A study of the blood, by renowned carnymancer Zaphelis Khan

The Purer Races

(And Half-Elves)


I refer to the purer races as those that the holy Xortivar intended to walk this earth. The grim folk of the earth, the elves of the sky and the men to toil the land. Was there a 'bastard races' subheading I would not have to include the half-breeds here, but alas as these "half-Elves" are neither orcoids nor daemonkin this was the only place for them. The table illustrates, however, that these half breeds are blissfully sterile.

There have been vile rumours of the interbreeding of Dwarves and Humans, although there are no recorded cases in the Silver Empire


The Orcoids


The Orcoids are a different basket entirely. Although some believe they are closely related to the humans, a hypothesis supported by a possible interbreeding of the species, they are in fact a separate species entirely, created by the Carnymancers of old in a process too vile to record here. It is curious to note however that despite their wholly manufactured nature the Orcoids are able to breed amongst themselves, although nowhere is it noted that a female Orc was ever created.

The female Orc is a carrier of what is referred to as the 'Trueborn Gene' and such a 3rd generation Half-Orc female can give birth to a Trueborn Orc child should she make congress with a trueborn orc.

Seperate again to this are the wild orcs of the mountains of Syveria, who are believed to at one stage have mated with Trolls, bringing them to an even larger and less evolved stage than these so-called 'civilised' Orcoids.



Daemonkin, or Tieflings, are a unique case in that they are not a race per say but a composite race, built between the congress of mortals and daemons. Depending on the base species the name of the tainted changes:

  • Orcs: Tanarukk
  • Humans: Tieflings
  • Elf: Daemonfey
  • Dwarf: Duergar

Daemonkin may breed with their race of origin as any other creature would. It is such that the daemonic element can be bred out over time by mating with your original species. While a great grandfather may have wings, horns and a tail his son may only have horns and his son may have no mutations whatsoever. Although the level of daemonic influence may lessen over time most organised houses of Daemonkin breed between themselves, keeping the blood strong. Tainted ones also have no regulation of mutation, so measuring the level of daemonic influence has proven difficult despite numerous studies.


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