Arkenstone - Bulwark Against the Darkness

It is said that the when the God-king first landed in Arlonde three centuries ago, he proclaimed that a mighty city be erected in order to house the continent's rightful owners. And thus Arkenstone was built, taking a full two decades from the laying of the first stone to the last. When it was completed, the God-king announced that it shall never fall so long as a single Ondorian still called the city home. And for a hundred years or more the city stood proud and firm, a bulwark against the darkness of the savage and hostile land.
When the God-king committed his folly and summoned forth an elder being from beyond the stars, the city was abandoned by its peoples, unable to stand against the legions of soul-hungry daemons which assailed them. And so it was and so it remained for another century, home to nought but beasts and monsters prowling the shattered city, until Holy Knight Sir Ostra, scion of the God-king, sallied forth to reclaim Ondoria's birthright. And reclaimed it was, won from the beasts by inches and in blood. When the sun rose on a free-Arkenstone a decade later, Sir Ostra proclaimed the city, and his honour, redeemed.
Since that day there have been three great expeditions to Arlonde, one every generation, each bearing a thousand ships carrying tens of thousands of hopefuls. Through great sacrifice, they may find their favour and fortune in the city of Arkenstone, and the savage lands of Arlonde…

The Low Wall

The first line of defence against the denizens of Arlonde, the Low Wall stands 60ft in height and half as thick. Four points of ingress; the South Gate, Scorn's Pass, the West Gate, and Drummond's Gate, allow passage past the Low Wall into Arkenstone proper.

The Low Quarter

Home to the destitute and desperate, the Low Quarter is a stinking pit of villany and crime. Vices of all sorts can be attended to by brothels, gambling houses and fight clubs at pratically any hour of the day or night. Crime-barons dominate the Low Quarter with gangs of cut-throats and thugs.

The Guilds

Craftsmen and tradesmen of all walks of life ply their wares in the Guilds - studious and good-natured fellows who take pride in a hard day's work. As is common, many Dwarves find their place among like-minded humans eager to out-do one another with feats of craftsmanship.

The Parish

Many gods are worshipped in Arkenstone, the city itself being a cultural metropolis of all-comers. One can find temples dedicated to Scorn, the God of Redemption, and Ithh, the Prince of Elemental Winds among others.

The High Wall

Standing twice the size of the Low Wall, the High Wall is a marvel of engineering from a long-forgotten age and protects the key industries of Arkenstone from all but the most determined invaders.

The Barracks

The Holy Lion Knights, sworn to Holy Knight Sir Ostra, train and prepare themselves for the retaking of Arlonde. Registered Adventurers are allowed access to the training grounds within.

  • Warden Eckhardt: A tall man of advanced years, Eckhardt bears the scars of a dozen battles, his body far-too wrecked by combat to serve. Instead the proud man organises and oversees the innumerable Adventurers which carry out the tasks seen as beneath the Lion Knight's purview.

The Markets

Merchants and Con-men alike pour their honeyed words into the ears of any who will listen, keen to exchange the wares of Adventurers for a fair price.

The Docks

The stink of fish, the cries of gulls and the raucus laughter of dock-hands infuse the warfs and jetties of Arkenstone.

The Palace

A towering ediface the might of the Empire, the Palace is at once an ostentatious place of royalty and a bastion of impenetrable fortitude.

The Tower

Across the river-inlet which splits Arkenstone into North and South stands the cyclopean Tower, home of those cursed by the touch of the Arcane. Science and magic blend into an unholy union within the basalt stone of the Tower, and knowledge and power are valued above all else.

The Homesteads

Outside the relative safety of the city lies the homesteads - farming land for grazing herds of cattle and tall stalks of maize.

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