Black Crusade

Notes and House Rules

Character Notes



Starting Characters

  • Humans and Spacemarines both start at 1000xp
  • Humans receive an additional 1000xp to spend on talents and skills

XP & Upgrades

  • You will only be able to upgrade your character during the time-skips or natural campaign breaks. (One every 3-4 sessions).

Character Creation

All characters use the following:

  • Upon creation select a core archetype from the Black Crusade rulebook. You take the skills, talents and gear from core archetype.
  • You may then either select the core archetype's special ability, or pick another Black Crusade or Tome Archetype to purchase special abilities from (NB: this gives you a starting alignment as per the Tome Archetype).
  • If you have the XP available you can then buy the Tome Abilities at 1000 xp per ability. This may only be done using your character creation xp.
  • If you choose an archetype with an alignment you immediately gain 10 corruption (plus any other from your background, etc).


Read the errata here:
If I find you've ignored something you'll lose 100xp, if you can be bothered to read the normal BC rules then you can read the errata.

Services to Chaos

As I believe this motivates players to follow their own god's perspectives over those of the party I will not be implementing the Services to the Chaos Powers rules on page 289 of the Black Crusade Rulebook.
Choosing to follow a certain path does still open you up to alignment negatives however…

Alignment Changes

Undivided upgrades count as being to the 'undivided' god.
There are many in the expanse who fight the fall to serving one of the four major chaos gods. When testing for when a characters alignment shifts a character rolls to resist for the alignment shift. This is done by making a malignancy test (as per the rules in RT/DH - ie. test on two statistics: Pass No Tests - Alignment Shifts, Pass One Test - You choose whether to shift, Pass Both Tests - No Alignment Shift). Note that this may done to resist changing from an alignment back to Undivided or to another God.

House Rules


Command grants access to the orders from Only War. Without Command trained, you may not learn orders.

Space Marines wishing to disguise themselves as humans when not in armour will be required to use the Deceive skill (which the GM rolls in secret). A success means the individual assumes you are a mutant (for your size, ect). Any character with knowledge Mutants will know you aren't a mutant, and anyone with knowledge Space Marines will know what you are.

Scholastic Lore (Tactica X)
Where X is Chaos, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperialis, Mechanicus, Ork, Tau, or other xenos races.
This skill may be rolled before combat, if the user has sufficient time (approx. 2 minutes minimum) to plan.
DoS grant +1 initiative per DoS, DoF subtract 1 initiative per DoF.
A successful tactica +0 test followed by a successful command test +20 before an engagement grants +1 Damage and +10 to WS and BS skill tests against the foe for that engagement. This use of the Tactica skill takes at least ten minutes.


Weapon Nut
Talent tier 2, Unaligned
Prerequisities: Trade (Armourer) +10, Weapon Training (type of weapon to modify)
Due to your devotion and knowledge about your weapons any weapons you have an hour each to keep in well serviced gain an additional +1 damage and do an additional point of critical damage when applicable.

This requires facilities to do so (Armourer Facility)

Jaded protects the wearer against Mundane horrors. They are still effected by unnatural horrors, such as warp manifestations or particularly fearsome Xenos. The application of the term "Mundane" is determined by the GM.


Minions can use all the expanded minion rules from Tome of Excess. Note this means they can either allocate stats or use the random rules as below.

Roll 2d10 for each Characteristic, and add 10 to the result on each for Lesser Minions, 15 for Minions, and 20 for Greater Minions. Before rolling, the player can choose up to two Characteristics and apply a +5 to those scores. For each Characteristic that gains this bonus, the player must choose another Characteristic to suffer a corresponding –5 penalty. After rolling they may swap one characteristic with another.

The 'Tyrant' Talent (from Tome of Excess) can be used to ignore the normal Fellowship pre-requisites for Minion talents purchased after Tyrant is purchased.


Charge may be used and combined with any attack action. Your next reaction post charge is at -20 however and at -30 with berserk charge.

You may make a -20 Dodge test to dive for cover, forfeiting any further actions this turn. You do, however, count as being in cover for the purpose of further attacks from a 180° arc in the cover's direction and the successes in your dodge test apply to the attack you dodged as well.

Shooting while in melee:
The Point Blank bonus does not apply; however Single, SA and FA work as normal.
When targeting someone outside your immediate melee, reduce your BS by -10; furthermore attacks against you are +20 easier.



Each time you get a chance to acquisition items you can spend one Influence to get an acquisition up to +0
If the total modifier is no more that +0 you just get the item flat out, no roll.
You can spend one Influence to increase your acquisition bonus by +10
Having the relevant peer increases your acquisition bonus by +10 (only applies once)
Location will apply modifiers as appropriate (up to GM, ie size, nature)
You IB influences what you can have for free (ie without having to burn an Infamy Point to acquire the item). (Quantity: One, Quality:Normal) whenever in a situation to acquire:


IB(7)-Very Rare
IB(8)-Extremely Rare

Near Unique and Unique Items

Near Unique Items will take up to one additional session to be acquired.
Unique Items will take up to three sessions to be acquired.
Both will require narrative events and may not exactly match the description in the book they are from.

Aligned Items and Minions

Aligned items can be found for another god (ie a Tzeentch aligned item can be found by a Slaanesh player, replaces all Tzeentch words with Slaanesh), they are just one rarity higher for all other aligned characters.
Aligned minions count as one minion level higher (lesser becomes regular, regular becomes greater, greater cannot be acquired by other gods).


Stealth and Armour:
Any armour that provides 7 or more APs inflicts a -30% penalty on the wearer’s Stealth Tests. This counts against original weight, and not any bonuses applied by quality.

Plasma Weaponry:
Gains Tearing.

Legion Weaponry:
Double the listed weight on all Legion Weaponry.

Maximum Cybernetics:
The maximum number of cybernetics anyone can install, regardless of their nature, is equal to their toughness bonus.

Mechadendrites/Servo Arms:
Characters with Mechadendrites gain the multi-armed trait (ie require two additional to get an extra attack). Each pair counts as an additional weapon, inflicting the -10 (cumulative) per pair (but granting a free attack).

Shields grant an additional reaction that may be used to parry.
It is possible to use the dodge behind cover variant of the dodge action to hunker down behind your shield when no other cover is available. Shields used in this manner can be destroyed, and for such purposes count as having 20 wounds per AP provided.

Power Fields
You roll for fields prior to taking reactions, once a field fails it requires a Tech-Use test with a negative applied equal to the field power level. If this is failed then an acquisition test must be made to acquire replacement components (with a rarity equal to the item itself).

Weapon Upgrades

Weapon Interface: Can upgrade any ranged weapon, counts as the weapons sight.

Power Armour

Power Armour Systems

Power Armour quality determines the number of operational systems. If an armour is later upgraded it activates the additional system.
These amount of systems are as follows:

  • Poor: Two
  • Common: Three
  • Good: Four
  • Best: Five
  • Artificer: All

Artificer power armour furthermore provides an additional two points of AP. It is unique in availability and may contain additional, fluffy modifications.

Power armour may contain one of the the following additional subsystems in addition to the ones found in BC. They count towards the maximum systems count available in a power armour:

  • Integrated Auspex (As auspex, quality equals armour's)
  • Integrated Database (Equippable with three lore-softs, which provide +10 to three lore skills, if the user possesses them already, or otherwise provide them in a trained capacity if not)
  • Secondary Power Cell (A small battery located elsewhere in the armour, providing 1 hour's worth of power if the main power source is damaged, thus preventing paralysis)
  • Tactical HUD (+10 to Command, Navigation and Tactica X tests)
  • Targeter (+10 to BS tests with weapons with the Interface Upgrade; does not stack with additional targeters)

Backpack Power Supply
The power armour backpack with an infinite power supply is an additional item, which the user may wear with his or her armour. However, critical hits upon its location which do maximum critical damage not only disable it, but cause a localised cataclysmic failure which is earthed through the armour. This permanently reduces the quality of the power armour by one step. A normal critical hit will simply cause an emergency shut-down and shunt things back to the suit's normal power supply, due to the backpack's machine spirit being quite aware of the risks of being targeted. The user may manually reboot it in combat using a full action and a tech use test. Proper rites outside of combat require no tech use test, simply more time.

Arcane Glyphes:
Your armour is imbued with techno-arcane glyphes or ecclessiarchal seals. These may be created by passing a successful Forbidden Lore (Chaos, Ecclessiarchy, Xenos) test followed by a Trade (Scrimshawer) test at -20. An incorrectly applied glyphe reduces the quality of your armour by one grade, or, if poor, reduces AP by 1.
It then requires another test to remove the existing glyphe. You may only have one glyph applied at a time.

  • Purity Seal: Gain Hatred (Chaos, Heretics, Daemons) or double their effect if you have them already. You do not gain corruption from direct daemonic exposure as long as you are fighting the daemons. Should your corruption ever rise above 10 then you receive no bonus.
  • Symbol of the Omnissiah: Requires Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus/Dark Mechanicus) You may activate two additional subsystems of your power armour or install two more cybernetic implants (that interface with your armour and will only work whilst wearing that armour).
  • Sigil of Penance: Halve your AP, for every test you use an Infamy point and still fail you reduce your CP by one.
  • Symbol of Khorne: You may frenzy as a free action. You gain the Unnatural Strength (+1) Trait.
  • Symbol of Nurgle: You automatically fail toughness tests against diseases as you draw Nurgle's attention to you. Gain the Regeneration (1) trait and Unnatural Toughness (+1) Trait.
  • Symbol of Slaanesh: You gain Heightened Senses (Touch) and the Unnatural Fellowship (+1) Trait.
  • Symbol of Tzeench: Gain the Unnatural Willpower (+1) Trait and may push your Psy Rating one step further.


Tech Use/Medicae:
Are not crafting skills. If you want to craft something, get the appropriate trade skills.

Disease Crafting

Link to Disease Creation Rules

Ritual Crafting

Link to Rituals

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