Astropath Transcendent Sarvus Torian

Sarvus, Choir-Master Telepathica

Origins: Imperial World, …unknown…

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
34 34 35 34 37 46 49 72 40

~Wounds: 9
~Insanity: 1
~Corruption: 0
~Fate: 8

EXP; 4500/4600

Awareness, Speak High Gothic/Low Gothic, Literacy, Deceive, Invocation, Trade (Remembrancer), Scrutiny
CL: Imperium (Basic), Imperial Creed (Basic), Adeptus Arbites, Imperial Guard, Telepathica, Administratum
FL Psykers/Warp, SL Cryptology

Talents + Traits
Unshakeable Faith, Enemy (Ecclesiarchy), Armor of Contempt, Heightened Senses (Sound), Rite of Sanctioning, Cortex Implants (GQ), Total Recall, Psyniscience, PSY rating 3

Telepathy: Delude, Mind's Eye, Mind Probe, Compel, Mind Link, Sensory Deprivation

BQ Laspistol, BQ Monosword, Ripper Pistol

Guard Flak Armor (4 All), Robes. Charm, Void Suit, Micro Bead, Psy-Focus, Cortex Implants, Memorance Implant, Mind Impulse Unit (Remembrancer)


Sarvus Torian's first posting as an Astropath was to the Imperial Guard and showed a remarkable resistance to the taint of the Warp. As a result he was attached to the Archosian 5th Regiment as part of a minor expeditionary force, though if one were to investigate they would find that no Astropath of this name was ever part of that force. As an expeditionary force there was a large Ecclesiastical presence. Over time the members of the Ecclesiarchy became more fanatical, persecuting Astropaths and sanctioned psykers for little or no reason. Through their preaching they gained the support of the military to purge a large number of Psykers, seemingly at random. As this began there was a revolt amongst the Psykers which resulted in the deaths of a number of priests. It is not known how many escaped the purge or what became of the Archosian 5th after this event as all records have been removed. Sarvus remains tight lipped in regard to the incident however does little to hide his hatred to wards the Ecclesiarchy, though he remains loyal to the Emperor and the Imperium.

Captain's addenum; First approached me with a message he'd intercepted of Helena's imminent arrival at Footfall. Apparently he was on the run from Ecclesiarchical bounty hunters, real fanatics too, and the only thing he wanted was passage offworld. He might have saved my life, so I offered him a place in my crew. Quite a talent too, as it turns out. When we went to meet him at Dog's Breakfast I had Hades in tow, his first foray into civilized society since defrosting. I might have picked a more auspicious spot. Sarvus was barricaded up inside, tables overturned, beer spilled, a terrible mess. 30 fanatics out the front lobbing bolt and shot into the place like they had an ammo quota…I was quite affronted. I love Dog's place! Anyway, Hades got into them and it was over pretty quickly. Sarvus got to pulling apart the one survivor's mind which I account a bloody useful skill…we got him offworld sharply, before anyone else made a play for him. He stuck with us since, to my approval; he's my fiercest opponent at regicide and handy with numbers to boot. He's handled negotiations since coming on board, a shame for Tiberius who rather suffers for not knowing what the opponent's thinking all the time. A sly one for sure, but I feel I can trust him…we've both saved each other's lives a few times by now. I hear that he's taken to teaching Hades economics, which is a rare and welcome twist. A bit like Hades himself…haha geddit?

Sarvus has settled in well with the crew of the Ark. As the Master of the Astropathic Choir he has taken it upon himself to start establishing a network of informants among Astropaths on other planets. The Captain whole heartedly supports this as it allows for more information to be gathered on his rivals. Sarvus has also appeared to have adopted the roles of negotiator and Ship's Remebrancer, meticulously recording details of the Ark's endeavours to make up for what he sees as a lack of consideration for the economics and strategy involved in running a Rogue Trader House. He has even taken to teaching Hades about the economic side of things, which has been moderately successful, more-so than his attempts to teach Hades how to play Regicide.

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