Raynard Castus

Highborn (Schola Progenium), Adeptus Arbites, Seeker

Current Alias: Arbitrator Lothor Canto

The only true fear is dying without your duty done: Gain Resistance - Fear

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Influence
45'' 25 30' 30 40 30' 30' 45 '50'' 45

Fate: 2 [4]
Wounds: 12



  • Fellowship, Intelligence, Perception, WS
  • Offence, Social, Tech.


  • Breeding Counts: Any time a highborn character would reduce his Influence, he reduces it by 1 less (to a minimum reduction of 1).
  • The Face of the Law: An Arbitrator can re-roll any Intimidation and Interrogation test, and can substitute his Willpower bonus for his degrees of success on these tests.
  • Nothing Escapes My Sight: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points (see page 293), a Seeker character may spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at an Awareness or Inquiry skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to his Perception bonus.

Known: Awareness, Common Lore (Arbites, Underworld), Dodge, Interrogation, Intimidate, Stealth, Trade (Linguist), Command, Parry, Scholastic Lore (Judgement).
Trained [+10]: Tech-Use, Scrutiny
Experienced [+20]: Charm, Deceive, Inquiry

WT: Shock
Peer: [Administratum II, Adeptus Arbites II, Criminal Cartels II, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition, Imperial Nobility] +20/10 to Influence and Fellowship tests with this group.
Resistance: [Fear] +10 to tests to resist this effect.
Clues from the Crowds: Once per day may re-roll a test to gather information from a group of people.
Jaded: Immune to Mundane terrors.
Keen Intuition: After failing an Awareness test the character may re-roll the test at -10.
Coordinated Interrogation: +10 to all Interrogation tests and characters assisting with this talent give +15.
Adamantium Faith: Subtract your WP bonus from all failed Fear test. If this reduces you to 0 DoF you instead pass this test with 1 DoS.
Cover-up: Can reduce Influence by 1 to gain 1d5 Subtlety.
Halo of Command: Affect NPCs within 100xFelB metres with Social skills.
Takedown: Standard Attack / Charge action; If would have done 1 point of damage (after Arm/Tgh) then opponent makes (+0) Tgh test or Stun for 1 round and knocked Prone. Stun action is at base WS.

  • Stun: Full Action, Weapon Skill test, roll 1d10+SB vs T +1 AP protecting his head. If the attacker’s roll is equal to or higher than this value, the target is Stunned for a number of rounds equal to the difference between the two values and gains one level of Fatigue.

Contact Network: Use Fellowship in place of Influence when making Requisition tests.
Unarmed Specialist: Always count as armed, 1d10+SB dmg. Can re-roll unarmed damage.
Crushing Blow: Add 1/2 WS bonus (rounding up) to melee damage.
Devastating Assault: After a successful All Out Attack, may make a second All Out Attack action against the same target as a Free Action, with the same bonuses and penalties as the first.
Hammer Blow: All Out Attack actions add half Strength bonus (rounded up) to the weapon’s penetration. The attack also has Concussive (2)

  • Concussive: After a successful hit, target must take a Toughness test with a penalty equal to 10 times (X). If he fails, the target is Stunned for 1 round per degree of failure. If the attack also inflicted an amount of damage greater than the target’s Strength bonus, the target is knocked Prone.

Blademaster: Re-roll a single missed melee attack roll each turn.


  • Twitch Mask: Dozens of subdermal bionics allow the wearer of these rare masks to change their features at will, making them highly sought after by criminals and exiles alike.
    • +10 to Disguise tests.


  • Kiani's Mace: A two-handed mace custom made by the Arbitrator Trenton Kiani. After his death the weapon was taken by Castus.
    • Shock; Melee; 2D10+3; I; Shocking, Concussive [0]; Two-Handed
  • Shock Maul:
    • Shock; Melee; D10+3; I; Shocking
  • Enforcer Light Carapace Armour
    • 5-All; Max Agility [45]
  • 12 doses if Tranq
  • Backpack:
    • 3x Stimm
    • Manacles
    • 12 Lho Sticks
    • Climbing Kit
      • Grapnel, Line and Clip-Drop Harness.
    • Survival Suit
    • Magnocular
    • Stablight/Glowlamp
  • Micro-bead
  • Auspex
    • +20 to Awareness, Can scan.
  • Naval Honour Guard Uniform: An ornate black and gold breastplate worn over navy whites, the ornamentation of this armour doesn't hamper it's protective value.
    • GQ Carapace Chestplate and uniform worn over a body glove.
    • B6, AL2
  • Naval Shot Pistol: A shot barreled and brutal pistol favoured by naval officers and pirates alike for it's pure stopping power.
    • SP; Pistol; 20m; S/3/-; D10+4; I; Clip [6]; Reload [Full]; Tearing
    • [6], [6], [6]
  • Chainsword: Office of Naval Enforcement issue.
    • Chain; Melee; D10+2; R; Pen 2; Tearing, Balanced.

Stored: [Fury Untold]

  • Shock Maul:
    • Shock; Melee; D10+3; I; Shocking
  • Spectre Autorifle: A specialist weapon used by the 2nd Recon city-fight experts. Matte black and with an inbuilt silencer, they are weapons designed entirely for the close confines of a city. This model was taken from a dead member of the 2nd Recon in Spire 6 of Kapex Hive.
    • SP; Basic; 90m; S/3/6; D10+4; I; Clip [24]; Rld [1/2]; Reliable, Silenced, Red Dot Sight, Aux-Grenade Launcher (30m; S/-/-; Clip [1]; Rld [Full]; Does not benefit from Red-Dot)
    • [24], [24]
  • Spectre Pattern Flak Armour Imperial guard flak armour marked with urban camouflage, this is the standard armour of the 2nd Recon 'Grey Walkers' regiment. This suit was taken from a slain 2nd Recon member.
    • 4-All, 5 Against Explosives; +10 to Stealth in Urban Environments.
    • Max Agility- 50
  • 2nd Recon Irregulars Flak Helmet
    • H: 3
  • PQ Autogun [SP; Basic; 100m; S/3/10; 1d10+3I; Clip:30; Rld:Full; Unreliable]
    • [30]
  • Knife [1d5+SBR]
  • Gang Stub Revolver
    • SP; Pistol; 30m; S/-/-; D10+3; I; Clip [6]; Rld [2 Full] (PQ)
    • [6], [6], [6]
  • Enforcer Carapace Chest Piece: Borrowed from a member of Arbite Suppression Team G36 during the Hulee V mission, this chest piece still bears the characteristic markings and red and black paint of the Adeptus Arbites.
    • Body 5
  • Armoured Bodyglove
    • ABL- 2

Rayard Castus is the orphan child of a minor noble house Scarus Sector. The history and circumstances surrounging the demise of his house were hidden from Castus during his placement in the Schola Progenium. Following graduation Castus was recruited into the Adeptus Arbites.

During an investigation into a black market operation on Gudrun, Castus infiltrated a cold trader cartel known as The Collectors. After months undercover, Castus was able to access the prize possessions of the cartel, a xenos artifact, called the Brass Gate. The Collectors were attempting to activate, blind to the perils of activating any device tainted by non-human technologies.

The cartel members became increasingly paranoid as they drew closer to unlocking the secrets of the device. As a result it was harder for Castus to communicate with his handlers so he made the decision destroy the Brass Gate. He stole explosives and placed them on a timer, giving him enough time to escape the compound. Unfortunately he was located by The Collectors, who by this stage had become fanatical, almost to the point of worshiping the device. Castus engaged the enemy to prevent them from deactivating the explosives and successfully destroyed the device, getting caught in the explosion in the process.

Fortunately for Castus, agents of the Ordo Xenos had been monitoring The Collectors and were able to pull him from the flames. Castus suffered massive trauma to his face, requiring extensive reconstruction. Inquisitor Sabela rewarded Castus by arranging for subdermal bionic implants to be fitted under his skin grafts. Not only would this allow Castus to recover from his injuries, but would give him the ability to alter his appearance at will.

Castus returned to duty with the Adeptus Arbites, but remained in Inquisitor Sabela's service. After five years assisting with Sabela's operations, Castus was granted the rank of Interrogator and given command of Alloy Cell.

Experience: 13150/13200
Devastating Assault 300
Hammer Blow 600
Blademaster 600
Peer Nobilty 200
Peer Adeptus Mechanicus 200
Peer Administratum [2] 200
Peer Criminal Cartels [2] 200
Peer Adeptus Arbites [2] 200
Peer Inquisition 200
Face in a Crowd 300

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