Campaign Notes

The Dead Sea

Nicknamed 'The Space Bitch' by Eliza.


++A Foil-Class striker/fighter hybrid++

Origin: Built and modified within the screaming vortex for a private client. Renamed at Eliza Tornum's request.

Build: 108m long, 33m abeam, 24m deep, 0.5 megatons

Crew: (All deceased)

Capable of housing approx. 140 crew at maximum capacity.

  • 7x Armsmen
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
30 30 30 30 30 25 25 25 25

Equipment: Hassal Pattern Autoguns (D10+5, Pen:4, Clip: 30, S/3/6, Rld: Full, Reliable), Light Carapace [A, B, L: 5]), 3x Frag Grenades.

  • 3x Astropaths
  • 2x Navigators
  • Void master
  • 2x Auger officers
  • 2x Enginseers
  • 8x Overseers and 80x lesser menials (indentured)

Armaments: Prow lance, 6 Vulcan bolter turrets, 2 six-pack missile pods capable of in-atmosphere fire.

Warp Capability: Capable of short warp jumps along stable routes.

Destroyed via orbital bombardment during the assault on 'The Ferryman's Coin'

Message Received; Dead Sea Noospheric Datacloud…

Reconnoiter Assignment 162: "Xurunt Major"

Subject:Xurunt Major
Size: 3-5 times Terran Standard. Gravity 1.0 Terran Standard, suggesting hollow core.
Demography: Population size indeterminate, fluctuating between a projected 1 and 2 billion. Tribal/Nomadic culture, who war through the summer months over territory, resources, slaves, breeding women and herds of the animal "Xurunsh"- used for food, leather, transport, and as war mounts. "Sorcerers" are shunned by Xur society.

Geography: Rocky, equatorial surface, grassy continental prairies, small acidic seas. Large areas of Imperial-Grade city-ruins, generally shunned by local tribes (superstitious fears). Idols dedicated to bestial 'rage-gods' are the largest standing structures on the planet. These are considered to be holy sites where honour-duels are held. Warp-veil excessively thin here.

Military Capability: Savage/Feral post-imperial; lances, javelins, bows, limited knowledge of metals. Honor-driven warfare focused on hand-to-hand combat. Surprisingly advanced tactics for their technological level; ambush, feint, bait and harry maneuvers employed by even the least powerful bands. Xurunsh Cavalry supremely effective against all opposition, up to and including armored vehicles; wreckage of Imperial-grade warengines present on several fresh battlefields. Especially accomplished warriors are branded and tattooed with beast-sigils.

Tribes that become too powerful tend to attract raids and attacks from the rest of the warlords until equilibrium is reinstated. Religious significance attached to status as "Scatana" or "Frost Father" - warlords powerful enough to campaign through the harsh winter. Trophy-taking a planetary pastime, actual skulls used as common currency.

Quirks; Though the Xur have a great reverence for metal weapons and artifacts, there is little to no evidence of mining or smelting works on the planet. Many tribesmen insist that such items can only be taken as trophies, ripped from the bodies of the "Onir", metal "dragons" that roam the caves and wastelands of Xurunt. The hunting of such beasts is a great ritual tradition among the tribes. I have not been able to verify their existence, nor that of their rumored creators 'the Svartlings', monsters who dwell - apparently - at the centre of the earth.


Xurunti Flora, Fauna and Culture Report

++Xurunti Swords: captured from slain tribesmen
- Multi-edged blades favour long slicing or chopping action, nb: Khornate martial styles?
- Constructed of Onir alloys, not yet defined
- Onir alloy is of light-weight, allowing for greater blade-width without excess weight
- penetrative quality equal of Lathe Pattern weaponry, enhanced by the shear force applied to each strike

++Picts of Xurunti males: recorded by helmet feed, ref. Ghrond

Jarat - Outrider
- youngest warriors
- between 6 and 7 feet in height
- approximately 100-150 kg in weight
- seem to favour lighter blades or ranged weaponry, ref. lance-goad, onir-bow
- light armour, nb: speed preferred over resistance?

Braag - Bull
- Elder warriors
- Between 7 and 8 feet in height
- Heavier builds, approximately 150-200 kg in weight, muscular, well-fed
- Greater skill with heavier blades, ref. Onir-Great Blade
- Clad in war-plate, nb: focus on swordsmanship and armour rather than maneuvering?

Croms - King
- Martial leaders, warlords, kings
- Excess of 8 feet in height, rumours of some Croms standing close to 10 feet tall, nb: Rumour mongering amongst tribes? Primitive propagan unbarded da?
- Gargantuan build, in excess of 300 kg
- Martial political structure dictates that the Crom be the strongest and fiercest warrior nb: Possible daemonic pacts? Unusual strength and build for essentially a barbarian Terran
- Seen to bear numerous weapons, Onir Great Blade, Lance-Goad, Onir Great Bow, as well as yet unidentifiable items
- Highest quality and weight of armour, nb: Barded, a Crom might weigh in excess of 500kg
- See also Cromaarg, the inner circle of Braags whose duty it is to guard the Croms

++Picts of Xurunti females: recorded by Pict Recorder, ref; Eliza

- Lithe build
- Ritual markings nb: Branding? Possible ownership marks of strong males?
- Over 6 feet tall in most circumstances
- 80-100 kg in weight
- Able to hunt effectively with lighter Xurunti weaponry, ref. lance-goads, onir-bow

- Stronger built female
- Over 6 feet in height
- 100+ kg in weight, more when barded
- Tasked with protecting the war-train or supply-train when the males are at battle
- Some are able to scavenge Onir-Plate for personal defense

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