Bezza Von Hestuphanborg

Minotaur, Noble, Fighter

13 9(7) 12 9 11 10

Traits: size; Large (armour costs doubled, +2 to be hit, +2 to win grapples, reach increased by 1 on all weapons, occupies 4 squares, may wield normal two hand weapons in one hand as if they were versatile, normal one handed weapons gain the off hand trait. May purchase 'largely sizef' weapons at twice cost which increase the weapons normal damage, upping its damage die) goring charge (opponents who are charged by minotaur test agi or fall over) Noblebor, Ferocity (make a free basic attack against nearby enemy when knocked unconscious).

6(5)m speed

Skills: Literacy, Nobility, Simple Blades, Blunt, Axes, Thrown, Crossbows, Military Blades, Military Polearms, Armour (Heavy), History, Parry, War, Athletics

Talents: Arms master, Weapon Focus Short sword +1

Equipment: Mwk Short sword (+3, d6+3 offhand), MwknLongspear (+1 D10+6/3 reach (3) versatile) Mwk scale (3)(3), mw leather leggings (2) leather shirt(1), lamellar cuisses
Armour weight 4. 2 dex pen, 1 move pen.
H: 0
B: 4
A: 4
L : 3

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