The Rules


  • Each player has a Force. This Force is available to view online from the start of the campaign onwards.
  • This force has a single Warmaster who leads the entire campaign. If he is in a battle he must be your Warlord.
  • A force my be split into different Armies. Each army may be no less than 1000pts and has one Warlord and Artefact. These are determined only if the army is engaged in battle.
  • Victory is measured in Global Control Points (GCP).

The Turn

  • Each campaign turn is broken up into three phases:

Map Phase

  • During the map phase any Army may take one of the following actions:
  • Move
    • Army may move into an adjacent hex.
    • If an Army moves into a hex where an enemy Army is, or was this turn then a battle is fought.
    • If an Army moves into a hex occupied by an allied Army that has not moved then the two armies may combine. Otherwise two friendly armies may never be in the same hex.
  • Fortify
    • Army may build 100pts of fortifications for every 500pts currently occupying (can spend multiple turns fortifying, points are lost if army moves out without building). You can never use more than this ratio in a battle (ie 100pts Fortification / 500pts army).
  • Reconstitute
    • Army is withdrawn from the hex and Army points are made available at Home Base location for creating a new Army or Armies.
    • New Armies are created at the beginning of each phase, prior to any player actions.

Battle Phase

  • Battles are fought. This is to be organised by the two parties involved in whatever order is most convenient. If they are unable to agree then use army movement order.
  • Armies that are defeated fall back to one allied adjacent territory. If there are no allied territories they may move to an unoccupied territory but must use their next turn consolidating their position.
    • Forfeiting before a battle occurs gives the other player a normal victory. Forfeiting in a battle is an Overwhelming Victory.

Point Phase

  • +2 GCP for each Overwhelming Victory in battle during this turn.
  • +1 GCP for each Battle won during this turn.
  • +1 GCP for each territory controlled at the end of this campaign turn.

Secret Objectives - Really just achievements now :)

List of achievements. Tracked in the Google drive or on here. All can be completed by any player, once per player.

Randomly gain 3 Secret Objectives at the beginning of the campaign. May swap out any or all Secret Objectives at the end of each Campaign Turn. Secret Objectives grant additional VP.

  • Annihilation - 1VP
    • Slay the enemy army to the man.
  • Live to Fight Another Day - 1VP
    • Your Warlord must survive.
  • Vengeance - 1VP
    • Slay the unit which slew your Warlord
  • Boots on the Ground - 1VP
    • Deploy no Reserve units.
  • Death from the Skies - 1VP
    • Deploy half your army as Reserve units.
  • Alpha Strike - 1VP
    • Slay more than 50% of the enemy's army in the 1st turn (failed morale counts towards this).
  • Immortal - 1VP
    • Win a game with more than 75% of your force remaining.
  • Conqueror-King - 1VP
    • Slay the Opponent's Warlord with your Warlord.
  • The Head of the Snake - 1VP
    • Slay every enemy Character.
  • Bunker Buster - 1VP
    • Destroy every enemy Fortification.
  • Take and Hold (10) - 5VP
    • Claim 10 Territories.
  • … - 4VP
    • Claim two NPC locations

The Map


Terrain to be set up to mimic the area of the map. Ruins should be used for city fight while swamps and hills should be used for natural terrain.


The Tetrarch's Gauntlet

[Locked Orbital Relay Station]

Bristling with defensive guns, the space-hook connecting Eucladus to the Tetrarch's Gauntlet is one of the few points of official ingress onto the world.

  • Game Type: Random

Tower of Song

[Astropathic Resonator]

After an incident in M37 which left over 80,000 supplicants dead and ten times that number forever maligned, the Tower of Song was relocated to a central island far from the Hive cities.

  • Game Type: Random

* Benefit: While held, may auto-deny OR auto-succeed a single psychic power once per battle (auto-succeed only grants minimum power effect).


[Antioch's Hammer]

A Lunar-class Terraformer squats like an ugly beetle on the eastern mangroves of Eucladus, sucking up valuable gasses and minerals from the fetid waters.

  • Game Type: Planetstrike - Planetquake (detachment rules specific to Planetstrike need not be followed).


[Granite-Delta 447]

The result of an agreement which predated even the Age of Apostasy, the Priesthood of Mars maintains a small fiefdom on the western coast.

  • Game Type: Cities of Death

Mountain Pass

There exists several narrow passes through the mountains of Eucladus - perfect terrain for ambushes.

  • Game Type: Crucible of War - Ambush (If held, you are Defender).
  • Benefit: Only path through a certain area.


The docks provide the most reliable means of crossing the some-time tumultuous oceans of Eucladus.

  • Game Type: Random
  • Benefit: May move across water to another dock

Occupied Army Locations

Crashed Battle Barge

[Spear of Caliban]

A warship of the Penitent Blade put up a gallant fight against the massed bio-organisms of the Hive, but alas was brought low and forced to crash-land in the south of Eucladus.

  • NPC Terminator Army Location
  • Game Type: Terminators deployed using 'Planetary Assault' special rules.
  • Benefit: Holding allows you to move a unit from this location to one other owned location.

The Tear

[Defiled Sanctum of St. Gradius]

The psychic maelstrom wrought by the sorcerers of the traitor legions has brought forth a tear in reality, spewing hordes of demonkin at random.

  • NPC Demonkin Army Location
  • Game Type: Battlezone - Psychic Maelstrom
  • Special: Psychic Maelstrom randomly spreads to one other adjacent territory each turn.
  • Benefit: If held, may Sanctify, or Defile.
    • Sanctify: Stop the expansion
    • Defile: Choose where the maelstrom expands to



Honouring an ancient pact between Ultramar and the Knight House of [???], the Fortress of Ironcrad has vowed to repel any and all invaders.

  • NPC Knights Army Location
  • Game Type: Stronghold Assault - All Out Attack.
  • Benefit: Destroy 100pts of Fortifications anywhere on the campaign map at the start of each turn.

Hive Gaskarn

[Adeptus Mechanicus Stronghold]

Magos Cawl claimed Hive Gaskarn in blood and fire, and now seeks to consolidate his hold on Eucaldus.

  • Game Type: Random
  • Benefit: Stop one Dock from functioning per turn.

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