Broken Crown GM Notes

On Matters of Setting

The Despoiled Kingdoms are the name given to the various city-states, principalities and kingdoms found in the region between The Silver Empire and The Bloodlands. After centuries of war between the two nations this area began to function as a borderlands of sorts, where the conflict could be played out between puppet nations and bands of mercenaries far removed from the actual warzone to the East near Cassengrecca. But this larger picture barely influence the people of Ashcliffe, far as they are from the war they are more concerned with the daily work than the greater political picture.

The Town of Ashcliffe:
Deep in the dark forests of Mestria lies the town of Ashcliffe, so named for the grove of trees that once stood upon the spot where the town was built. A wooden walled town of some 600 folk over the years the towns purpose has slowly turned to simply supporting its own population, and in particular the inhabitants of the Ironwood inn at its centre. The fortified manse of Ashcliffe's human lord was purchased by Yoric Ironhand when the area was reclaimed by the Silver Empire, and has since been transformed into an inn. It now stretches far beyond its original walls, with tables and bars set up every night for its hundreds of revellers that spill far into Ashcliffe. The inn provides the towns main export, adventurers and mercenaries for hire. For it is the staging post for the fifth legion of the Red Eagle mercenary company. Potential employers and men of martial bent come from miles around to make agreements that form groups of adventurers together to tackle all number of issues. Indeed, the protection of the town itself falls to members of the Red Eagle company, employed by the local Sylvan lord to keep the peace. The lord lives nearby in his fortified mansion and mages tower, Cravenwood Manor, from where he observes and rules over the nearby lands. The lord has outlawed magic in his lands for all but Imperial citizens, allowing only a few mages who serve the Red Eagle to exist amongst the populace. This magical absence allows the battlemages of house Druindare to keep the ultimate peace in the lands, more powerful even than the Red Eagle with its vast army of unwashed and rogue adventurers.


The Red Eagle Company


House Druindare

Concerning Rules

Some changes to the Rules-As-Written.


  • Mercantile now folded into Streetwise, and becomes a Focus.
  • Survival now folded into Nature, and becomes a Focus.


  • Shield Healths are as follows:
    • Buckler [5], Small [10], Medium [15], Large [20]. MQ increases as per normal.
  • If a shield takes over half its health in a single hit it becomes "sundered". It halves its DR and Parry/Block rating, rounding down.
  • Blocking Against AOE attacks: Against AOE attacks the user may block without the usual penalties for ranged weapons. However if successful the DoS on Block simply subtract from the damage against the person blocking, instead of nullifying the attack. The shield takes damage as per usual with the Block action.

Starting characters:

  • Should a warrior fall in battle their replacement should receive herewith 90% of their forebears experience, as well as the sum of 1 Silver Sword for every experience point, as well as any GM granted boons.
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