on the dirigible to disable whatever heinous crime they would commit.

Ardent grabbed me and leaped up with his immense might onto the side of the metal cage. Inside on the decking of the dirigible we could see huge golden apes with tommy-guns being commanded by a storm trooper in a gas mask. Huge reactor coils pulsed evilly with blue energy. From their I managed to launch myself over with a complicated space-time distortion (to account for the absurd amount of vectors involved) to a bi-plane and after a brief scuffle force it into a noze dive by freezing its rotors with the freeze-ray I had recovered off Kelvin-Zero’s men.

Meanwhile Tesla rocketed up into the mettle cage and onto the blimp and preceded to engage in blasting the golden apes with energy. One he knocked into one of the reactors and apparently receiving a sudden improvement to its sapience dropped its gun and jumped out at a passing biplane commandeering it, strafing the dirigible and then leaving the scene of the combat with victorious howling.
Shade meanwhile flew into the sky and preceded to disable through his shadow-telekinetics the other three bi-planes, for I had, whist trying to make my warp to the next plane of my rapidly descending one, miscalculated and almost ended up falling.

With a correction velocity and warp I managed to make it inside the dirigible cage to find Ardent and Tesla finishing of what remained of the apes, the rest unconscious around them, Tesla throwing an ape of the dirigible with a coruscating blast of electricity. It was then with a maniacal laugh, and shouts in Deutsch and something about being the ‘Übermensch’, that the storm trooper ran off into the bowels of the air-ship. It was then that with a loud sonic boom that the Human Bullet arrived on the deck of the dirigible, who we now recognised as Jack Flash, the DA. He instructed us to force entry into the vessel and that he and Captain Freedom and G-Man, the other two having landed just after him, would handle evacuations and the other biplanes that had streaked away from the dirigible at its lift off.

Moving to enter the vessel we found then that we had to overcome some sort of null-field between the reactors that impeded the use of our powers. With effort and slight dislocation of our powers, we managed to make it past the barrier and we descended into the dirigible together.

Klaxons and red lights sounded everywhere along the metal gantries of the internals of the dirigible and we made our way carefully towards the heart of our vessel. We were momentarily stopped by a different sort of field which appeared to block movement past it until I succeeded in overloading one of my two ray-blasters to produce and EMP to block out the field.
We eventually entered some sort of statue covered sanctum.

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