Eternal War

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Narrative Campaigns

The Fall of Cadia


The Eye of Terror overflows with malice and the forces of Destruction gather outside the gates of the ancient bastion of Cadia…

The Fall of Cadia Kill-Teams

The Fate of Konor

The War for Hive Gaskarn


His short lived rebellion over, the Governor of Eucladus Prime sits in his palace in the centre of Hive Gaskarn, awaiting retribution. In the ruined streets and desolated hab blocks of the hive three forces struggle for authority. The 71st Arcite Rifles of the Astra Militarum have been sent to secure the Hive, reinforced by a strike team of Grey Knights. Even as the Imperials move in their ancient enemy strikes at the Hive. The chaos warband known as the Brazen Horde move into the city along with the collection of renegades, heretics and traitors who owe them allegiance. And as the ancient battle is replayed in the city streets the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus make their move. The Governor holds important information for the production on Eucladus and the Magos-Dominus would be damned if he would allow that information to be lost to bolter shell or ritual blade.
The War for Hive Gaskarn has begun…

Hive Gaskarn

Ultramar Expansion


The Reclamation of Cadmus VII

Penitent Blade vs Guilliman's Retinue Even as Guilliman's forces landed on Cadmus a force was readying in orbit to ambush him. The Penitent Blade, an extremist Dark Angels successor sent a strike force of terminators to capture Guilliman and bring him to Azrael for trial. But the Lord of Ultramar was not to be caught unawares. His elite bodyguard repelled the attack and the would be-captors were forced to teleport back aboard their battle-barge and quit the system. [Ultramar Victory]
T'au Assault Cadre vs Xenos Hunter Kill-Team The T'au were dug in on Cadmus and had turned the populace to their strange philosophies. Guilliman knew he had to blunt these human auxiliaries if Imperial power was ever to hold hearts and minds here again. Unfortunately even as they sabotaged the auxillary tanks the Kill-Team were set upon by a fast response T'au Cadre, obliterating a number of primaris in seconds and forcing the Ultramar forces to retreat, their task incomplete. [T'au Victory]
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