Elf, Sun-Elf, Etherkissed, Mage

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
9 11 9 15 13 15

Taint: 0
Experience: 0/0
Move: 6m

Skills and Talents
Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, High Elven, Low Elven), Literacy, Noblebirth, Nobility, Weapon Training (Simple Blades), Weaponary (Simple Bows), Dodge, Charm, Arcana, Spellcraft (Cogymancy, Gyomancy), Antimancy, Spellbook Arcana

  • Elven Trance: Elves have the Light Sleeper trait unless they are fevered or fighting an illness. They only need 4 hours rest per day and do so mediating. They are however not immune to sleep effects.
  • Sanguinal Creature: Elves are so beautiful that they count as having the Extremely Attractive Trait (+2) against all other non-Elven races. All non-Elves also suffer a -2 Penalty to Scrutiny Elves as their facial features are incredibly delicate.
  • Graceful Movement: Elves increase their base movement speed by +1.
  • Shadowstep: the Elf’s essence is enmeshed with the shadowy stuff of magic. As a move action they can make a Charisma check to teleport their Charisma bonus in metres.
  • Fragile Soulform (4):
    • Memory of a thousand lifetimes: +2 to all basic skill checks.
    • Bastion of Pure Form: When they gain a point taint they make a constitution check. If they pass they do not gain the taint.

Equipment: 5/9
MQ Clothes, Signet ring worth 300 swords, MQ Shortsword (Heft: 0, Balance: 2; D6; Slashing; Offhand)1, MQ Bow (50m; 1d10+4; Reload Half)1 and 20 Broadheads1, Spellbook1, Winter Cloak1

Head: 3 MQ Open Helm
Body: 3 [MQ Leather Shirt (1)] MQ Lamellar Cuirass.
Arms: 1 [MQ Leather Shirt (1)]
Legs: 1 [MQ Leather Shirt (1)]

44 Dragons
3 Drakes
4 Swords
5 Slaves


  • Mancer’s Secret Whisper
    • Whispered conversation at distance with another creature. Lasts 10 minutes with a 100m range. Can be overheard like normal conversation.
    • -2 for +5 metres range.
    • -2 at add an additional creature to conference call.
  • Gormyr’s Compass
    • You discern north.

Full Arcana

  • Tongues
    • Speak any language for 10 minutes. This spell actually effects the hearing of those around you so they may make Arcana Perception checks to attempt to Dispel if they so desire.
  • Serenia’s Charm Vision
    • Subject is invisible for 1 min or until they make a Standard Action.
    • -5 to cast to remain invisible even whilst undertaking standard actions.

Current Exp: 820
Free Advance: Mage
Antimancy [1500]
Spent Exp:

18 towards Spellcraft (Pyromancy)
63 towards Nature (Oceans)

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