Elf, Criminal, Ranger

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 10 15 11 15 10


Will Save: 6
Experience: 4000/4330
Wound Thresholds: 11/21/31/41
Taint: 2
Size: Medium
Speed: 7m

Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Community(?))[Int], Nature[Int], Dodge[Dex], Scrutiny[Per]
+1:Awareness[Per], Stealth[Dex]

Weapon Training (Simple blades)
Sprint: May double run speed for a single turn, if used two turns in a row, make constitution check or suffer 1 fatigue
Armour Training (Light),
Weapon Focus (Bow): +1 to hit with Longbows
Catfall: Take your dexterity bonus of the amount of metres you fall for determining damage, add +4 to acrobatics checks to avoid fall damage
Deadeye Shot: Called shots become -2
Precise Shot: Called shots are now free
Jaded: Don’t take Taint from mundane horrors
Rapid Reload: Halve reload time
Paranoia: +1 Passive Perception, -1 Active Perception
Double Shot: May shoot twice for -2 as a basic action


  • Fey Origin: For spells and effects the Elf is considered to be a Fey creature.
  • Trance: Elves are immune to Sleep effects; in addition they only need to spend 4 hours of rest to gain the benefits that other races would normally gain from 8 hours rest. In addition whilst in a trance the Elf counts as if they had the Light Sleeper talent.
  • Elven Accuracy: Once per day an elf may make an attack roll that critically hits if the attack hits, this is declared before the attack action is made.
  • Low Light Vision:

Equipment (Carrying Capacity **5/10
MW Longbow (+1 D12, 60m, Piercing, Reload (Half)) w/
20 Hardened Bodkins (Penetration: 1)
35 Springheads (+5 Dam, -10m Range)
20 Vialheads w/ Alchemists Fire
20 Vialheads w/ Tanglefoot
20 Vialheads w/ Thunderstone
20 Vialheads w/ Water
Dagger (+1, D4, Slashing, Offhand)
Parrying Dagger (+0, D4, Slashing, Offhand, Defensive+2)
AQ Short Sword (+2, D6+1, Slashing, Offhand)

MW Mail Coif (3 H)
MW Mail Shirt (3 AB)
MW Leather Leggings (2L)
With Obscuring Pattern (+1 Stealth)

5x MW Throwing Daggers

Bedroll [1] - Sleep in the wilds without penalty
Rope [2] - 25m
Crowbar [1] - For prying open stuff, improvised weapon
Backpack [1] - Carry up to ten weightless items
Waterskin [-] - Holds 3 days water
Rations [-] - 5 Days worth of food
Thieves Tools
Komodo Dragon skin Weather Cloak
Dark Goggles: Night Vision
Climbing Gear (Reroll failed climb tests)

H- 3
B- 3
A- 3
L- 2

Money bag:
4 Dragons
5 Drakes
8 Swords
8 Slaves

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