Edmund Havelock II

Human, Nobleborn, Specialist

Age: 32 [Born on the 7th of Storm Caller], Height: 5'11"

Straightforward, Rugged, Protective, Methodical

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 12 13 13 13 10

+1 Cha

Size: Medium
Move: 6m
Experience: 4000/4070
Taint: 0

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Dalmestrian, Low Elven), Literacy, Awareness, Nature (Ocean), Weapon Training (Simple Blades, Crossbows, Military Blades), Nobility, Command, Parry, Scrutiny, History, Navigation, Total Recall, War, Dodge, Eidetic Memory
+1: Sailing (Marine)

  • Quickling
  • Wounds:
    • Horrifically Scarred: +2
    • Missing One Eye
    • Missing Left Leg: -1 Movement

Equipment: 8/13
-Mw Arming Sword w/ Duellists Grip (Heft: 1, Balance: 2; Slashing; D8; Defensive [1])1
-Mw Crossbow (40m; D10 +5; Piercing; Pneumagical [3]; Clip 10; Reload [10 Full -Str]; Penetration [5], Tough Reload, Torsion 4)2, 20x Quarrels 1
-Mw Clothes, Signet ring of house Havelock, Spyglass, Waterskin, AC Winter Cloak, Waterproof Document Case w/ [Shattered Coast, Kroth City Annotated, Kroth City]1.

-AC Black Wood Hand Crossbow1, Mw Shortsword1, Waterproof Document Case w/ [Stalanzas Inland, 2x Other Maps]1, Bedroll1, Grappling Hook2, 2x Iron Rations, 34x Quarrels1, Rope2, Backpack [8x Iron Rations, Flint and Steel, Torch]1


Head: 3 [Mw Open Helm]
Body: 7 [AC Leather Shirt (2), Mw Lamellar Armour (2), Breastplate (3)] Weight 3
Arms: 3 [AC Leather Shirt (2), Mw Lamellar Armour (1)]
Legs: 3 [AC Leather Leggings (2), Mw Lamellar Cuisses (1)]

0 Dragons
6 Drakes
253 Swords
6 Slaves


Edmund grew up in his fathers manor on the Mestrian-Bloodlands border, an area of perpetual conflict as both sides manoeuvre to gain ground from the other. Raised in the human noble tradition he was taught the sword and as the second son of Edmund Havelock I he was set to join the house guard as an officer when he came of age. Unfortunately before this could occur his older brother was killed in an ambush while on patrol and Edmund was expected to step up to his brothers previous duties. Edmund was expected to now give up his sword to learn accounting and the delicacies of Silver Empire politics, areas that he had little interest in. Eventually he became tired of a life without excitement and ran away to join the Mestrian Navy, naively expecting his father to welcome him back with open arms.

As he aged Havelock realised how foolish he had been but upon hearing his younger brother had ascended to the Lordship he knew his place in the house was lost. He served under the Imperial navy for many years until on one auxiliary mission he met one Captain Heldun, who offered him a position to serve as First Officer aboard his new ship, The Dawnthief. When Heldun met his death and the writ of trade passed to Lord Ogren Silverpeak Havelock was appointed to the captain of the Dwarf Princes' newly made flagship and with it awarded the title of an Officer of the newly formed Ironsail Trading Company.

As the years began to lay heavy upon Edmund he began to regret the fact he had no produced an heir. As his heart belonging to the sea, he accepted that his bloodline would not continue with him. However when the Dawnthief performed salvage on the wrecked ship known as the 'Doom Galleon' this was set to change. On board Havelock discovered the only survivor, a young girl by the name of Alequin, traumatised and terrified by what transpired there. Taking her off the ship she was cared for by the Officers of the Ironsail Trading Company and eventually began to be considered a part of what passes for family in a life of adventure. Havelock taught her the blade and readied her for the hard life one must endure in the Shattered Coast. It was such that Edmund Havelock adopted Alequin, passing his name to her and what little honour remained in his nobility.


Total Recall [1000]

War [1000]
Ride [1000]
Dodge [1000]

Hardened (2/2000)

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