Khazarin Vorn

Earthen, Soldier, Specialist

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
11 10 11 11 12 9

3, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2


Skills and Abilities:
Linguistics (Uproni Dialect, Imperial Dwarven), War, Defence, WS (Simple, Axes, Shields), Awareness, Athletics, Intimidate,
+1BD: Heal

  • Perk:
    • Well Travelled: Athletics
  • Earthen Traits:
    • Medium
    • Earthen Resistance: +1 bonus dice on saves against toxins, poisons, gases, and acids.
    • Earthen Encumbrance: Use 1.5x Strength
    • Earthen Senses: Superior Senses +1 (Touch), and +1 (Sight- in pitch darkness).
    • Altitude Aware: May make Awareness (Hearing) check on Perception, as free action, to know how far below of above sea level approx.
  • Hardened
  • Armour Training (III)

Equipment: 16/16
-Repeating Seige Crossbow loaded with Silverite Bolts (10 Piercing; AP 2; +1 to Hit; 300m; DR5/HP3; Two-Handed, Reload [5]; Clip 5) Weight 3
-MQ Hand Axe (+1 to hit, +0 parry; 5+2 Slash; DR11/HP3) Weight 1
-MQ Large Ironwood Shield (+4 Parry, +6 Block, 5DR, 20HP) Weight 2
-Splintmail Hauberk (BA- 3EB 4P 5S, L- 2EB 3P 4S) Weight 5 [8]
-MQ Openhelm (2BPE 4S) Weight 1
-Backpack (Bedroll, Waterskin, Rations, Flint & Steel, Torch, 5x Crossbow Bolt Clips, 4x Silverite Bolt Clips) Weight 1
-Winter Cloak Weight 1
-MQ First Aid Kit (+1 to Heal checks) Weight 1
-Pouch of dwarven chewing moss Crudd for pain relief
-Cold Iron Amulet
-4x Bloodstop Potion
-Potion Bandolier Weight 1
-Equipment Harness (rigged with Handxe and Shield) Weight 2

H: 2BPE 4S
B: 3EB 4P 5S
A: 3EB 4P 5S
L: 2EB 3P 4S

0 Platinum Dragons
2 Gold Drakes
2 Silver Swords
17 Copper Slaves

“When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing”

Now somewhat advanced in age, Khazarin Vorn once fought for the Silver Empire in the East against the Bloodlands. It was there he served as a siege-crossbowman and combat medic, and it was there he sustained a career-ending injury which resulted in his dismissal from the military. Deemed not worthy of magical healing, Khazarin spent many years overcoming his injuries while tending to his farmland and family in Mestria. Some three decades later, Khazarin was again struck by misfortune when a deadly bout of the Bloody Gasp swept the Mestrian farmlands. Despite his best efforts, he could not aid his ailing wife and child. Desperate, Khazarin turned to the Sylvan Mage tower for healing. Once again they spurned him resulting in the brutal and drawn-out deaths of his family, a slight which he has never forgiven. His own health now stricken by sickness, his lands wasted and insect ridden, Khazarin collected his old soldiers gear and made for the cities. As luck would have it, his old squad leader Yori Ironhand was recruiting for a mercenary company. Yori found Khazarin destitute and begging in the streets, his weathered siege-crossbow strapped tightly to his starved body, and wasted no time offering the desperate dwarf a job.

Spent Exp: 0

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