Orias Astelan

Orias Astelan, Fallen Legionnaire of the Dark Angels

Champion of Chaos, Lord Commander of The Gore Lance

Aloof, Secretive, Impatient, Arrogant

Pride: Charm +5 Fel -5 T
Disgrace: Deceit +2 Infamy, -4 Per
Motivation: Dominion +2 WP, +2 Fel, -4 Agi, -1 Wd

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 42 41(61) 35 41 36 31 40 60


Experience: 1500/1550
Wounds: 16
Infamy: 29
Corruption: 2
Alignment: Unaligned (Unaligned:2, Tzeentch:0, Slaanesh:1, Nurgle:0, Khorne:1)
Marks: -
Favours: -

Athletics, Awareness, Common Lore (War), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Astartes,Horus Heresy,Long War), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Surface Vehicle), Parry, Command, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Charm, Intimidate, Decieve

Ambidextrous (Can use off hand as well as main hand)
Bulging Biceps (Doesn't have to brace for h/w)
Legion Weapon Training (Use any Legion Weapon)
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight) (+10 to skill checks)
Nerves of Steel (Reroll pinning, +10 to resist intimidate)
Quickdraw (Ready as a free action)
Resistance (Cold, Poisons, Heat) (+10 to checks)
Unarmed Warrior (Unarmed Damage 1d10, Prim(7) )
Iron Discipline (Followers reroll failed WP tests to resist Fear and Pinning)
Air of Authority (Command Fel x 10 followers, +10 loyalty from minons)
Lesser Minion of Chaos (Watcher in the Dark)
Ancient Warrior (+10 Fel w/ vets of the Long War, Chaos Space Marine minions +10 loyalty)
Two Weapon Wielder
Swift Attack

Inspiring Presence: When an ally within sight of the Aspiring Champion uses an Infamy Point, as a Free Action the Aspiring Champion may choose to allow the ally to use his Infamy Point as if he possessed the Aspiring Champion’s Corruption Point level and Alignment.
Amphibious: Can breathe underwater
Unnatural Toughness: +4 (Increase TB, + 2 DOS on tests)
Unnatural Strength: +4 (Increase SB, + 2 DOS on tests)


  • Legionnaires' Armour: 10 (B) [18] 8 (H,A,L) [16]

Scavenged Recovery: +10 to Infamy,Intimidate,Command vs all Astartes
Life Support System, Infinite Powersource, Recoil Suppression

  • Refractor Field (Rating: 30, Overload: 1-10)
  • Legion Bolter (9+d10X) (4) Tearing S/3/- (3 Magazines, 24rds)
  • Daemon-Bound Lightning Claw (D10+20; Energy; Pen 11; Power Field, Proven [4],+10 to hit, Flaming, -30 to Mastery Tests)
  • Best Quality Legion Power Sword (17+d10E) (6) Power Field, Balanced, +10 to hit
  • Legion Combat Knife (10*+d10R) (3)

Watcher in the Dark
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel Wds Mv
01 01 01 01 05 30 30 30 01 2 6
Skills: Awareness (Per), Logic (Int), Scrutiny (Per), Psyniscience (Per)
Talents: Mimic, Total Recall, Warp Sense
Traits: Size (3) (Gretchin/Small Child), Phase
Equipment: Sword-bearer for my Power Sword

  • Gore Lance, Drachen class destroyer (cobra raider). Currently Captained by Praetus as Orias is in cryo-sleep after suffering a near lethal head wound.


Orias is a Dark Angel's renegade whose allegiance is now to the dark gods but whose demeanor closely matches his that of his primogenitor. It is whispered that his name is said to be known by the Interrogator Chaplain's of the Dark Angels and that the destruction of a band of Fallen within the Koronus Expanse closely matches his own sudden appearance within the Screaming Vortex.

Within the Vortex Orias's most infamous action occured in the region known as the 'Islands' of the Ragged Helix; after appearing with no prior warning he publicly pledged his service to one of the numerous warring Magi of the Dark Mechanicus. Orias planned and led a deliberate series of military action's for his new master, the bloody execution of his military plan overwhelming a number of smaller asteroid foundries in rapid succession.
With the campaign ending the Magos rewarded Orias with a chaos forged lightning claw, Orias amazed the the Mago's subjects by kneeling in subservience to the Magos, truly this was a sign of might of the Dark Mechanicus. The scene was broken by two events, firstly scrap code crackled over every vox piece, freezing augmented limbs in place as security routines overcame the rogue code. In the microseconds it took for the dark mechanicus attendants to wipe the code from their systems Orias's power blade flashed out, impaling the Magos to its bodyguard servitor's chassis. With a rumbling chuckle he stood as his recently gifted power claw energised. Before the frozen forms of all he gutted the pinned Magos, circuity and nutrient pipes spilling the Mago's life essence as efficiently as a living man's flesh and blood organs would have.
With the Mago's death the daemonic pacts that kept the warp-forged kill-servitors in check was suddenly void, the daemonic entities that were bound found themselves in control of machines bred of muscle and weapon. In minutes the foundries turned from places of creation to charnel houses of destruction.
In this confusion Orias somehow managed to escape unharmed, appearing months later on Qsal sporting a pendant with the design of a many headed hydra and surrounded by a faint luminous glow of a refractor field.

Orias has never been seen to work with others for any reasonable time before, his natural treachery manipulating situations to involve their deaths and his own rise in power or prestige. Rumours abound by those with the witch sight that he is shadowed by a diminutive figure dressed in robes of darkest green. A form of intellect is felt to gaze out from within the dark folds of the creature but none have ever been able to match the lidless stare from within. The only times it has been seen in the material realm is when Orias has been known to commune with it, it's presence an indicator for some leap of logic or sudden awareness on his part.
a) Facilitating the destruction of a dark mechanicus magos in the Ragged Helix
b) Being tracked by the Dark Angels to the Koronus Expanse and having his warband
c) To gather another warband of Chaos Space Marines
d) That he is one of the fallen and knows the truth about the Dark Angels
e) The Watcher in the Dark
f) The Interrogator Chaplain responsible with tracking him down

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