Clade Director

Legend of the Expanse

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
68x 33 50''' 50'' 60'' 31 51x 30 32

18, 8, 10, 15, 20, 11, 6, 5, 12


Wounds: 14
Fate:3 (4)

Trained Awareness, Pilot (Flyers, Spacecraft), Scrutiny, Security 30*, Speak Language (Kin, Low Gothic, Tau), Tech Use 20*.

+10: Intimidate 20/30 , FL (Xenos, Legends),
+20: Dodge 20/30 Stealth40/60

Non Imperial [-10 to CL, SL, FL Imperium of Man], Peer (Mercenaries, Adeptus Mechanicus), Good Reputation (Mercenaries), Unnatural Strength x2, Unnatural Toughness x2, Natural Armour 2, Speak Not Unto the Alien [-20 Fel to influencing party in interaction with humans], Sure Strike, Crippling Strike, Precise Blow, Lightning Reflexes, Fear (1), Weapon Training (Melee, Pistol, Exotic [Kin Ranged Weapons]).

(As Kroot Eat the Dead Trait)
Regain bonus Wounds = to TB if slain foe not exceeding ordinary maximum. Heal at 2x normal rate and +1 bonus wound when benefiting from healing sources. (TB hrs)

(As Kroot Fieldcraft Trait) +10 Stealth, native terrain [Urban] counts as open ground.
(As Kroot Chameleonic) Free Action to make Stealth Test even while observed.
Mercenary: Substitute your party's PF for your WP when rolling Fear or Pinning Tests.
Killer's Eye: When making a called shot, if your DOS are = or > Target's Agi Bonus, you automatically inflict a D5+4 Critical Hit to that location in addition to normal damage.
Take Them Alive: When making a Called Shot, choose to decrease Dam dealt after target's AP or TB by DoS < or = PB. Each point of Dam reduced in this way auto inflicts a point of Fatigue on the target. Targets do not gain the usual AP bonus to resist Shocking quality. Targets suffer a -10 to escape Snare quality.
Fearful Reputation: You are a figure of terror. Inspire Fear (1).
Clademaster's Insight (As Shaper's Understanding) Scrutiny (+0), gain insight into target's Wounds and Characteristic bonuses = to DoS. Must have sampled target race.

Cold Blooded
(As Kroot Physiology, Kroot Psychology, Kroot Corruption Traits)
Disturbing Voice: +10 Intimidate, Interrogate, -10 Fel v small animals, children, the easily startled.
(As Hyperactive Nymune Gland) Gain one additional reaction per turn. When Full Moving, gain +AgB distance in m, double your movement during Run Action. T Test (+0) or gain 1 Fatigue when doing either of these in two consecutive turns.

Alien Physiology
Fibre-spindle musculature grants Unnatural Strength (x2).
Sharp teeth grant Natural Weapon attacks at D5(R) Primitive.
GQ Bionic Reinforcement: +1 SB.
Bioforge Implants: Extensive bionic & surgical modification. Grants Unnatural Toughness (x2), Natural Armour 2, immunity to cold and vacuum. Bioforge implants are visible to "purity tests". Bioforge Implants require frequent chemical & nutrient maintenance at a medicae vat-facility. After a month without maintenance, suffer d5 Agi, Int, Fel damage. >10 characteristic damage of this kind becomes visible.
Hunter's Optics Implanted Preysense bionics; heat vision, night vision and bonus to spot hidden enemies.

Sanctioned Xenos
Not unlike Sanctioned Psyker; License to exist, visit human worlds, removes SNUTA penalty for those who are familiar with/understand Sanctioning.

-BQ Archeotech Energy Gauntlet [+10; d10+5; E; Pen 2; Balanced (+10 Parry), Unstable; +2 Dos on tests, +2 Initiative; Jams on 96-00 for entire combat; 5kg]
-BQ Lathe-Wrought Alien Fists (Melee: +10 to hit; d10+2 (I) Pen (3), Implant, Immune to Power Field, Unique)
-BQ Archeotech Las-Gauntlet [BQ, Red-Dot Laser, Forearm Mount] (Pistol, 90m; S/3/_/; d10+3 (E) Pen (2) Clip70; Rld1; Accurate, Reliable, Never Jams)
-CQ Archeotech Vest [Body 5;+10 Dodge; +1 DoS in combat, Attackers re-roll 1st successful hit p/r; -3 Initiative, cannot be combined with other armour]
-DE Shadowfield [80; When shield fails, requires a -30 Tech-Use to reactivate]
-CQ Alien Hand Cannon (Pistol, 60m, S/_/_/ d10+7 (I), Pen 0, Clip5, Rld2, Manstopper, 3x Clips,
-Digi-Melta (Pistol; 3m; S/-/-; 2d10+4; E; Pen 12; Single-Use)
-Plaguewart Venom [d5 rounds; Grants Toxic & d10 Agility Dam]
-Melta-Charge (Dam 20, Pen 12- Demolitions to set up),
-CQ Grav-Chute
-BQ Xenos Ivory-Blade (see trophies)
-BQ Pardoner's Mask & Attire (+10 to impersonate humans)
-BQ Chameleon Field (Activate as a half action; +30 to Stealth Tests; or +30 to Deceive/Disguise Tests; +1 range bracket)
-Rebreather, Microbead, Manacles
-BQ Combi-tool (+20 Tech Use)
-CQ Multikey (+30 Security)
-Tranq and Injector
-Space Marine's gift.

In Blackbird:
-Tent, Survival Kit, Survival Suit (+20 resist extreme elements),
-CQ Alien Voidsuit,
-BQ form-concealing robes,
-Nightsuit [+30 Concealment, including infrared scanners] (Gets hot: TGH+0/1F p/h)
-BQ Archeotech Sniper Rifle [Basic; 200m; S/-/-; D10+2; I; Pen [6]; Clip [5]; Reload [Full]; Accurate, Can't Jam, Telescopic Sight
-CQ Heavy Flamer, 2x fine Mechadendrites.

GQ Veloxi Autocycle:

  • Wheeled, Open Topped
Armour Front [10], Sides, Rear [8] Integrity 10
Cruising Speed 90kph Tactical Speed 35m
Manoeuvrability +25 Size Hulking (+10)

In Quarters
-Kin Master Control-Wand

Manhunter Trophies:
Megadon Skull The enormous tusked skull of a Redwynnese Megadon. Slain in the Eldar ruins of KX-224.
Crusader's Bloodhelm Recovered from the Rak'Gol infested Heedless Omen. H4, History of Bloodshed: Once per combat may add +2 damage.
Xenos Ivory-Blade Ancient, imposing power-blade carved with leering skulls. Taken as a trophy from Rak'Gol Marauder. (Melee; d10+7 E; Pen 7; Balanced, Power Field; 3kg) Imposing: +10 to intimidate/command, Indestructible, Lucky: +1 Fate, related to the knife.
Archeotech Laspistol Antique, model with filigree and arcane workings. Trophy of the Vendigroth job. Reliable, Never Jams.
Eldar Assasin's Bodyglove GQ Xeno Mesh, marbled with obsidian crystal. ABL 3, Self Repairing, Makes You Crazy.
Adamant Visor Torn from the defeated Navigator Severine.
Gruesome Charm Necklace of teeth ripped from the treacherous Captain Killian
Key to the Vault of Secrets Daemon-Archivist's key to Karad Vall's treasure hoard
Sampled Races Human, Eldar, Rak'Gol, Megadon, Pterahawk, Dracolisk, Ork, Dark Eldar

Clade Seneschal Gordon Corellian
Former Viper Stealth Team Leader, now coordinator of Clade Temples.
-Commerce, Deceive, Stealth, Peer (Underworld)
-CQ Sawn-off Boarding Shotgun
-CQ Enforcer Carapace (5 all)
-GQ Alien Monoknife (Melee/Thrown: Dam 3 (R), Pen (2)
-GQ Compact Hunting Rifle (Basic; Dam 8; I; Pen 1; Clip [5]; Reload [Full]; Accurate, Reliable)
-Kin Control Wand
-Assorted GQ temple attendants, trainers, proxies.
-Improved Temple Facilities [Stealth].

8x Clade-Kin Operatives
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
45 35 40(9) 40(8) 50 30 48(8) 15 10

-Acrobatics, Awareness, Barter, Climb+10, Dodge+20, Stealth +20, Speak (Low Gothic, Rook's Codes), Survival+10
-Furious Attack, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Training (Melee, SP, Primitive), Fearless (Non-Stryxis), Sprint,
-Swift Attack, Natural Weapons (Fangs d5+6), Unnatural Str, Per x2,
-Natural Terrain [Urban], Hyperactive Nymune Glands
-BQ Assassins Bodyglove [3 All]
-Pardoner's attire
-Explosive Volitor Implants, Cerebral Implants, Vox Implants
-Bionic Musculature (+1 Str, Blade Implants +10, Dam 4+Sb; R; Pen 2; Toxic [TGH or additional d10 wounds]
-Bioforging (+2 Natural Armour, Unnatural Tgh x2)


  • Reptilian mercenary race, part of the Tau Empire vat-bred to act as mercenaries, pilots.
  • Accompanied Tau delegation to Koronus, went freelance as a bounty hunter on the Nexus of Shadows.
  • Inspired by Officio Assassin who killed his Archon, sought access to Imperial training, equipment & implants.
  • Accepted for Sanctioning by Bethany Mechanics, provided plausible deniability for kill/collect/hack jobs in parts of the Expanse where xenos are banned from carrying weapons.
  • Seeks to become an infamous Assassin/Manhunter.
  • During Timeskip: Established Clade Assassin Temples on several major settlements in Koronus, training and upgrading Kin Operatives. Operations precipitate rise of House and Mechanicus allies.+2 Profit Factor

Character Path:
Hyperactive Nymune Gland [500]

Level 1 Mercenary (2000):
Sanctioned Xenos [800]
WS +5 [100]
WS +5 [250]
Ag +5 [100]
Ag +5 [250]

Lvl 2 Manhunter (5000)
Polyglot [200]
+5 Str [100]
+5 Per [100]
+5 Per [250]
Intimidate [100]
Dodge [100]
Pilot Spacecraft [400]
Pilot Flyers [400]
Security [400]
FL (Xenos) [200]
Sure Strike [500]
Dodge +10 [300]

Lv 3 Mercenary (8000)
Lightning Reflexes [500]
Dodge +20 [200]
Intimidate +10 [200]
+5 Str [250]
+5 Str [500]
Killer's Eye [500]
Tech Use [400]
Crippling Strike [500]

Lv 4 Mercenary (12,000)
+5 WS [500]
Precise Blow [500]
Punchmaster [500]
Take Them Alive [750]
+5 Per [500]
Good Reputation [Mercenaries] [400]
Fearful Reputation [1000]

Lv 5 Clademaster (16,000)
+5 WS [750]
+5 T [250]
+5 T [500]
Resistance (Psychic Powers) [200]
Strong Minded [500]
Stealth +20 [200]
SL (Legends) [200]
FL (Xenos) +10 [200]
SL (Legends) +10 [200]
+5 Per [750]

Lv 6 Legend of the Expanse (16,000)

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