3e Yuviel

Ex-Bretonnian Knight of the Realm

Human, Mercenary (Basic, Combat, Menial, Rogue), …

Race: High Elf
Current Career: Hunter
Current Rank: 1

Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Willpower Fellowship
3 3 5 3 3 2
Wounds Corruption Fortune
Threshold Threshold Maximum
Defense Soak Value
1 2

Special Abilities:

  • Composure: +1 Focus Talent
  • Erudite: Education is Basic
  • Isha's Chosen: Train Discipline
  • Night Vision: Two fewer misfortune dice

Basic Skills: Charm, Coordination, Education, Intimidate, Intuition, Resilience, Skulduggery, Charm, First Aid, Folklore, Guile, Intuition, Leadership,

Trained Skills: Athletics, Ballistic Skill (Longbow), Observation (Keen Vision), Stealth, Discipline

Shadow Stalker
Combat Alertness

Close-Quarters Shot
Immobilising Shot
Nimble Strike
Improved Guarded Position

Longbow (4)
Mail Shirt
4g, 10s

Fortune - Ballistic Skill
Talent - Combat Alertness

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