The Badab War

Magog Cluster


Tensions between the Maelstrom Zone and the Administratum have caused massive trade disruption across the Imperium. Panic has flared at news that a Tithe Fleet has disappeared in suspicious circumstances, and the monolithic Adeptus Terra has begun to heave into action.

The 'Trade Lords' of Karthago allege that the self-declared Tyrant of Badab has committed treason against the Imperium. Both sides gather their allies, and mankind trembles at what might unfold.

The Legion Retaliators

You are a Legion Retaliator Squad, specialist units formed by the Tyrant to sow terror, smash enemy assets and enforce loyalty among the Auxilla. You have significant strategic leeway, scope to take command of Tyrant Legion forces, and are privy to special military reports as you advance your roving brief to secure the Tyrant's military interests.

Centurion Harkon, 73rd Tyrant's Legion, Astral Claws
Axe-Brother Oceiros, 2nd Company, 1st Assault Squad, Executioners
Lothrik the Blood-Faced, Apothecary, 5th Company, Astral Claws

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