Charles le Aubé

Ex-Bretonnian Knight of the Realm

Human, Mercenary (Basic, Combat, Menial, Rogue), …

Race: Reiklander
Current Career: Mercenary
Current Rank: 1

Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Willpower Fellowship
4 3 3 2 3 4
Wounds Corruption Fortune
Threshold Threshold Maximum
11 8 3
Defense Soak Value
3 6

Special Abilities:

  • Favoured by Fate: Once per session may add two  die to any check.
  • Adaptable: Career transitions cost one less advance
  • Diversity: Begin play with 25 creation points
  • Career: Once per session the character may add one expertise (yellow) die to any Weapon Skill check.

Basic Skills: Charm, Coordination, Education, Intimidate, Intuition, Resilience, Skulduggery, Stealth, Charm, Discipline, First Aid, Folklore, Guile, Intuition, Leadership, Nature Lore, Observation

Trained Skills: Athletics, Ballistic Skill, Guile Spec: Deception, Ride, Weapon Skill Spec: Hand Weapons

Type Name Effect
Tactic Relentless Pursuit When you defeat the last enemy in your engagement, you may immediately perform a free manoeuvre.
Focus -None- -None-


  • Wealth: Affluent
  • Set of Fine Clothes
  • Bretonnian Duelling Sword Superior Hand Weapon (DR: 5, CR: 3, Encumbrance: 3, +)
  • Javelin (DR: 5, CR: 3; Close Range; Thrown; Emcumbrance: 3)
  • Tower Shield (Defence: 2, Soak: 1, Encumbrance: 5)
  • Mail Shirt (Defence: 1, Soak: 2, Encumbrance: 4)
  • Sturdy Backpack (w/ 2nd set of clothes, set of common clothing, Dagger, Candles, Tinderbox, Wineskin of Fine Wine, Plentiful Camping/Survival gear, common bottle of wine [3/4], Mercenaries Contracting Equipment Plentiful Academic/Writing gear.)

15 Silver 8 Copper

Stored at Inn:
11 Arrows
12 Bolts

Wounds: 13/11
Critical Wounds:
(Aches and Pains, Recover 1 less fatigue and stress, 2)
(Spitting Teeth, When you suffer a critical wound you automatically suffer wounds equal to the rating of that critical, 2)
(Growing Apathy, Whenever you fail a physical test suffer 1 fatigue, 2)
(Fading Memories, +Black Dice to Int checks, 1)
(Mounting Tension, Whenever you suffer a wound take a stress, 3)
(Name, Effect, Severity)
(Name, Effect, Symptoms, Severity)

Charles was the 3rd son of a minor Bretonnian noble in a castle that borders the Empire. Due to the peaceful nature of the region the sons of the area were sent to the south to serve under different liege lords as knights of the realm. When his time came Charles was sent away to serve through this inititative under Lord Pelifous of Pelifous castle to the south. His training suffered a setback however when The Lord of the house discovered him in carnal relations with his youngest daughter, Lilliana. Flogged and imprisoned for days Charles eventually managed to escape, stealing back his armour and weapons and making his way north to his father. When he found his childhood home closed to him for fear of political ramifications he travelled further north into the dark forests of the Empire, hoping to regain his honour or at least enough gold to once again be considered a noble.

The 10 Questions
Where are you from?
Northern Brettonia. An un-noteworthy castle serving as a stop off on the journey from the Empire to Bretonnia.
What is your family like?
Father is a lazy old man living off the glories of his father, a crusader. No brothers or sisters allowed Charles to receive too much attention whilst simultaneously no guidance.
What is your social class?
Charles considers himself a noble and strives to once again hold such a title.
What did you do before you became an adventurer?
Served as a knight in training in Southern Bretonnia.
Why did you become an adventurer?
Due to indiscretions was cast out of his knightly order and forced to flee the country. Goes on adventures because he likes the excitement and most importantly the gold.
How religious are you?
Charles gives prayers to the Lady of the Lake as protector of righteous warriors, although feels her eyes are seldom upon him for good or ill.
Who are your friends and enemies?
The party. The last party he was a member of, whose bounty Charles collected and subsequently wasted on wine and women.
What are your prized possessions?
He carries the sword he received on his 16th naming day on acceptance into his knightly order.
Who are you loyal to?
The highest bidder.
Who do you love/hate?
Himself as an answer for both.

Character Creation Stuff:

Points Allocations:

  • Str 4 (4)
  • T 3 (3)
  • Agi 3 (3)
  • Fel 3 (3)
  • Fel 4 (4)
  • Wealth (3)
  • Skills (3)
  • Talents (1)
  • Actions (1)

Advances: 2 Action [1/2], 1 Talent, 1 Skill, 2 Fortune [1/2], 1 Conservative [Adaptable Bonus], 1 Reckless, 2 Wound

  • 3/4 Experience
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