Inquisitor Callidon

Inquisitor of the Ordos Xenos, Purger of the Unholy City of Teham

Human, Apostate
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
28 32 30 29 40 51' [6] 31 43 50'

6, 10, 8, 5, 12, 20, 11, 18, 15

Pride: Craftsmanship (+1 Infamy, +3 Agility, -3 BS and WS)
Disgrace: Deceit (+2 Infamy, -4 Perception)
Motivation: Arcane (+4 Corruption, +2 Int, -3 Str)

Corruption: 28 [Unaligned]
Wounds: 11
Infamy: 40

Basic: Linguistics (All).
Trained: Awareness, Charm, Command, Common Lore (Imperium, Imperial Creed), Forbidden Lore (Warp, Heresy, Psykers, Daemonology, Xenos, Inquisition), Interrogation, Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Logic, Parry, Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Occult, Judgement, Philosophy), Scrutiny, Trade (Remembrancer).
+10: Deceive, Inquiry.

Air of Authority (Effect 10x FelB of targets with Interaction skills), Total Recall (Remember Everything), Unshakeable Will (Re-roll WP tests against Fear), Radiant Presence (+10 to everyone within 20m to resist Intimidate and Fear), Polyglot (All Linguistics at Basic), Lesser Minion of Chaos, Disturbing Voice (+10 to Intimidate, -10 to Charm).

  • The Quick and the Dead: +2 Initiative.
  • Sorcerer: 'Psyker' Trait, Psy Rating 2, Bound.
  • Hatred: Ecclesiarchy.
  • Peer: Inquisition [I], Daemons [I].
  • Weapon Training: Las, Primary, Flame.
  • Mark of the Daemon: Stays while unaligned. Gain Peer (Daemons) and Unnatural Intelligence [+1].
  • Mutations:
    • Growth: needs to be surgically removed once a year
    • Strange Voice: Voice box scarred from the first time he spoke the True Name of a Daemon, he now speaks with a soft growl. [Grants Disturbing Voice talent].


  • 'Purifier'
    • BQ Hand Flamer. Pistol; 10m; S/-/-; D10+4; E; Pen 2; Clip [2]; Reload [Full]; Flame, Spray, Can't Jam
    • Makeshift Ammunition: Gains Prim [8] and Unreliable.
  • GQ Laspistol
    • Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; D10+2; E; Clip [30]; Reload [Half]; Can't Jam
    • Variable Setting: +1 Dam [2 Shots], +2 Dam +2 Pen [4 Shots, no longer reliable].
    • No Ammo.
  • Heavy Arbites Carapace
    • 6 All. Environmentally sealed.
  • Armoured Uniform
    • Meshweave. ABL- 3
  • BQ Sword
    • Melee; +10 to hit; D10+1+Sb; R; Balanced.
  • Callidon's Research
    • Toland's Forbidden Tomes, Eklios the Skinless's Research, Insight of the Shadow Knight, Ramblings of the Fluid Lords of Wamor.
    • True name of Draz'nar the daemon.
  • Inquisitorial Rosette
    • BQ Multi-key.
  • BQ Psy-Focus
    • Stolen from the evidence lockers aboard the Atrium Summi. +20 to Focus Power tests.
  • Backpack
    • Microbead, Knife, Data-slate, Hand Cannon, Power Maul, GQ Bionic Arm, The Head of Justice Kiefel [GQ Bionic Senses (Sight, Hearing)], Key Pass for ‘Atrium Summi’

Psychic Powers:

  • Psy Rating: 2
  • Bound

Thought Sending:

  • Free Action; Range 1km x Psy Rating; +40 Opposed test.
  • Send one sentence per Psy Rating.


  • 1/2 Action [Sustain as Free]; Range 1m x Psy Rating; +0 Opposed test.
  • Gain 5 x Psy Rating as a bonus to all interactions.

Mind over Matter:

  • 1/2 Action [Sustain as 1/2]; Range 5m x Psy Rating; Constant Motion [+20], Push [+10], Throw [+0].
  • Constant Motion: Move object up to 10kg x Psy Rating.
  • Push: Opposed with Strength. Push enemy Psy Rating of metres +1m per DoS.
  • Throw: Lift object 5kg x Psy Rating. Does D10 Impact damage +1 per 5kg of the object.


  • 1/2 Action; Range 20m x Psy Rating; +0 Focus Power Test.
  • Barrage [1+1 per 2DoS]. D10+Psy Rating; E; Pen 8.



Soulbonded Xenos, Lesser Minion of Chaos. A discovery during the purging of a xenos dealing ring of nobles on Scintilla, the Grynix bonded to Callidon during their first encounter, as he was the first psyker the young creature had interacted with. Usually found alongside the enigmatic Eldar, the Grynix are psychically attuned beasts about which very little is known.
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
24 - 13 11 43 20 40 20 35
  • Wounds: 5 Move: 4/8/12/24
  • Awareness, Stealth +20.
  • Dark Sight, Natural Weapons, Quadraped, Size (Puny)
    • Telepathic Bond: Can communicate telepathically once bonded. Functions over a distance equal to 1km per Intelligence bonus of the bonded creature. Bonded psykers can use powers of detection through the Grynix. While in physical contact the Grynix counts as a Psy Focus.
    • Mental Alacrity: Characters bonded with the Grynix gain +10 to Intelligence tests while in contact with the creature. furthermore the connection grants the user +4 to Initiative in combat if the Grynix is present.
  • Loyalty: 60


Warrior from Mundus, sworn to serve Callidon. During his time in the Magical City of Teham Harkon honed his skills, and was gifted for his service weapons from the vaults of the Sinods of the city. When Callidon left Teham Harkon went with him, and his loyalty since has only grown. They share a belief in the ends justifying the means, and a cold hard pragmatism.
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
30 29 31 37 33 19 21 22 28

10, 19, 16, 17, 18, 9, 6, 7, 13

  • Wounds: 12 Move: 3/6/9/18
  • Skills: Athletics, Common Lore (Mundus), Dodge, Parry +10, Speak Language (Mundus Gothic), Survival.
  • Talents: Ambidextrous, Quick Draw, Swift Attack, Sounds Constitution [VI], Disarm, Takedown.
  • Gear: Chainmail and Flak Armour (GQ- 4, [5 first hit]), BQ Mono Sword (+10 to WS; D10+1+Sb; R; Pen 2; Balanced), BQ Shield w/ (+0 to hit; D10+1; I; Prim [6], Defensive [+25 to Parry]), Backpack (Knife, Survival supplies).
  • Loyalty: 60

Eolas Callidon was born on the shrine-world of Denane IV at the very edge of the Segmentum Obscurus. He was only 12 standard Terran years old when his home planet was lost. A splinter fleet of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Moloch attacked the system and all but obliterated the Denane PDF forces in a single week. Callidon witnessed this massacre from his family estate, watching the ceaseless hunger of the Tyranid horde consume his homeland.
When his parents were enlisted to join a makeshift fraternis militia Eolas was evacuated to the Governor's Palace, where he met an already ancient Inquisitor Toland. Toland was a legend among the Ordo Xenos, and had travelled from the Calyxis sector to study the advance of the Tyranid fleet first-hand. Callidon served as a clerk for Inquisitor Toland, assisting him in all manner of tasks. Eventually the Denane system was overrun, and Toland ordered a full exterminatus on the five inhabited worlds in the system. The representatives of the Ecclesiarchy were enraged, the shrine worlds of Denane named after Saint Denane the Fertile and holding many relics of his life, but the assembled fleet destroyed the worlds one by one on Inquisitor Toland's orders. Callidon saw that day a fire that would match the endless hunger of the Xenos horde, and the extreme lengths to which one must go to combat the enemies of the Imperium.

When Toland left the system he took Callidon with him, and raised the boy as if his own son. Learning Xenos breeds and the nature of the daemonic where other children learned their hymns, Callidon was soon drawn into the politics and life of an Inquisitorial agent. When he came of age he began to serve in Inquisitor Toland's warband as an adept, assisting in the extermination of the Ork-born tribes of the Kapil moons and the seizure of Eldar artefacts sold by the nobility of the system capital Scintilla. Callidon's calling was never war, but he watched the Inquisitor's warband and learned all he could about the ways of the Inquisition. Eventually Callidon's psychic abilities began to manifest, and promoting him to the rank of Interrogator Toland sent him off to be sanctioned. This would be the last time the pair met. Toland, considered a radical by many in the Inquisition, was not without his enemies. His focus was on combating the Xenos threat, and his research had wandered into areas considered unsavoury by many. A witch-hunter by the name of Haephus tracked Toland across the sector, thwarting his investigations and destroying his research. Eventually Haephus caught up with Toland, and slew the aged Inquisitor in the name of the Ecclesiarchy.

Almost a sector away Callidon received a package from his mentor. It contained an Inquisitorial rosette, Toland's own ancient inferno pistol 'Purifier' and a journal reciting Toland's final days before facing Haephus. Sure of his demise, Inquisitor Toland had risen his pupil to the rank of Inquisitor so he might further his own research. Although lacking in many of the normal expectations for an Inquisitor, Toland knew Callidon possessed a natural will and had ascended him to the rank of Inquisitor just before his death. In his final words he tasked the now Inquisitor Callidon with continuing his research, and finding a way of combating the Xenos threat, no matter the cost. Although most of his old master's allies had been killed in the purge that took his own life Callidon rejoined the company of one of his bio-augmented assassins. The two travelled for a time, searching for research and anyone involved in the murder of their master. Despite the methods he was employing Callidon knew his heart was pure, and that it fell to him to find the power necessary to fight the enemies of the Imperium in all their forms.

Callidon and his ally tracked the progress of an Adeptus Arbites judge for many weeks, knowing he was an active member of the warband of Witchhunter Haephus. He was travelling aboard the prison transport ship Atrium Summi, and Callidon put plans in motion to end his life. They infiltrated the prison ship, getting themselves arrested under false names in an attempt to get closer to Justice Kiefel. They intended to kill the Judge and escape the ship to help avenge their own master.

When aboard Callidon managed to kill the Justice, but found himself cast into the warp in the process. Within he was consumed by an entity that spoke directly into his soul. It offered him a way out. The destruction of the Atrium Summi at the cost of an unnamed future favour. Callidon negotiated with the entity, agreeing to do a single task within a year and a day of being called upon. The gift was granted, with the price to be paid at a later date…

When the Wolves crash landed on the world later called "Mundus", Callidon was intent on making his impact on the world the least he possibly could. When the others became warriors serving the Dreadlord of Castle Jordie Callidon found himself alone, and hired the services of a local sellsword Harkon. The pair travelled far north to the Magical City of Teham, passing through the wards and apprenticing himself to Eklios the Skinless, one of the 11 Lords of the city. Eventually Callidon learned all that Eklios had to teach, and killed him with a misplaced ritual circle. Assuming his place as one of the 11 Sinod's, Callidon settled in to rise up through the ranks of the city and take all the knowledge he could from these heretics. His first task was to find the name of a Daemon of light, worshipped throughout Mundus. Callidon summoned the daemon, and using its true name informed it that he was its new master, before banishing it back into the warp. When he had taken all the knowledge he could from the city he left, destroying it by violating the wards of the Sinod. Making a deal with the nearby Shadow Knight he was allowed access to forbidden lore, and set off to travel Mundus once more in search of enlightenment.

Experience: 2000/2000 Tzeentch [5], Unaligned [10]
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) [200] T
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) [200] T
Linguistics (High Gothic) [200] U
Interrogation [200] U
'Sorcerer' Trait [1000] -
'Mind Over Matter' [100] U
'Thought Sending' [100] U

Escape from the 'Atrium Summi: 950/1000
WT (Flame) [250] U
Forbidden Lore (Warp) [200] T
'Doombolt' [200] U
Psyniscience [200] T
'Delude' [100] U

Time on Mundus: 950/1000
Scrutiny [200] T
Int [250] U
Fel [250] U
Minion of Chaos [300] U

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