GM Notes

Session 1 Q&A

a) Helldrill-Class Digger is the only machine that will fit in the Dead Sea's cargo bay. You have a few choices regarding where to find slaves and a digging machine. Hindrance is the closest world, only 2 days warp travel away. Hindrance is a lower population world, and is of pre-imperial tech. A Helldrill is Very Rare on Hindrance (-30). Slaves however, are fairly Plentiful (+20). The other option, is to travel 8 days to Messia, a mining world. Messia is of high population, and post-imperial tech. The Helldrill is a Scarce (+10) item on Messia. Slaves, however, are Very Rare (-10). You must also take into consideration the time taken to find each item.
nb: the Helldrill comes with enough men to crew the machine

b) the Dead Sea can hold in its cargo bay either; 100 slaves -or- 50 slaves and 1 Helldrill -or- 2 Helldrills. If you wish to leave your indentured ratings behind there is room enough for an equal number of slaves. However, who knows what problems will arise with only a skeleton crew piloting the Dead Sea…?

c) A Helldrill-Class digger can shift 25 cubic meters of soil per hour. A single slave can shift 1 cubic meters per hour. In essance, one digger is worth 25 slaves.

d) Working Days:
- A working day for a slave is 12 hours. 5% of the slaves will die every week at this rate.
- A forced working day is 16 hours. 10% of the slaves will die every week at this rate.
- A hellish working day is 20 hours. 20% slaves will die every week at this rate.
- A death sentance working day is 24 hours. 50% slaves will die every 2 days at this rate.
- A Helldrill can run for 12 hours before needing 4 hours to refuel and resupply.

4/6/12 - Session Q&A

Q1) Number of Chris' Xurunti 'maidens' lost (59 took part in boarding actions)
A1) 17 Warmaidens lost their lives in ship-to-ship combat and boarding actions in battle against the Leveller

Q2) Number of pilgrims and sisters capture alive (or left wounded) after the battle.
A2) No sisters were captured after the battle. Those that fought, fought to the last or retreated with the fleeing pilgrims. 629 pilgrims were captured/left wounded. Approximately 6200 were killed during the bombardment and subsequent assault by Xurunti cavalry. An approximate 8100 escaped in various craft or by foot into the mountain ranges.

Q3) If there are any intact shuttles/flyers in the area around the Ferryman's Coin that were abandoned and we can take.
A3) There are 2 remaining shuttle-barges that are in working condition. These can hold approximately 400 souls of average terran size. They are ponderous vehicles, moving at 1/3 the speed of a Halo Lander. There are also 39 six-wheel personel transports left remaining. These vehicles can carry 6 passengers and 2 drivers. They are open-topped.

Q4) If we can salvage the Ferryman's Coin for parts to increase the hull integrity of The Gore Lance. Or just assist in fixing it.
A4) Yes. The Ferryman's Coin can be salvaged for parts. It's remaining hull intergrity was 16, therefore a complete strip can repair up to 16 hull integrity to the Gore Lance. This will take some time however. The Void Master aboard the Gore Lance believes it will take 21 days minimum to strip the required parts, ferry them into orbit and repair your vessel.

Q5) Number of Xurunti casualties from the assault on the Ferryman's Coin.
A5) 45 Xurunti cavalry lost their lives in battle against the Adeptus Sororitas. Their Xurunsh were either slain or scattered.

Q6) Stores required for Crom Balgruf to survive winter, and how much we have of that number
A6) The stores aboard the Ferryman's Coin, as well as the still functioning water purifier will allow the Crom to survive the winter with only some additional hunting required.

11/6/12 - Session Q&A

Q1) Hull repaired + Damaged Lance Repaired
A2) Hull repairs are a +20 Acquisition test on Messia, given the planets tech and mechanicum background. Hull repairs would be a -10 Acquisition test on Hindrance, due to the low-tech lifestyle the planet offers. Each successful Acquisition test repairs 1D5 Hull Integrity. Each Acquisition test will also take 1D5 days on Messia, and 1D10 days on Hindrance. Hull repairs automatically repair all damaged components.

Q2) Crew completely repopulated
A2) Basically, if you can return to an inhabited port, the crew morale will be 100% in two weeks. If the captain can pass a +20 Acquisition test, the time is reduced to 1 week. Population can be restored a number of ways, including buying more men, press-gangs or utilizing prison populations. Acquiring crew is similair to obtaining slaves. It would be a -10 Acquisition test on Messia and take 1D10 days, or a +20 Acquisition test on Hindrance and take only a single day.

Q3) Damaged Life Sustainer replaced by Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer + Change Pressed Crew Quarters to regular crew quarters
A3) This can be accomplished on either world without the need for rolling tests

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