71st Malice

The 71st Malice Regiment of Foot



Malice is a relatively small urban planet on the fringes of the Calixus Sector. It sits in a cluster of very ancient worlds, and was once an exodite eldar planet. Malice was settled at the end of the Angevin crusade, after exodite eldar were wiped off its surface by the Great General Ladislaus in a brutal campaign. Ladislaus was gifted with settlement rights and Malice slowly began to prosper. The relatively small planet was quickly consumed in the sprawling hive cities as its economy boomed, only some the ancient twisted forests remaining outside the hives, these forests forever poisoned by the acrid smoke of Malice's industrial production. It was after these thousand years that the Eldar incursions began from the forgotten places in Malice's twisted forests, and in the ancient bowels of the planet below the hives, exodites and Swordwind Eldar appearing through the webway. These hit and run attacks have been occuring for the better part of a millenia, and yet little can the Imperium figure out why the Eldar's sudden renewed interest in a crushed Exodite planet. Suffice to say a thousand years of war with outcast, exodite and geurilla eldar fighters in the hives of Malice have bred a tough and hardy people as the Hive-world has inevitably become a bristling fortress world, its pleasure gardens converted to drill yards, and its venerable gothic architecture converted to hide defense batteries and vista feeds on every corner. The Malicarians regiment are renowned across the sector, particularly in the front lines of the Wrack War (of which their planet is a major staging point) for their skill at Urban warfare, speed, cleverness and above all ruthlessness.

Fatigues: Dark Urban Camo - Charadon Granite/Adeptus Battlegrey/Codex Grey/Red Gore/ - washed black

Armour: Matt Black - Black drybrushed codex grey, washed black.

Dress: Black uniform. Silver details and tassels. Red berets for veterans, specialists, officers and NCO's.

Details: Silver, non metallic details matt grey

Scopes and Readouts: Blue glow

Regiment Creation
Fortress World / Maverick / Light Infantry / Close Order Drill / Fieldcraft (Urban)
Favoured Weapons: Compact Boltgun and Missile Launcher

Regiment Rules
Characteristic Modifiers: + 3 Agility, -3 Toughness and + 3 to any two of the following Characteristics - Ballistic Skill, Willpower, Toughness

Starting Wounds: Fortress world characters determine their starting Wounds normally.

Starting Skills: Common Lore (War), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface)
Starting Talents: Nerves of Steel or Sprint, Resistance (Fear), Sprint, Combat Formation or Double Team, Weapon Training (Pistol:SP), Hatred (Eldar)

Starting Aptitude: Agility

Hated Enemy (Eldar): A fortress world often stands opposed to a single threat, and they are taught to hate that particular foe and eliminate it on sight. All fortress world characters gain a single Hatred Talent, where the group chosen is the enemy the fortress world has been established to defend against. However, this hatred is often so strong as to overwhelm reason and sound judgement, and all fortress world characters may be required, at the GM's discretion, to attempt an Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test in order to restrain themselves from attacking without mercy when that enemy is sighted.
Bred for War: Fortress worlders possess an entirely justified siege mentality, a natural result of daily lives shaped by the need for perpetual vigilance against an enemy that could strike at any time, and the discipline required to respond to that threat swiftly and effectively. Fortress worlders are loyal almost to a fault, and reluctant to disobey orders even with good reason, Jacking personal initiative, and becoming inflexible as a result. A fortress worlder must attempt a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test in order to go against the rules and regulations of the Imperial Guard.
Fieldcraft (Urban): When operating in Urban terrain, failed Survival and Navigate (Surface) Skill Tests may be re-rolled by characters from a regiment with this doctrine.

Starting Equipment:
One uniform 3kg
Poor weather gear 2kg
One Bullpup Lasgun and four charge packs (Main Weapon)* 3.5kg (Clips 1.6kg)
Stub Automatic and 2 clips (Sidearm)* 1.5kg
One Knife 1kg
One flak Coat 5kg and flak helmet 2kg
Rucksack or sling bag 2kg
One set of basic tools 1kg
One mess kit and one water canteen 0.5kg
One blanket and one sleeping bag 4kg
One rechargeable lamp pack 0.5kg
One grooming kit 0.1kg
One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
One primer or instructional handbook 0.3kg
Combat sustenance rations, two weeks' supply 14kg
Two frag grenades 1kg
Two smoke grenades 1kg
One microbead
One Chrono

Total: 44kg

One auspex per squad (Senior character to allocate ie, Sergeant) 0.5kg

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