_mission Log

Action Report for Kill Team 6464, Operation “Cloud”

Superior Officer Watch Captain Saul, once of the Subjugators Chapter, Apothecary Tychus Novae reporting.

6464 Arrives at Gheist System Warzone, Dome Stars, Galactic North-East. Lord Admiral Damascus hosts a summit for the benefit of Ordos operatives entering the sphere of combat.

Summary; an advanced human civilization, designated the Gheist Collective, have produced powerful space-faring vessels to resist the Crusade. Efforts to locate their capital planet have been unsuccessful until now. A psychic “shroud”, which protected the planet’s location, has been deactivated. Mechanicus experts postulate that this is STC technology. The Deathwatch are invited to determine whether it might in fact be xeno-craft.

Note; the Summit was attended by representatives of the Ordo Hereticus and its’ chamber militant, the Adeptus Soritas. Their purpose is unclear.

A low-power glide from outer-reach to the surface of Home is affected. Electro-Magnetic fields around the capital city cause our vessel to crash in a nearby wooded area. Gravity is 1.5 Terran Standard, Atmosphere breathable.

INVESTIGATION; The planet is under attack by Orks. Fighter Bombas are engaged by anti-air defenses and local atmospheric fighters, but the Gheist Collective appears unfamiliar and unprepared for their tactics. Several Ork Crusher-Pattern craft crash land in the city. Xenos infest much of the Administrative Quarter. Kill-Team advances to the Palace of the local ruler, blasphemously calling himself the Emperor. Locals practice a perverted Proto-Imperial ruler-worship.

ENGAGEMENT; Orks securing the outer-palace walls are terminated. Isolated human hold-outs are identified, but are judged immaterial to our mission

Outer Walls and Courtyard clear- (Casualties 0, Ammunition Expenditure negligible. Approx 60 Orks slain, including Armored Mega-Nob).

Within the fortress, Orks are rampant. 90% casualties among Collective forces. The King’s Tower is held by human soldiers armed with unknown xenocraft technology; psy-reactive plas-flesh is employed as highly effective armor, “sound-cannons” of an unknown pattern output firepower roughly equivalent to the Holy Astartes Bolter. These weapons seem to physically harm/drain the users however.

Cathedral Hall clear- Casualties; 2, lightly wounded. Ammunition expenditure Negligible. Approx 50 human heretics slain.

Palace is cleansed of surviving xenos and heretics. A local teleportation node is discovered in a warehouse laboratory; Ork warriors have attempted to mass-convey, resulting in malfunction and approx 100 casualties. The device is of unknown design, though clearly xenos-manufactured. We perform the benedictions of the Emperor and God-Machine before we step through its’ portal.
We arrive in a vast, circular underground chamber. Immense angel statues and classical art adorn the floor and ceiling. It may once have been a colossal church. The teleportation platform is raised above a sea of dumped xeno-tech, hoarded by the locals against the invasion. We discover (and destroy) a number of devices designed to generate the heretical plas-flesh, but the room is too large to fully canvas. A small cadre of scientists and civilians are attempting to flee the complex by subway. The Kill-Team interrogates their leaders (see attached vid-log and transcript).

CRITICAL MISSION INFORMATION; the Gheist Collective has until recently enjoyed the patronage of an uncatalogued variety of Xenos. They call these creatures “Angels”. It is clear that the pearlescent armor and weapons carried by the King’s guard are derived from Angel technology. The populace is under the impression that the Angels protect them and convey “blessings” upon favored vessels. I suspect that these “blessings” are more akin to possession or mind control, leaving the host body burned out from within. The “essence” of these Angels are apparently capable of travelling through the pearly plas-flesh like an electrical current.

We offer the heretics the chance to repent their sins and defect from their blasphemous masters. Several do so, the remainder are executed. As we return to the Tech-Dump, an alien automaton arrives on the tele-pad. The civilians panic and scatter, naming the creature an “Omen Construct”, an Angel warsuit. The device is a bulky plas-flesh humanoid, equivalent in size and power to a Dreadnought Engine. It displays the ability to spawn “Exalts” from the surrounding debris, creatures capable of producing the sensory attack identified by Ordo Xenos stormtroopers as “Angelsong”. We give battle amid the piles of wreckage.

The Vaults –clear; Casualties; 3, moderate injuries. Ammunition Expenditure Moderate. Omen Construct, 2 Exalts destroyed.

The construct housed a psychic projection only, a vestige of xenos consciousness. The apparition quickly appropriates our speech patterns and attempts to communicate. It appears to be intelligent, though it has no knowledge of the Imperium at large. It is intimidated by neither the Ork presence, nor the approaching fleet of Damascus, though it seems confused and somewhat awed by Astartes. It regards the humans of Gheist as cattle. It cannot be destroyed, so we leave it behind.
Our final objective lies in the “Emperor’s” Inner sanctum. Utilizing the teleporter, we breach the heretic’s chambers and find a scene of devastation. Dozens of Orks are slaughtered, and only the heretic leader remains. He remains serene as we question him, attempting to draw out information about the Imperium as we approach. We ensure that it learns little. I admit to one concern; this creature was capable of slaughtering several powerful Ork breeds, yet put not the slightest fight up as we dispatched it. The creature itself was an artificial being –porcelain-like material enclosing a psy-conductive jelly. My suspicion is that it was being piloted by an Angel in the same way as the Omen Construct, and that the xenos was merely curious to meet us. This breed displays increasing fascination with Astartes.

EXTRACTION; we escaped orbit by appropriating a shuttle from a nearby space research facility. The fossil-fuel propulsion in evidence leads me to believe the world had not reached Imperial tech-levels until recently, when (perhaps) the Angels first appeared. We were picked up 40 hours after breaking atmosphere by the recovery vessel Wings of Osiris.

It is my recommendation that the threat rating of Xenos Horribilius be confirmed, as these Angels constitute a significant military and moral threat to local Imperial holdings.

Gheist Sector, Dome Stars, Spinward/Galactic North-East
255.01 936 M41

Observation Deck, Flagship Thunder of Mars
Transcript of sequestered pict-footage from security recordings

Single figure stands before large, circular stained-glass window (Subject 1, Identified Inquisitor Scale; wiry, handsome, left temple sanctioning brand.)

Second figure approaches. (Subject 2, Identified Watch Captain Saul; Astartes physiology, heavily tattooed.)

S2; "Inquisitor."

S1;"Ah, good evening Watch Captain. I hoped you would find your way here tonight."

S2; "Please. We both know your agents will have exhaustively recorded my habits. If you wished to speak, you should have asked for an audience."

S1: "Oh come Saul. You needn't be snippy. I merely hoped we might speak as friends, without the pomp and ceremony of a formal setting."

S2 scowls, walks towards the viewing window; "We are not friends Inquisitor, nor do I have any desire to be such. When Gheist is subdued, I will be glad to be rid of you"

S1; "This hostility is little warranted Captain. We have always maintained a cordial working rela -"

S2, loudly; "Enough of your games! You concealed your knowledge of the Ork threat. You openly undermine our operations by withholding such critical intelligence. I daresay in light of this, the mission ought to have been aborted."

S1; "I did only as the Emperor would expect, Watch Captain. As you say, the mission to Home would not have proceeded had you been aware of the greenskin presence. We would have no knowledge of these Angels, or their character, and Damascus would have scoured one more human world without reward or reason. How does that serve our interests?

S2; "I serve only the Emperor. His greatest works give effect to his divine plan. The Astartes are forged of his very flesh, and are not for the likes of you to risk. You will find no shortage of willing soldiers for suicidal reconnaissance missions, should you decide to arrange more of them. Crusade Fleets are awash with fanatics. But I warn you Inquisitor. Go over my head again, and you will not find me so forgiving."

S1; "One trait we share Watch Captain, is a lack of tolerance for threats. You may not share my perspective, but you would do well to respect my authority."

S2; "Your purview is in matters of witchery Scale. I fail to see your relevance to this conflict."

S1; "Being an instrument of war has the effect of narrowing your focus. Do you not comprehend the moral threat these "Angels" constitute? Alternatives to the worship of the Emperor cannot be allowed to exist! Their blasphemous technologies are an affront to the holy human form, and their beliefs a blasphemy against the Emperor's Word!"

S2; "I comprehend them enough to know they must be destroyed. And enough to know the motive behind your pretended faith. Your true interest is the study of these creatures, yet I assure you they will be made extinct. I have advised the Lord Admiral to begin his assault on Home, and to order the destruction of Angel technology wherever it is found. That this course utterly invalidates your need to be present makes the decision all the easier."

S1; "I should think your kind would better understand the value of good intelligence. Much can be learned from this breed."

S2; "We are the Deathwatch, Inquisitor, not the Ordo Xenos. You should reserve your politicking for them."

(S2 -Watch Captain Saul- stalks from the room, leaving -Inquisitor Scale- alone by the window. S1 remains for 23 minutes before departing with a pensive expression)

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