Elkmyr Mortaron

Elf, Sun Elf, Cleric

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 12 10 14 11 13

+1 Cha, +1 Int

Move: 7m
Experience: 0/0
Taint: 0

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, High Elven, Low Elven), Literacy, Noblebirth, Nobility, Weapon Training (Simple Blades, Simple Bows, Military Blades), Parry, Command, Religion, Perform (Oratory), Arcana, History, Spellcraft (Necrymancy)

  • Elven Trance: Elves have the Light Sleeper trait unless they are fevered or fighting an illness. They only need 4 hours rest per day and do so mediating. They are however not immune to sleep effects.
  • Sanguinal Creature: Elves are so beautiful that they count as having the Extremely Attractive Trait (+2) against all other non-Elven races. All non-Elves also suffer a -2 Penalty to Scrutiny Elves as their facial features are incredibly delicate.
  • Graceful Movement: Elves increase their base movement speed by +1.
  • Divine Favour: Cyfre
    • Divine Knowledge: Add DF bonus to checks made on Intelligence.

Equipment: ?/10
-Mw Somatic Arming Sword w/ Duellists Grip (H: 1, B: 2; Slashing; D8; Defensive [1])1
-Mw Shortsword1, Mw Bow and 20 Broadheads3, Mw Clothes
-AC Leather Shirt, Mw Leather Leggings, Mw Lamellar Armour, Mw Lamellar Cuisses, Mw Mail Coif
-Signet Ring, AC Holy Icon
-‘Adventuring Gear’ Unknown

0 Dragons
0 Drakes
2 Swords
5 Slaves

Minor Arcana:

  • Likor’s Magic Analysis
    • Detects spells and magic items within 12 metre cone. Length of concentration determines the auras of lingering spells and magic items. Prevented by a metre of material or thin sheet of lead.
  • Detect Infernal Influence
    • You can tell if some magical effect is caused by daemonic or outsider influence.

Ritual Arcana:

  • Animate Dead
    • Duration: 1 hour.
    • Component: A sprinkle of the Necrymancer’s blood
    • Creates undead skeletons and zombies. Permanent. You can can control as many undead creatures as your Charisma + your Spellcraft (necrymancy) bonus. When you raise an they make an opposed Charisma versus your Spellcraft (Necrymancy) to resist your control and if they fail they fall permanently under your control. If they pass a comman undead spell is required to command them.
      • -2 to create ghouls, ghasts, mummies and mohrgs.
      • -5 to create wraiths, shadows, spectres and devourers


  • Divine Favour: 6
  • Cifyre’s Embrace: With a caress, the soul of the chosen is sent into His Grace
    • Touch Attack, Kills one subject. Target makes a Con check or dies. Passing the con check they instead take 3d6 necrotic damage.

The tenants of his worship are:
Balance is the natural state of order, and must be enforced, lest creation untwine
Knowledge is to be cherished, it is godly to seek knowledge
Contemplate before acting, for all actions will affect the balance
Strive to live in the twilight between dawn and dusk, for neither the harsh light of the sun, nor the pitch black of night can balance themselves
Magic is the birth right of all people,
Time is the blood of reality, its protection is duty
Death is merely a beginning, through death one may serve again

  • Member of a misc noble warrior household from Mortarion. Left behind his position as eldest son to join the church.
  • Studied necrymancy alongside his religious studies in an attempt to greater understand the perfect union of Cifyre.
  • Started travelling the exteriors of the Empire as a Justicar, enforcing Cifyre's balance wherever he was needed.

He let the bandit fall with a slight twist of his wrist, the bulky form of the man causing ripples to form as it slid beneath the knee length water. The second man began to flee, his futile struggles against both the water and his destiny equally doomed to fail. For the elf was upon him. He dashed from rock to rock, his sanguine form catching the orc in mere moments, a hand grasping the back of the creature's head. A small smile graced his lips as his grip loosened, releasing the now dead form; "Be at peace my friend, for death is merely a beginning". He smiled because he knew this was good work. Proper work. The Lord's work. The rebalancing of Kroth had begun.

Spellcraft (Necrymancy) [1500]

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