Forge World, Adeptus Mechanicus, Assassin

'Innocence is an Illusion' Gain Keen Intuition

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel Influence
47 47 43 45 49' 48 44 48 39 28

Wounds: 4 / 9
Fate [Fortune]: 3 [3]

Talents and Traits:

  • Weapon-tech
  • Weapon Training Low tech
  • Mechanicus Implants
  • Jaded
  • Sure Kill: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (syee page 293), when an Assassin successfully hits with an attack, he may spend a Fate point to inflict additional damage equal to his degrees of success on the attack roll on the first hit the attack inflicts.
  • ** Replace the Weak Flesh: An Adeptus Mechanicus character counts the Availability of all cybernetics as two levels more available (Rare items count as Average, Very Rare items count as Scarce, etc.).
  • Peer** Hereteks
  • Enemy Mechanicus

Known: Deceive, Common Lore Tech, Forbidden Lore (Tech), Security, Tech-Use, Trade (Armourer)

1 web grenade, combi-tool, flak cloak, filtration plugs, 1 dose of de-tox, dataslate, stablight

Starting Items [2x Scarce

2 x Frag grenade
2 x Firebomb
2 x Spiked chain
2 x Autopistol with extended mag
50 rounds of autogun ammuntion
Dream Spore Samples

Born an indentured servant to the Adeptus Mechanicus in the Necromunda Genatorum
Involved in an uprising
Fled to the underhive
Knack for tech but hatred for the admech
Maintains his own bionics from salvaged tech

Weapon Skill

Upgrades: 700/1000
Dodge 200
Stealth 100
Trade – Chymist 100
Leap Up 100
Agility 200

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