The Ark of Palinurus

Rogue Trader Leo Arkaidos

Master of Ordnance
Arch-Militant Arthis "Torque" Tybalt

Master of Whispers
Seneschal Gideon Harazahn

Master Helmsman
Voidmaster Severin Tar

Other Notable Crewmembers

First Officer: Lieutenant Caan Theratoden

Choir Master Telepathica: Astropath Transcendent Sarvus Torian

High Factorum (negotiations): Tiberius Heleot
Handsome, white-haired, very proper. Wears alot of black.

Enginseer Prime: Explorator Reth Garidos
Even-tempered, resolute, honorable.

Navigator Superior: Hades Vulcanov

Master of Etherics(vox/auger): Reggie Tepet
Young, pretty, energetic. Occasionally clumsy. Dies her hair pink when she can get away with it.

Chief Chirurgeon: Dr Ellis "Trauma" Tepet
Efficient, highly capable, slightly condescending/abrupt.

Ship's Confessor: Xenogene Hultshen
Broad-shouldered and vital. A progressive, creative and passionate

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