Notable Characters

Bridge Officers of the Frigate Lazarus:

Lord Captain
Captain Zacharius

Lt Commander
Uther Salamund

Master of Ordnance
Arch-Militant Solomon

Enginseer Prime
Magos Kovenicus

Minor Officers of the Fleet:

  • First Officer Ameline: Naval officer went into private industry due to a lack of advancement at previous posting. Eager to prove herself to the Small Council
  • Astropath Transcendent Ishvaal Caine: Gruff ex-naval officer, finally gave in to his psychic nature and took over command of the ship's Astropathic Choir
  • Navigator Primus Master Kesh: Reclusive, Eccentric
  • Confessor Proteus: Notoriously blind to his master's ecclesiarchal missteps.
  • Steward Andreas Feek: In charge of Zacharius' household during his time in isolation, promoted once he took over captaincy of the Lazarus.
  • Captain Isaak of the Golden Bounty: Only surviving bridge officer after the 'Golden Catastrophe', rallied with Captain Quinn and was rewarded for his bravery.
  • First Officer Boronoth of the Golden Bounty: Boistrous ex-guardsman, favours his gold plated shotgun.

Officers of the Dynasty

  • Bethany System
  • Kurse System
    • System Governor ….: Description/Quirks
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