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Campaign Notes:
Factions of Tennenberg

House and Hive Theot
Currently led by William Heltz Tennenberg, under the title of William III of Theot, House Theot is the third largest house by population and the third wealthiest. Its royal family has established and lead the house as the world's primary supplier and exporter of raw materials. Coals, prometheo-chemicals, and a variety of metals are sold to both other houses and off world traders in vast quantities. Historically the Mechanicus has been a major buyer and the royal family has maintained close ties with them. The family itself remains one of the more conservative and orthodox of the Great Houses, stressing strict adherence to the imperial creed making them popular with most of the Ecclesiarchy but along with the poor level of education of its labourers, even by imperial standards, the Hive has been left a cultural backwater. The second city founded on Tennenberg it still functions in its original purpose of funnelling resources from the surrounding mines into orbit and bringing personnel and equipment to the surface. As the city has grown and sprawled outwards to the point that it is now considered a hive it has overtaken many of the mining and refining operations that were once on its border slowly incorporating them into its own mammoth structure. Some of the Hive’s most recognizable features include the enormous Basilica of His Radiant Glory, the pit, and the Lucian docks in geosynchronous orbit above. The Basilica stands as the largest place of worship on Tennenberg and aside from serving the spiritual needs of the Hive's residents also serves as the administrative centre of the Ecclesiarchy on the world. The pit refers to almost the entire eastern edge of the hive, when Theot was founded it was constructed near a continental edge, as it expanded it soon struck this cliff face preventing further development eastward and forcing the city to sprawl out along it and in a few places now small sections overhang the cliff creating a view that can only be described as awe inspiring. The Lucian docks despite being XV separated from Theot by several vertical kilometres are considered part of the hive by most, built along with it as a place to load and unload goods from interstellar transports they have grown just as Theot has. They now handle nearly 20% of commercial traffic for the world, mostly composed of the sale of Theot’s mineral resources, and can provide extensive repair and refit options for vessels, they have received the nickname "Theot's Halo" both from Hive dwellers and ship captains alike for their radial structure.

House and Hive Valkena
The Lord Valkena Luther of Yorke inherited a house that had seemingly long since passed its prime, its territory and holdings sitting at less than half of what it had once controlled. After a slow beginning however his leadership has been the first hope of a revival of Valkena's power in more than a century with a steady building of inertia behind new industry and construction, in particular the negotiation of a warrant from the Mechanicus to produce a variety of munitions for the Munitorium has generated a steady and significant stream of income. Grand public spectacles payed for with this new found wealth have reinvigorated public moral and a general mood of optimism has taken root in the Hive. Those who have had the honour to meet the great lord himself though have nearly all been surprised to find a demure, some have even said permanently sullen or depressed, individual with little apparent aptitude for power or interest in statecraft. Given his stunning success his opponents have long since become convinced it is a calculated ploy that they might underestimate him. His lack of personal charms aside though he has become a popular candidate for the Lord Governorship not for force of arms or wealth but the possibility that he could manage to do for the entire world what he has achieved for his own house. Hive Valkena has always been an industrial centre and though the type of products it has turned out have shifted with politics and interstellar trade its manufactorums have always been the core of its power. Currently the smallest by size and population of the capitals of the Great houses it none the less consumes more coal, and promethium than any other to fuel its ever churning assembly lines. This enormous movement of resources in and products out is handled by a spider web of rail networks radiating out from the hive across the wastes to its mineral suppliers and Hive Koenrich where its goods are lifted into orbit for transport to off world buyers. The volume of heavy industry has left the hive with a reputation of being particularly dirty and unhealthy but none the less it has become a centre for the performing arts on Tennenberg. It's unusually large mid class of managers and overseers having the time and wealth, and given their gloomy surroundings particularly the want, to partake of such distractions. The Lord Valkena has sought to bring this pleasure, and its pacifying effect, to the masses with the construction of an enormous public amphitheatre near the hives core, that gives host to both theatrical events, and a revival of the grand displays of traditional blood sport made all the more spectacular by the Lord's apparent penchant for exotic, and lethal, xenoforms.

House and Hive Hilde
One of the great industrial Houses Hilde's power lies in its manufacture of complex machinery. Whereas Valkena has shifted its focus with changing times and Solut has become a jack of all trades Hilde has remained focused and resolute perfecting the assembly lines that turn out engines, generators, and the mining equipment so much of the world’s industry is based on. The Lord Hilde is an imposing figure, broad shouldered and nearly seven feet tall his hulking appearance is only further exaggerated by his custom of wearing a military uniform augmented with a heavy fur cloak. Known for his bombabastic speeches and fiery temper he is not a man to be trifled with and if his ascent to power is any indication he has little compunction about the use of force. Heading the wealthiest and best armed the Major Houses at current he by most measures should have been the obvious successor to the seat of the Lord Governor save for the fact that fate itself seems to conspire against him reaching the position. Scandals questioning the legitimacy of his bloodline erupted mere days before Alexus's death and gave his opponents time to rally and consolidate their opposition to his ascension. His rail lines have become the targets of bandit raids in the wastes and his exported goods have suffered from repeated acts of piracy in the void, undercutting the financial stability of his House. Rebellions have fermented in his holdings with little to no warning and several of his key backers have died in a series of unfortunate accidents. His frustration growing daily with the course of events it seems only a matter of time before he will refuse to suffer further setbacks and will resort to military action.
Hive Hilde is an enormous structure mostly sealed off from outsiders, its outermost layer being the only section they have access to and composed mostly of merchant houses. Its interior is a vast complex devoted to the production of the equipment, engines, and motorized vehicles that have given the house power. The production of these goods takes place from start to finish within the confines of this closed city from the mining of the raw materials from mineral deposits below the hive proper to the final construction of the components in massive manufactory enclaves, not a hint is given to outsiders as to the methods used.

Creating Characters:
You get one free move at any point on the creation charts, otherwise you have to follow it.
You only get 500xp with creation to create your character, be aware some parts of the character creation process use XP
Once created you get one free item from any of the DH or RT books. This may be either a Normal Quality Extremely Rare item, a Good Quality Very Rare or Rare item or a Best Quality Scarce item

As always the GM retains the final decision on all characters and equipment.

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