Goliath, Barbarian, Champion

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
14 10 13 10 9 8

5, 3, 4, 3, 2, 2


Skills and Abilities:
Linguistics (Earthen Tribal Dialect), WS (Simple, Thrown, Blunt, Axes), Nature, Athletics, Defence, Intimidate, Awareness, Smithing, War.
+1 BD: Defence (Willpower)

  • Perk:
    • Animal Companion
  • Earthen Traits:
    • Medium
    • Earthen Resistance: +1 bonus dice on saves against toxins, poisons, gases, and acids.
    • Earthen Encumbrance: Use 1.5x Strength
    • Earthen Senses: Superior Senses +1 (Touch), and +1 (Sight- in pitch darkness).
    • Altitude Aware: May make Awareness (Hearing) check on Perception, as free action, to know how far below of above sea level approx.
  • Hardened
  • Frenzy
  • Authority [I]

Equipment: 14/21
-MQ Black Iron Versatile Hammer (+1 to hit/+2 two-handed, -2/-1 to parry; SB+2 Bludgeon/SB+1 Piercing damage; DR13/HP4; Versatile) Weight 2
-MQ Full Helm (H- 3E 5BP 6S) [+1 to Intimidate/Command] Weight 2
-Imperial Laminar Cuirass (B- 3E 4BP 5S, A- 3EBP 4S) Weight 4
-Scale Kilt (L- 2E 3BP 4S) Weight 2
-Light Hammer Weight 1
-Furs [PQ Winter Cloak] Weight 2
-Backpack [3 throwing axes, Bedroll, Rations, Waterskin, Grapple & Rope, Weapon Repair Kit] Weight 1

H: 3E 5BP 6S
B: 3E 4BP 5S
A: 3EBP 4S
L: 2E 3BP 4S

0 Platinum Dragons
0 Gold Drakes
6 Silver Swords
8 Copper Slaves

Animal Companion:
Str: 14 Dex: 10 Con: 13 Int: 7 Per: 10 Cha: 4
Traits: Size (Medium), Quadruped, Superior Sense +1 (Smell, Hearing) Carnivore, Speed (6m), Natural Weapons (Bite 7 Slashing)
Abilities: Harrying Bite

  • Harrying Bite: a hund gets a free trip attempt when its bite attack hits a targets leg. Generally hunds aim for the legs to make best use of this ability.

Skills: Defence, Athletics (Running +1), Nature.

  • Born in a tribe of Barbarian Dwarves living in the mountains of Mestria. Mother died during his birth, due to his excessive size, and he was feared by the other Dwarves growing up. Tribesmen frightened and confused by his difference but respected his size and strength.
  • When the tribe was conscripted to fight for the Empire he was chosen to lead the unit due to the apparent respect the other tribespeople had for him. During the war his unit took horrible loses until eventually it was no longer a viable fighting force, he was given a discharge for his service and started wandering the lands to try and make use of the short life he had left. Was given the details of Yori Ironhand by his Legate as a way of making coin on the side if he needed.

Spent Exp: 0

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