D&D 5e Notes

End Times

  • A fitting farewell to the Old World.
  • Alternative timeline reflecting our many parties' input in the world, setting stage for new WFRP.


The world is Breaking - wild magic runs rampant across the earth, continents and nations shift, rebellions and outright civil war rages. The Three-Eyed King is crowned, and a true End to All Things approaches.

  • PCs will start in Araby, descended from/connected to previous Crusade party.
  • Crusade back into the heartland of the Empire in final defence of the world.
  • Rampant magic enables wider/more significant use, but setting still gritty/grimdark.
  • Cross between Wheel of Time & Halo:Reach


  • Level 1, stat buy. No restriction on race or class though be concious of setting.
  • Free to write/roll/choose backgrounds & personalities, but GM will be most assertive on their place in setting.
  • Imperial Human/crusader-types will be advantaged in equipment, connections, fluff & GM indulgence.

House Rules


  • The Exp awarded will always be split among all players even if someone is not present. Players do not share in loot specific to encounters they miss.
  • Players whose characters die but are resurrected receive a share of loot for encounters in which they participated.
  • Players who attack other players will not be awarded exp for the session.
  • Players who change characters begin play with the same exp as the rest of the party, but base equipment and gold only.


  • Lances can only be employed while mounted & charging (ie in a turn in which they both move into combat and attack).
  • Mounts only employ attacks on the turn they charge (ie in which they move into combat and their rider attacks).
  • Mounted Combatant - In addition to it's normal effects, melee weapons wielded by characters with this feat that are mounted & moved this turn, increase their damage dice by one step. (ie d6 becomes d8, d12 becomes 2d6, max out at 2d6.)
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