the Baron

Human, Renegade Magos

WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel Inf
56' 12 35 40 50 41' 36 35 30 40



Pride: Grace: +5 Ag, -5 BS
Disgrace: Wrath: +5 Per, -2 Wp, -1W
Motivation: Perfection: +5 WS, -3 BS, -3 Fel
Corruption: 15
Infamy Assest: 6 ships, 1 Forge, 1 Shipyard

Mutations: Synthoptics -1/2 BS, reduce Crits to Head location by 2.

Trained: Athletics, Awareness, Command, Dodge, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Intimidate, Inquiry, Operate (Aeronautica), Survival, Scholastic Lore (Tactica), Common Lore (War, Tech, Adeptus Mechanicus), Trade (Armourer, Archeologist)

+10: Parry, Tech Use

Traits & Talents:
The Quick and the Dead: +2 Initiative
Jaded: Immune to mundane horrors
Quick Draw: Ready as a free action
Rapid Reload: 1/2 reload times
Weapon Training: Chain, Flame, Las, Primary, SP, Shock, Khopesh
Catfall: Reduce fall by AB
Sure Strike: Called Shot at -10.
Takedown: 1/2 action or on Charge. Zero Dam. +0 T Test or stunned and prone 1 round.
Ambidextrous: TWW reduced to -10.
Swift Attack: 1 hit, +1 hit per 2 further DoS on attack.
Mechanicus Implants: Input jacks, electoos, respirator, cyber-mantle, potential coil, cortical implants.
Binary Chatter: Increase loyalty of Servitors by 10.
Cybernetics: Machine Trait (1), immunity to vacuum and mind altering effects.
Weapon Tech: One round per encounter, weapon deals +Int Dam and Pen.
Whirlwind of Death: Deal +1/2 WS Magnitude Dam in combat against Hordes.

Warlord's Mantle: Frenzy, Battle Rage, Unnatural Weapon Skill [4]
CQ Light Power Armour; (7) Vox Link, Life Sustainer, Auto Senses.
Heavy Polix Khopesh (Melee; D10+8; R; Pen 8; 2 handed, Balanced, Concussive, Power Field)
w/ Maglock Scabbard
CQ Flintlock Pistol S_/_/ d10+2I, 5 Full, Primitive (8), unreliable, Inaccurate
BQ Laspistol S_/_/ d10+2E, Clip 30, Reliable.
Medikit, Dataslate w/ copy of Tactica Imperialis
BQ Mechanicus Assimilation
GQ Luminem Capacitors: +10 T Test to power devices.
Combi Tool
Chain Dagger
CQ Heavy Carapace Armour
3 Unidentified Mystic Tomes* [with Callidon]
BQ Voidsuit
GQ Xeno Pelt [Resistance: Cold]



In exchange for first access to technology over many years, the barons of Heterodyne allowed the gradual transformation of their once-neglected imperial backwater into a strange, techno-feudal domain of the Adeptus Mechanicus. One such baron, a devout follower of the Opus Machina himself, was among the armies of servo-enhanced chevaliers as they warred to convert the heathen tribes of the world's equator. During these wars, the Baron and his men would discover an ancient pyramid, filled with impossibly advanced technology. To their eyes, the treasures were a reward and affirmation by the holy Omnissiah, taking up artefact blades and armour with reverence. Yet on their return, the Priesthood condemned the archeotech as a perversion and to his outrage, declared the Baron a heretic. The resistance lasted many weeks, during which Faust plundered further cybernetics, wargear and occult knowledge from other tombs. But always the Frumentarii closed in, and in desperation, the Baron returned bloodied, alone, and showing signs of his true corruption, to the great pyramid. Having once obsessed about restoring his prior form, the Baron was by now fixated on the idea of machine-purity - of reaching the level of synthetic and bionic grace he had seen within the tomb. He was forced into a final stand on the steps of the pyramid, finally dragged down by heavy-webber payloads. Aware of his warped faith, the Priesthood ordered him shipped to the Lathes for sentencing. This provided many days for the Baron to dwell on the waste, injustice and lunacy enacted by the Adeptus, and to plan his escape and revenge.

Upon his emergence onto the world of Mundus the Baron forsook his previous name, embarking on a mission of conquest as 'the Unsworn'.

Unaligned: VII Khorne: II Nurgle: I
Idolitrex Magos [1000 elite]
Exotic Weapon Training (Khopesh) [250] Unaligned
Int +5 [250] Unaligned
Trade (Armourer) [200] Unaligned
WS [250] Unaligned
Swift Attack [500] Khorne
Inquiry [200] Unaligned
Intimidate [200] Nurgle
Tech Use +10 [350] Unaligned
Weapon Tech [250] Unaligned
Whirlwind of Death [500]Khorne

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