Chapter: Executioners
Speciality: Assault Marine
Demeanour: Uphold the Honour of the Emperor (RoB pg 19)

WS BS Str Tgh Agi Int Per WP Fel
65 30 (12)60 (9)50 50 40 45 45 30
Wounds Fate Renown
23 III ???

Skills: Awareness, Ciphers (Chapter Runes), Athletics, Dodge, Common Lore (Astartes, Imperium, War), Stealth, Operate (Ground Vehicle), Intimidate, Literacy (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Navigation (Surface), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Tactics (Assault Doctrine), Survival, Forbidden Lore (Necrons)
+10: Operate (Aeronautica)


  • Ambidextrous: Use either hand equally well. No penalty for using off-hand. TWW penalty drops to -10.
  • Astartes Weapon Training: May use Astartes Weapons.
  • Bulging Biceps: May fire heavy weapons without bracing.
  • Heightened Senses: [Hearing, Sight] +10 to applicable tests.
  • Killing Strike: May spend a Fate Point when making an All Out Attack to make their attack impossible to Parry or Dodge.
  • Nerves of Steel: May re-roll failed WP tests to avoid or recover from Pinning.
  • Quick Draw: May Ready as a Free Action (Pistol, Basic, or One-Handed Melee Weapons).
  • Resistance: [Psychic Powers] +10 to applicable tests.
  • True Grit: Halve Critical Damage results (rounding up).
  • Unarmed Master: Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB Impact Damage.
  • Swift Attack: May make two attacks as a Full Action.
  • Signature Wargear: Power Axe
  • Blade Master: May re-roll one missed attack per round with melee weapons.
  • Combat Master: Opponents gain no benefit for outnumbering.
  • Furious Assault: After a successful All Out Attack, may spend Reaction to make an additional attack using the same bonuses or penalties as the previous attack.
  • TWW Melee: When armed with two weapons of the same type, may spend a Full Action to attack with both. -20 penalty to attacks made in this fashion.
  • Crushing Blow: +2 to melee damage
  • Lightning Reflexes: Add twice the character's Agility Bonus when calculating Initiative.
  • Lightning Attack: May make three attacks as a Full Action.
  • Fear: [1] Cause Fear against foes in melee combat.
  • Sure Strike: May choose to flip to hit results.


  • Unnatural: [Strength +4, Toughness +4]


  • Angel of Death: Gain the Swift Attack Talent

Solo Mode

  • Wings of Angels: May add 20m to the movement rate of their Jump Pack with a successful +0 Operate Test. When making a Charge whilst using this ability, the Space Marine adds an additional 1d5 Damage to any melee attacks. Only functions when in Solo Mode.

Squad Mode


  • Exceptional Power Axe, Kherti: Like their brother-descendants of the Imperial Fists, the Black Templars, the Executioners pride themselves on their knightly-prowess and honour on the battlefield. Though they differ in many respects, their skill with blade and shield can never be questioned. Such fierce pride in their abilities has led to some clashes between the brother-chapters in times past and while none can say exactly how it was Oceiros came to possess a weapon of a Black Templars Sword Bretheren, the stoic Executioner is typically silent on the matter, his hand straying absent mindedly to the chains and hooks which carry his trophies when questioned as to the weapon's providence…
    • 1d10+9E+12+2; Pen:6; Powerfield, Unbalanced, +5 to WS, +2 to Initiative 10kg
  • Combat Shield: 1d5I+12+2; Defensive; +2AP to Left Arm and Body
  • Chainsword: 1d10+3R+12+2; Pen:4; Balanced, Tearing 10kg
  • Bolt Pistol: Pistol; 30m; S/3/-; 1d10+9X; Pen:5; Clip:14; Rld:Full; Tearing 5.5kg
  • Combat Knife: 1d10+2R+12+2; Pen:2 2kg
  • 3x Frag Grenades: SBx3m; 2d10X; Blast:5
  • 3x Krak Grenades: SBx3m; 3d10+4X
  • Melta Charge: SBx3m; 5d10+7; Pen:12; Blast (5), Melta
  • Jump Pack: Double base movement in any direction without regard for obstacles. May grant Flyer (12) for up to a minute before the pack requires a minute to cool.
  • Power Armour: Like all Executioners, Oceiros' armour is a collection of parts harvested from his fallen brethren with little care for matching marks or designs. Functionality is all that matters on the battlefield - ostentation and gaudiness is for the vain and misguided.
    • Body 10, HAL 8
    • Count Strength Bonus as 2 higher.
    • Dark Sight, Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound) which stacks with implants.
    • Environmentally sealed.
    • +10 to resist Toxins.
    • Ignore Critical effects for D10 rounds (6 doses).
    • Stunned for a maximum of one round.
    • Vox link, magnetized boots.
    • Terror be thy Friend: Gain Fear [1] in melee combat.
  • Repair Cement, Trapping

Kill-markers: Executioners are known to meticulously record every kill they make in the field of battle, often taking small tokens or reminders of significant slayings. These are then turned over to the Death-speaker, who records the deeds of the battle-brother so his name will live for an eternity in the Darkenvault.

  • Rahcky's Knife: A brave, if foolish, dragoon who stood his ground when faced with certain doom. He died well.
  • Ritually Scarred Ceremite Plating, MkIII: Chunks of cleaved ceremite from the armour of three slain Fire Hawks, the first time Oceiros had to pit his skills against a brother-astartes. They seemed misguided, like drunken madmen, nevertheless they posed a significant challange to dispatch.
  • Skull-mask Fragment: An ivory-white shard from a grinning death-mask, jagged and melted from an intense explosion. The assassins of the Eversor Clade are fearsome opponents - brutally efficient, terror-inducing, and entirely insane. Even in death they claw at their enemies, dragging them down with blade and claw.
  • Fleur de Lis: The Adeptus Sororitas - divine soldiers of the Ecclesiarchy and beyond reproach in all matters of faith, nevertheless threw in their lot with the misguided invaders of the Tyrant's realm. Despite pleas of parlay and sanity, they attacked the forces of Badab with deaf ears. They were met without mercy, this small token torn from their armour as they lay dying and bloodied on the rusty sands of Khirab.

Past Event

A Space Marine never throws his life away, for he knows he represents the culmination of the Emperor’s greatest work. Nonetheless, no Battle-Brother is afraid of making the ultimate sacrifice in war. During the defence of Darkenvault and worlds of Stygia and Aquilon, you and your brothers were overwhelmed by unending waves of xenos-horribilous and all swore to make a glorious last stand and slay as many of the foes as possible before falling. You and a handful of others survived, awakening in your Chapter’s Apothecarium weeks later, having been spared to fight again in the Emperor's name by the valiant actions of the Astral Claws. Memories of that day haunt you still, and you have sworn to aid your saviours in whatever capacity you can.

Armour History

Though all suits of power armour are intimidating to say the least, this suit seems to project an air of menace and violence. Its power core periodically emits grumbles that are often confused with the growling of a wild beast. In combat, this turns into a ferocious howl and is truly a paralysing thing to face. Oceiros has enhanced this particular quirk of his armour by adoring its plating with fetishes, trinkets, skulls, flayed skins and ropes with which to hang or drag the unfortunate, causing their impact on the weak souls of his enemies to increase considerably.

Upgrade Track: 0000/6000
Rank 1 4300/4000
Signature Wargear 500 [Power Axe]
Blade Master 300
Combat Master 300
Furious Assault 400
TWW Melee 500
WS +5 200
Str +5 200
Agi +5 200
Per +5 200
Str +10 500
WS +10 500
Agi +10 500

Rank 2 8000/8000
Crushing Blow 600
Lightning Reflexes 500
Lightning Attack 600
Sure Strike 500
Operate +10 500
Signature Wargear Master 1000 [Exceptional Power Axe]

Chapter Founding (as per Rites of battle)

Why Standing Force Founded under the leadership of Fafnir Rann, a ruthless captain of the Imperial Fists Legion, the Executioners were constructed in order to redistribute the more aggressive and choleric elements of the traditionally stalwart defenders of Terra.
When 3rd Founding In the 32nd Millennium, in the glorious age of Rebirth
Gene-Seed Imperial Fists
Purity A New Generation Attempts were made to "breed out" existing impurities, giving rise to new divergences and demeanours. The Executioners ever seek to prove themselves worth in the eyes of the Emperor, performing great deeds to bring about his glory. Furthermore, these Battle-Brothers may prove bombastic and prideful, preferring to make bold, frontal assaults over stealthy approaches, so that the enemy may know that their doom is come, and tremble before the might of the favoured sons of the Emperor.
Deficiencies Lost Zygote Like their progenitors, the Executioners suffer from an inactive pair of glands common to all subsequent foundings of the Imperial Fists: the Betcher's Gland and the Su-san Membrane
Flaw Eye to Eye The Executioners sees no honour in any other form of combat than man to man, eye to eye. They eschew many other aspects of war, and always seek to deliver the killing blow in person at the very speartip of battle. Typically this leaves them ill-disposed towards other tactics, and are often overcome with the desire to witness in person the death of their foes.
Modifiers +5 WS, +5 Str The brutal assaults that inspire their fellows to greater deeds of barbarity are the trademark of the Executioners
Heroes Lord Speaker of the Dead Thulsa Kane The Death-speakers of the Executioners are held in exceptionally high regard, even above other particularly morbid Chapters such as the Mortifactors or Death Spectres. Thulsa Kane is the current Lord Speaker of the Dead of the Executioners, and is thusly tasked with tempering the choler and ego of his battle-brothers.
Deeds Defender of Darkenvault
Homeworld The Worlds of Stygia and Aquilon The twin worlds to which the Executioners call home are locked in an endless age of feudalism. This is not by chance, but by design, forcing the populace to grow hardy and strong through constant warfare over land and resources. The choicest and most promising warriors are then selected to stand the trials to become Astartes.
Climate Temperate Stygia nd Aquilon are generally temperate year-round, with little industrialisation or interferance from the Mechanicus limiting the impact of humanty on the worlds environment.
Rule Direct Rulership The Executioners lord above the citizenry of their fiefdom, appearing to them as monumentous god-kings who can bring death and ruin to an entire city single-handedly.
Codex Divergent Chapter The Executioners have strayed from the teachings of Rogal Dorn when it comes to matters of warfare - tho none can question the tenacity or resolve they have inherited from their patriarch.
Doctrine Close Combat The Executioners diverge slightly from the tennants of the Codex Astartes, preferring frontal assaults over long-standing bombardments or other ranged engagements. They eschew the use of Devastators as the Codex requires, instead fielding more Assault Marines to better close the gap with their foes.
Solo-Mode Dedicated to the Craft ?
Squad-Mode Attack Storm of Hell, Defence Swift Advance Storm of Hell: As a Full Action, costing 3 Points and able to be Sustained, the battle-brother and those within Support Range of him gain the Furious Assault and the Frenzy Talents. At Rank 4, activating this ability is a Half-Action. Swift Advance: As a Reaction, costing 2 Points and able to be Sustained, the battle-brother and any within Support Range who successfully Dodge a Ranged Attack may spend their Reaction to make a Full Move Action. At Rank 4, they may also Reload one weapon provided it does not take longer than a Half-Action to do so.
Restrictions No Mounted units of any sort. The use of Assault Bikes and Attack Bikes is disdained by the Chapter, who have a preference for the use of Land Speeders for scouting duties, and heavy armour wherever possible for assaults and reconnaissances in force.
Equipment Traditional Weapon: Axe A favoured weapon of executioners of every ilk, the mighty broad axe stands as the perfect instrument for removing the heads of heretics and xenos alike. No matter their specific role within the Executioners, every Astartes carries with him a viciously sharp hand axe with which to behead his enemies.
Beliefs Death Cult The Executioner's beliefs are centered on the abstract notion of Death itself. As the so-called "Angels of Death", the Astarte's very existence is defined by their ability to slay their foes. While Astartes are extremely long-lived, the bast majority die in battle and the Executioners embrace this fact. It is the task of the Death-speakers to keep meticulous records of the killings accomplished by every Astarte under their watch in order to immortalise their battle-brothers. It is not uncommon to see Executioners adorn themselves with trophies of the dead, but these items are usually for record keeping purposes, and are deposited to the Death-speakers upon the return to the Darkenvault.
Status Under Strength After the abysmal assaults on their home-worlds, the Executioners stand at below chapter-strength.
Allies Astral Claws Many Astral Claws died in breaking the siege, and among their losses they counted their Chapter Master, Acas Seneca. The handful of Executioners that endured owed a blood debt to the Astral Claws for the salvation of their Chapter, and swore that should the Astral Claws ever be so threatened they would respond in kind. It would be almost a century and a half before the Executioners returned again to full strength as a Chapter, and they would never forget their oath. When the time came over two thousand standard years later, they would heed Lufgt Huron's call, siding with the Tyrant of Badab and the Secessionists during the infamous Badab War.
Enemies Unknown Xenos Life-form ++REDACTED++
Advances Strength of Arms Their dedication to close combat has resulted in the Executioners being especially attuned for martial feats.
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