Arch Militant, Torque Tybalt

Torque, Arch-Militant.

Origin Path: Fortress World, Stubjack, Crusade, Hand of War, Pride, Arch Militant

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
41 68 51 40 58 37 39 31 26

Wounds: 13
Insanity: 10
Corruption: 0
Fortune: 6

Survival, Secret Tongue (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Acrobatics, Medicae, Awareness, Pilot (Orbit Breakers)
+10: Secret Tongue (Military), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Common Lore (War)
+20: Intimidate, Dodge

Talents and Traits:
Hatred (Criminals, Void Pirates, Chaos), Peer Military, Basic Weapon (Universal), Exotic Weapon Training (Universal), Pistol Training (Universal) Melee Training (Universal), Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Leap Up, True Grit (1/2 all Crit results), Ambidextrous, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)

  • Sound Constitution: II
  • -5 To interaction tests not relating to combat
  • -10 to interactions with Chaos, 'Will react violently at the slightest provocation'
  • +10 to hit with Las Weapons


Customized Promethia Pattern Long Las
- 150m; d10+6* E; Pen 3; Clip 40; Accurate, Reliable, Tearing, +10 to hit. (*Arch-Militant Bonus of +2 Dam)

Mono-Bastard Sword (d10+1 R; Pen 2) Good Quality (+5 WS)

Blessed Carapace (Heirloom Item) - AP 7 All Locations (Best Quality).

Special item: GQ Targeting Monocle - awards night vision, range-finder, ammo-count, thermal vision. -30 Scrutiny Tests to realise it is not a normal monocle. +25 to perception at night against Thermal Targets, no negatives for darkness.

Micro-bead, void suit, shell-case keepsake, medikit, manacles, 3 doses of stimm and injector.


Promethia IV, a barely habitable resource world, was the site of the final conflict of the Meritech Succession Wars six hundred years ago. Caught in no-man's land between Calixis and Ixaniad, these worlds were habited by void-scavengers, and in the absence of Admech scrutiny, they developed powerful, unsactioned technologies. Ultimately, the worlds declared their independance, drawing the wrath of Battlefleet Calixis; the War would rage for 17 years before Promethia was subdued. When the conflict was at it's height, Meritech ships fled deep into Battlefleet Ixaniad territory. When Battlefleet vessels pursued, the two Sectors came to the brink of outright war, averted only by the intervention of Lord Ordos Obscurus himself. To ensure that the peace won at Promethia IV lasted, the Lord Ordos Obscurus drew the border of the Calix Expanse out to encompass the Meritech Cluster. The former homeworld of the rebels became a fortress world, where the last son of House Tybalt was born.

The Tybalt family had produced honour guard for the Elders of Promethia for generations. When the succession was declared, they arrayed themselves proudly against their Imperial oppressors. Honed in battle against Ork pirates and void-corsairs, the Hearthguard were a terror on the offence, Admiral Calixis learning to engage their gold-plated warships at distance as their boarding actions grew in infamy. As the war dragged on however, the Tybalts were shocked at the increasingly fearsome technology the clans were turning on their enemies. At the climactic 1st Battle of Altar, Deletrius Tybalt witnessed the Intertia-Cannons employed by the Promethian fleet for the first time. Screaming oaths to Mars, he turned his bolter on the council of Elders, knowing at last that his masters had betrayed The Machine. This act is recorded by many remembrancers as the turning point of the war. In the wake of the battle, several prominent Techrarchs abandoned the Meritech, leaving the path to Promethia clear. When the war ended, the Tybalts were spared in consideration of Deletrius' act, though stripped of their wealth and holdings. The House now subsists as mercenaries on the fringes of Imperial space, banned from operating within it's borders. Most notably, Deletrius and his family found their way into the service of Arch-Explorator Orion of the "Rote Learning", who saw their true faith despite their disgrace.

Arthis Tybalt learned his warcraft, his faith, and his fierce sense of honour from Deletrius himself. Like Deletrius, he would be drawn back to the planet Altar as heretics and sorcerors repeatedly sought to pillage it's secrets. He served alongside his grandfather on the War Council at the 2nd Battle of Altar, and earned the callsign "Torque" for his stamina during field-operations at the 3rd. During that final mission, Tybalt escorted a young savant to the depths of the moon-works to examine their baffling inner-workings. He led his retinue to battle against frenzied cultists and daemons, breaching the Vault of Malygris as the battle in space reached it's climax. By disabling xeno-craft gravity-locks, the adolescent Leo Arkaidos plunged an excavation facility into the moon's surface, slaughtering the heretic leaders; Torque and his grandfather saw to the destruction of their supporters. In recognition of his efforts, Orion awarded Torque a suit of Saint-Blessed Carapace from the Age of Drusus; at Leo's insistence, Victris promoted him to Arch-Militant of the Ark, the family flagship. Though Torque's ferocious loyalty was born of the shared trials on Altar's moons, it is now to Leo as the master of the Ark. He is valued for his peerless marksmanship and creative understanding of tactics, but more particularly for his dry wit and clear-headed view of "right" in an uncertain universe. Though tarnished in the eyes of others for his family's disgrace, the Captain and his inner circle regard Torque as an indispensible, if occasionally brusque ally.

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