Sergeant Hadrian
Human, Renegade
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel INF
29 51' 45' 50 38' 37' 30 33 42' 41


Pride: Fortitude (+5 Toughness, -3 Agility, -3 Int)
Disgrace: Betrayal (+5 Corruption, -10 to Charm)
Motivation: Immortality (+2 Wounds, -5 WS)

Corruption: 20
Wounds: 18

Trained: Common Lore (Imperial Guard, War, Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Trade (Chymist), Athletics, Awareness, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Operate (Surface), Survival, Parry, Forbidden Lore (Heresy), Intimidate
+10: Dodge, Medicae, Command

The Quick and the Dead: +2 to Initiative
Jaded: Ignore mundane horrors
Quick Draw: May ready as a free action
Rapid Reload: Half reload times
Weapon Training: Chain, Flame, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt
Catfall: Reduce fall distance by Agi Bonus
Dead Eye: -10 for Called Shots
Crack Shot: +2 Critical Damage on ranged attacks
Double Team: Additional +10 for outnumbering opponents
Hip Shooting: May make a Full Move and a Single Attack with a ranged weapon
Hardy: Always heals as if lightly wounded
Iron Jaw: May test Toughness to overcome stunning
Adroit:+1 DoS to BS
Cold Hearted: +20 to WP when opposing Charm, seduction automatically fails
Disturbing Voice: +10 to Intimidate, -10 to Fel when not being threatening. May use Terrify, +10 to Command to counteract Fear.
Bulging Biceps: May ignore the need to Brace before firing a Heavy Weapon.


  • Scaly Skin: The skin is rendered hairless and takes on a hard, cracked appearance not unlike that found on desert-dwelling reptiles.
  • Flesh Eater: -10 to tests when hasn't eaten flesh.


  • Swordbreaker [11m, S/3/-, 1d10+13, Pen: 8, CLip 24, Rld: Full, Tearing, Blast (1), Toxic (1d5), Felling (1)]
  • GQ Bolt Gun [100m, S/3/-, 1d10+5X, Pen: 4, Clip: 24, Rld: Full, Tearing, Reliable]
  • CQ Assault Shotgun [30m, S/3/-, 1d10+4, Clip: 12, Rld: 2 Full, Scatter, Toxic (2)] 10x Toxic Magazines
  • CQ Bolt Pistol [30m, S/2/-, 1d10+5X, Pen: 4, Clip: 8, Rld: Full, Tearing]
  • BQ Chainsword [1d10+7, Pen: 2, Tearing, Balanced, +10 to Hit] - Legacy Weapon (+1/2 IB to Dmg and Pen, only 10% chance to be destroyed by Power Field, Shield of Hate - Each Round, the Heretic may expend a Reaction to add one half of his Infamy Bonus in Armour Points to the Arm holding his weapon and Body locations. These stack with any points from existing armour.)
  • 9x Blight Grenades [2d10E, Toxic (2), Blast (3), Ignores all armour unless environmentally sealed, remains in location for 1d10 rounds causing 1d10E damage to any who pass through]
  • Heavy Carapace Armour [HABL: 6] Advanced Helmet Augmentations [Preysense, Rebreather, Photovisor, microbead]
  • Medikit, Dataslate,

Acquired Items:
5-10 Blight Grenades (Scarce +0, Significant -10, Common +0)
Advanced Helmet Augmentations (Rare -10, Single +10, GQ -10)

Hadrian served proudly as a soldier of the Severan Dominate through numerous campaigns for over a dozen years, fighting for freedom from the tyranny of the blighted Imperium. While serving on the Agri-world of Virbius, the traitor forces of the Flylords overran the Dominate encampent, putting many to the sword. Hadrian fought to the last man but was eventually captured by the Flylords. After days of torture he gave up vital tactical information resulting in thousands more Dominate deaths. For his loyalty he was recruited into the Flylords forces; it was either that or face a terrible demise. Several more years past until the Imperium struck at Virbius, successfully pushing the Flylords foothold away. Knowing only death awaited him at the hands of the Imperial forces, Hadrian fled for the Vortex, only to be captured by the Imperial blockade in orbit. Wishing to make an example of traitors, the Imperial forces rounded up all who had surrendered and loaded them into the awaiting prison barge, Atrium Summi, for transportation to the Chancellery Courts at Solomon.
Hadrian was quick to establish a gang of like-minded individuals aboard the Atrium Summi, many of them former Flylords or Renegade Imperial soldiers. A trade of narcotics and alcohol cemented his foothold in the prison yard, and a spate of murders was soon to follow. Forming an alliance of necessity with newcomers Callidon and Lothar at the recommendation of the metal-man Faust, the four set about planning their escape. Showing little to no concern for the well-being or cares of others, Hadrian sacrificed his loyal gangers to the guns and mauls of the Arbites in the escape attempt, successfully making his way to the life-pods with his new comrades only moments before the prison-barge met its fiery end.
After a cataclysmic landing, Hadrian and the Wolves would scout out the new world for new opportunities. What they found was a backwater civilization trapped in the feudal era of humanity's long history. A discussion was held and it was agreed upon that the Wolves would go their owns ways and seek their own fortunes, meeting once a year at the time of the annual solar equinox. Hadrian would travel north to a pirates cove of Jordye along with the enigmatic Faust, each claiming a vessel in trial by combat with reaver Captains. A long year of raiding and pillaging netted Hadrian bountiful resources with which to refurbish a long abandoned coastal fortress, the beginnings of his own empire and the first steps on the road to immortality.
As the years stretched onward the Castle Charax continued to grow, expanding into farming and fishing territories in order to become self-sustaining. Hadrian, known as The Ogre by some of his followers, headed north to fulfill an oath to Baron. The pair would sack Glanwrytn the city of Paladins along with several other captains of the Dreadlord fleet. The siege was fierce and protracted but ultimately the city was slaughtered to a man, thanks in part to Hadrian's role in burning and salting the fields of the common-folk who supplied the Paladins with provisions. Taking a boat-load of child slaves as his prize, Hadrian returned to Charax to prepare for the next phase of his ascension. Somewhere to the north lay the shattered and broken carcass of the Atrium Summi, and it was the Ogre's right to claim it.
As agreed half a decade past, the House of Wolves would meet at the city of Wahyrst upon the solar cycle known to the common-folk as the Joining. Arriving on the northern shores with the Baron in tow, contact was made with a curious mutant-wizard holding the title Cyto, apparently a colleague of Callidon's sent to lead Hadrian and the Baron to the enigmatic ex-Inquisitor. In the city of Wahyrst Hadrian would learn of the location of the Summi in the frozen north pole, the way to which was guarded by a bastion of Arbite survivors. Cyto proved his worth by infiltrating and sequestering a functioning Aquila from the entrenched Imperials, while Hadrian sowed chaos and panic among them with sporadic bursts of long-range bolter fire. Feeling his ascension growing ever closer, Hadrian decided he would return to castle Charax once more and gather his faithful for a pilgrimage of monumental importance . They would sail up the north-east coastline, raiding and recruiting along the way before making the overland trek across the snowy wilderness to the wreck of the Summi. With the power of a starship in his grasp, Hadrian would ascend another step on his stairway to immortality.

Non-Stats: 1000/1000
Crack Shot [500] T
Hardy [500] N

Experience: 3850/4000
BS +5 [250] U
Agi +5 [250] U
Fel +5 [250] S
Iron Jaw [250] N
Command +10 [350] K
Int +5 [250] U
Medicae +10 [350] N
Intimidate [200] N
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) [200] T
Disturbing Voice [250] N
Cold Hearted [250] U
Strength +5 [250] U
Bulging Biceps [500] N
Sound Con [250] N

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