The Gathering Storm

Dramatis Personae




Swords for Hire:

  • Party Tension: 7
  • Party Talents:
    • Ascetic Upbringing [Reputation]
      • Add one White Die to Resistance and Discipline tests.
      • Kilfuk
    • Relentless Pursuit [Tactics]
      • After killing the last enemy in a combat get a free manoeuvre.
      • Charles
    • Empty [Tactics]


The Gathering Storm

GM Notes

The year is 2527 and the party is currently aboard a small boat, lazily making its way down the River Reik.

Alois Leitner has intercepted a morsel of political intrigue regarding the location of a doctor in a backwater town known as Stromdorf. The doctor was said to have prescribed the Elector Countess, Emmanuelle von Liebwitz of Nuln a tincture that gave her chronic flatulence, a matter that almost caused a diplomatic incident during her talks with the Tilean ambassador. The rumoured price of 2000 swords on the good doctors head led Alois to collect the latest group of mercenaries whom had lodged at 'The Keys' and book passage with the next boat heading down the river.

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