Holdings and Accounting

The Ironsail Trading Company

Business Plan


  • Aunty Melkyr of House Fellsnow
    • 2500 Drakes loaned to Zax
    • 3000 Drakes to be paid in 8 years
      • Due on the 9th of the month of Storm Caller in 1240
  • King Silverpeak of Unshrad Dynasty
    • 5000 drakes loaned to Thori
    • 6000 drakes to be paid in 6 years
      • Due on the 18th of the month of Storm Caller in 1238


For the year 1232, EE
Date Value Transaction
9th Storm Caller +2500 Drakes Fellsnow Loan
10th Storm Caller -120 Drakes Teleportation [Zax, Ogren]
18th Storm Caller +5000 Drakes Silverpeak Loan
19th Storm Caller -5925 Drakes Commission of New Ship:
20th Storm Caller -10 Drakes Party Invitation (Establishing Connections)
21th Storm Caller -25 Drakes Repairs to the Dawnthief
21th Storm Caller -400 Drakes Personal [Zax]
22nd Storm Caller -108 Drakes 'Meet with Trenner' Venture Capital
1st Tigress +368 Drakes Payment for Services Rendered to Trenner
10th Tigress +98 Drakes Slaver's Commission
11th Tigress -280 Drakes Personal [Havelock, Zax, Grimgor, Haraldir]
12th Tigress -13 Drakes Personal [Mercenary Venture]
18th Tigress -162 Drakes 'Salvage' Venture Capital
26th Tigress +285 Drakes 'Salvage' Venture Income
30th Tigress +150 Drakes Mast Sale
3rd Howling Wolves -128 Drakes Purchase of Mast
4th Howling Wolves -90 Drakes Personal [Havelock, Zax, Ogren]
5th Howling Wolves -52 Drakes 'Prude' Venture Capital
5th Howling Wolves -300 Drakes 20kgs of Adamantium
20th Howling Wolves +198 Drakes Sale of 10kgs of Adamantium
24th Howling Wolves +80 Drakes Cash loot value of Ancient High Syveri ruin.
26th Howling Wolves +4.5 drakes Wagon adventure
27th Howling Wolves -4.5 drakes Tax
27th Howling Wolves +202 drakes Sale of Adamantium in Prude
29th Howling Wolves -39 drakes "Return" Venture Capital
29th Howling Wolves +48 drakes Minstrel's Transport Service
14th Pale Lady +161 drakes Sale of Salvage
14th Pale Lady -30 drakes Identification Fund
14th Pale Lady -1 drakes Cost of Hiring Sage and Fence
15th Pale Lady -72 drakes Zax- Mercantile Lessons
15th Pale Lady -70 drakes Officer's Healthcare [Zax]
16th Pale Lady -30 drakes Personal [Havelock]
For the year 1233 EE
Date Value Transaction
18th Reborn Flame +1080 Sale of the Dawnthief
19th Reborn Flame - Receive 'The Ironsail'
19th Reborn Flame -1050 drakes Pneumagical (3) 10 Shot Magazine Heavy Skorpion
20th Reborn Flame -200 drakes 200 Skorpion bolts
20th Reborn Flame -432 drakes 45 Ravanza crew hired for 16 days from the 21st
20th Reborn Flame -36 drakes Two Weeks food for 50
29th Reborn Flame -237 drakes Widower's Fee
29th Reborn Flame +1277drakes Sale of Salvage
29th Reborn Flame +600 drakes Bounty claimed on Belal
29th Reborn Flame +724 drakes Sale of 48 slaves
28th Reborn Flame +9 drakes Sale of Belal's armaments to Stalanzas Museum of Nobility
29th Reborn Flame +219 drakes Refund from House Ravanza for unused crew days
30th Reborn Flame -200 drakes Officer's healthcare [Zax]
30th Reborn Flame -423 drakes Personal [Zax]
1st Eightfold Winds -900 drakes Hiring Crew
1st Eightfold Winds -1485 drakes Purchase of 4.5 tonnes of arms
1st Eightfold Winds -20 drakes Personal [Zax]
1st Eightfold Winds -3 drakes Agent Hire
2nd Eightfold Winds +330 drakes 'Nonspecific services to AC'
2nd Eightfold Winds +157 drakes Services to Revanza
22nd Eightfold Winds +2272 drakes Sale of arms
22nd Eightfold Winds -1000 drakes Sale of 'Bleeder' to Slutcutter
9th Soaring Dragons +300 drakes Personal Havelock
13th Soaring Dragons +450 drakes Silk Salvage
13th Soaring Dragons -178 drakes Widows Fee
13th Soaring Dragons +285 drakes Sale of Dwarven Pirate Gear
14th Soaring Dragons -2 drakes Hire of Historian
14th Soaring Dragons +1000 drakes Selling of 'Bloodstone'
15th Soaring Dragons -900 drakes Hiring Crew for One Month
15th Soaring Dragons -990 drakes Hire Mercenaries [Kroth Venture]
16th Soaring Dragons 60 Sign Salvage Agreement with Elven Prince
12th of Waterfalls -110 Payment for Identification of Items
13th of Waterfalls +2600 Sale of Items
14th of Waterfalls +1350 Sale of Persephone
16th of Waterfalls -1500 Pay Half of Fellsnow Debt
16th of Waterfalls -3000 Pay Half of Silverpeak Debt

-178 for widows fee


Liquid Capital 3317 Drakes?
Assets 6977 Drakes (The Ironsail),
Debt 4500 Drakes


  • Molly the Light Horse, Polly the Light Horse
  • 2x Solid Dwarfish Wagons, 2x Light Skorpions
  • Polearms for the entire Crew
  • 2x Winter Cloaks, 3 Lanterns with oil, 5 Mirrors, Net


The Elf in Black, Fence, Stalanzas [Zax]
Alberto Goldstein, Associate Professor of Accounting, Stalanzas Academy [Zax]

Abel Cordoza, Lieutenant, House Ravanza, Stalanzas [Havelock]

The Maestro, Ambyrromancer, Adventurer's Guild, Stalanzas [Haraldir]
Nyea Braithe, Mages Guild Officer, Mages Guild, Stalanzas[Haraldir]

Archie Dartmoth, Rumormonger, Flint's Coffee House, Stalanzas [Ogren]
Joseph Longmint, Silk Merchant, Slaver's Run, [Ogren]
Babur Kragscale, Business Owner, Thunderhead Mineworks [Ogren]
Pylus Moonsilver (*) Head Enchanter,/Magewright Solanus Manaforge, Stalanzas [Ogren]
Wulver Freewater (*) Business Owner, Freewater Industries, (Construction, Manufacturing) [Ogren]
Bolwabber Drak (*) Smuggler/Privateer,Horizon Shipping Group, Syverian Sea [Ogren]

-For non-business contacts see here.


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