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The Expanse


Dynasty Locations

-All denominations provisional on Small Council approval
-All measurements in TS or 'Terran Standard' metrics
-∆ Indicates Rogue Trader landing



  • Treadwater:
    • Mean Radius 12, 500km (Large; 1.98 TS) 1.1 TS Gravity, Atmosphere (non-life sustaining > > (tainted, -30 survival tests)), Climate (Subzero/Tundra), Life signs (Zero)
    • Features:
      • Lesser Moon: High pressure atmosphere, 92% viable Liquid Gold Deposits
      • Orbiting Asteroid: Non-Viable for large-scale mining, high concentration of industrial and ornamental metals: 43 units iron ore, 77 units silver, 23 units copper, 90 units gold
    • Bethany Mining Colony Alpha
  • Dust Cloud: Unremarkable - (-20 to Detection)
  • Bethany Prime:
    • Mean Radius 29,600km (Vast: 4.8 TS), 0.9 TS Gravity, Atmosphere (life sustaining, minor > irregularity/tainting), Climate (Temperate - polar ice, tropical equator), Life signs (Positive)
    • Features
      • 2 Moons: Unremarkable
      • Civilization: Sub/Parity-Imperial technology level, Frontier/Pilgrim Site, 2-4 Billion > Population (Human)
    • Bethany Prime Ecclesiarchal Colony


  • Gravity Tide: -5 Maneuverability, Pilot Check
  • Evergreen:
    • Mean Radius 6,300km (Medium, 1 TS), 0.8 TS Gravity, Atmosphere: non-life sustaining > (Corrosive), Climate (Deadly/Tropical)
    • Features:
      • Small Moon: w/ Thin atmosphere, Liquid Water Seas
  • Bethany Secundus:
    • Mean Radius 30,000km (Vast), 2+ TS Gravity, Atmosphere (Hostile-Toxic), Climate (Dangerous/Cold)
    • Features:
      • Archeotech Slender Mass Conveyer:
        • Surrounding city occupied by Archo-Flagellents and auto turrets.
        • Ancient Human Construction
      • Resources:
        • Trapped Water Resources
        • Radioactive Minerals
        • Organic Resources
        • Radioactive Resources
        • Armament bunkers
    • Human Population:
        • Locals: 70% Cleansed, rest are in hiding.
        • Occupation Force: 3 Companies of Malacite Light Infantry.
  • Astroid Field: 5 units of Industrial metal


  • Bethany III:
    • Features:
      • Vast Gas Giant
      • Large Moon: Access Forbidden Thin/Pure Atmosphere, High Gravity, No Registered Life,
        • Radioactive Resources [46], Industrial Resources [76], Industrial Resources [77]
        • Xenos Ruins
      • 3x Lesser Moons: Assorted mineral resources
      • Ringed: Planetary Rubble of unknown origin


  • Occupied by Chaos Worshippers on a warp enclosed planet. One warship of a possible three destroyed.
  • Only one planet known. Solar flares throughout system.



Radiation flare in outer zone every few hours

  • 2x Asteroid Fields: 98% Industrial Metals
  • Kurse Prime:
    • Thin Toxic Atmo, Cold w/ limited ecosystem, ornamental metals, exotic metals, ornamental metals, juvenat compounds, juvenat compounds
    • Features:
      • Mining Colony
      • Large Astroid
      • 2x Lesser Moons: Barren
      • Xenos Ruined: Rak Gol occupied. Primary destroyed.


  • Nothing of note


  • Entire ring dust cloud.
  • Dangerous Solar Flares
  • Kurse II
    • Burning World
    • Thin/Deadly Atmo, Low Resources, 99 Ornamental resources
  • Kurse III
    • Burning World
    • Normal Grav, Moderate Pure Atmo, No Water, No Resources


Star: Cold Blue Star, "Powerful Fusion"
Outer Reach: Empty/ Dust Storm Nebulae
Primary Ring: - Radiation p/10/Solar Flares p/5
Inner Ring: Large Planetoid. Gas Giant
Features: Titanic Gravity. 2 Dust Rings, 2 Planetary Debris Rings.
Small Moon 54% Ornamental Metal. Large, Dense MoonNormal Gravity, thin, toxic atmosphere, high temperature,

inhospitable, 94% ornamental resources.


  • 5 Large Busy Planetoids Full of Orks.
  • 3 Raider sized ships, 1 Frigate sized ship
  • Size 6 Ork Colony on largest planet.
  • 4 Orbital Installations across system


Star: Pure White Star,
Outer Ring: Large Planet
Low Mass, Normal Gravity, Lesser moon, moderate, pure >atmosphere,
Icy Temperature: 9% Industrial Metals, 25% > Ornamental, 63% >ornamental
Dust Cloud w/ Ruined remnants of 6 transport sized ships

Primary Ring
Gas Giant single lesser moon, 1 Debris Ring, Dust Cloud.

Inner Ring Asteroid Sea
Ornamental 76%, Industrial 94%, Industrial 7%, Industrial 65%, Industrial 88%,
Radioactive 44%, Exotic 47% // Industrial 93% Industrial 88%, Exotic 84%
Dust cloud, 2 gravity rip tides.


The Dynasty

Profit Factor 29 / 13 + (4 + 3 + 5 + 4)
~ Profit Assets Mining Colony (5)

The Warrant

  • Age of Apostasy
  • Ascending
  • Ecclesiarchal Bequest
  • Angevin Crusade
  • Battlefleet
  • Unknown

It was Ornum Quinn, planetary naval admiral of the planet Raius IV, that earned for his family the title Rogue Trader. During the Age of Apostasy when the forces of the Ecclesiarchy clashed across the galaxy Ornum was in charge of the naval contingent of a planet loyal to the High Lord Vandire. This sat ill with Ornum, a deeply religious man, who believed that the plight of the Thorians was just. It was such that when an Administratum fleet passed through the sector with the intent of raiding nearby planets admiral Quinn did not protect the fleet as instructed but rather attacked, destroying it utterly and establishing a blockade against further Administratum forces. For months he denied the Ecclesiarch's forces before eventually the governor of Raius IV had him assassinated. It was many years after the war that the new Ecclesiarchal regime honoured his sacrifice and granted his family a Warrant of Trade.
Many years later the then owner of the Warrant, Reid Quinn, answered the call of the church once again to serve in the Angevin crusade and through this to become a member of the Battlefleet Calixus before his grandson, Rogal, once more forged forward into the unknown, as all Rogue Traders are want to do.

The Quinn Lineage:

  • Ornum Quinn: Granted the Warrant of Trade for his actions during the Age of Apostasy. [Deceased]
  • Reid Quinn: Brought the Warrant to the Calixus Sector and into the Koronus Expanse. Great-Great-Grandfather of the current Warrant holder. [Deceased]
  • Torvald Quinn: Discovered and restored the Lazarus. Great-Grandfather of the current Warrant holder. [Deceased]
  • Ignateous: Grandfather of the current Warrant holder. Gave up his place as Lord-Captain of the Lazarus when he reached extreme old age, currently lives in a manorhouse on Port Wander.
  • Rogal Quinn: Father of the current Warrant holder, friend and confident of Brother Severus, Uther Salamund and Ishvaal Caine. [Deceased]
  • Uriah Quinn: Bastard son of Rogal, outcast from the familial line until granted the Warrant. His place was redacted after the return of his half brother, Zacharius [Emeritus]
  • Zacharius Quinn: True heir of Rogal, spent his whole life away from his father before returning after his death to claim his place as Warrant Holder. [Warrant Holder]
    • 3x Children: One Female, Two Male.
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