Baltar Kazagrom

Baltar Kazagrom, Estalian Pit-Fighter. Sold into slavery as a young boy, baltar saw the quickest road to freedom was to win the hearts of the crowd in the pits. He dedicated every day hence to being the greatest fighter in the border princes. Baltar vowed to never die a slave, he would die a free man, of his own choice. In his 15th year, Baltar emerged victorious from an 8 man tournament, finally winning the freedom he so craved. Taking what little belongings he had, Baltar set out for the neighboring towns, performing odd jobs such as field work or bouncing for taverns. He was a free, if a little destitute, and happy man. But something was always missing, some spark of adventure and danger that was always present in his life was gone. Arriving in Sudentor, Baltar worked as a dock-hand, until one fateful day, the city was attacked by wicked creatures. Baltar fought bravely, but was eventually out numbered by the murderous Hobbes. His clothes alight with magical flames, Baltar cast himself off the docks and into the harbour. It was from this vantage point he saw a party of foreigners fend off the beasts, besting them with sword and spells. Baltar felt his warrior blood begin to boil, that spark reignite. Since leaving the pits, he had not truly been free, always working for one man or another. Baltar would take to the open road, go wherever the land takes him, earn his fortune in far off lands, and for once, truly be the master of his own destiny…


Race: Mul
Archetype: Fighter
Perk: Avenger
Class: Gladiator

Choloric, Brazen, Headstrong, Dismissive

55 24 55 45 43 32 15 34 17


Wounds: 16
Fate/Fortune: 2/2

1850/1945 EXP

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: 6'6" tall, 240 pounds, 17 years of age,

SKILLS: Dodge Blow (200), Intimidate (50), Awareness (100), Consume (50)

TALENTS: Ambidextrous, Hatred Wood Elves, Fleetfooted, Peer Slaves, Very Resilient, SWG Flail/Parrying (100/100), Berserk Charge (200), Strike to Stun (100), Disarm (100), Two Weapon Wielder Melee (200), Weapon Focus Flail/Buckler (100/100), Combat Master (100), Fearless (200), Iron Jaw (100), Strike Mighty Blow (100)

TRAPPINGS: Military Flail, Buckler, Dagger, Spear, Full Leather Armour (1:HABL), Brass Knuckles, Sleeved Mail Coat (2:ABL), Plate Armour (3:Left Arm)

Head: 1
L-Arm: 1
R-Arm: 1
Body: 1
L-Leg: 1
R-Leg: 1

Crowns: 23
Silver: 19
Coppers: 100


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