Elf, Sun Elf, Monk

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
20 6 13 15 9 11

+1 Cha, +1 Int

Size: Large
Move: 9m
Experience: 0/1000
Taint: 11

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Dalmestrian, Low Elven), Literacy, Noblebirth, Weapon Training (Simple Blades, Simple Bows, Dwarven Fists), Dodge, Charm, Arcana, Martial Art, Grapple, Parry, Quivering Strike,
+1: Spellcraft (Carnyrmancy)

  • Elven Trance: Elves have the Light Sleeper trait unless they are fevered or fighting an illness. They only need 4 hours rest per day and do so mediating. They are however not immune to sleep effects.
  • Sanguinal Creature: Elves are so beautiful that they count as having the Extremely Attractive Trait (+2) against all other non-Elven races. All non-Elves also suffer a -2 Penalty to Scrutiny Elves as their facial features are incredibly delicate.
  • Graceful Movement: Elves increase their base movement speed by +1.
  • Permenancied Spells:
    • Size Changer: Now counts as Large
    • Expeditious Retreat: +5m to Move Speed
    • Bear's Endurance: +2 Con
    • Bull's Strength: +2 Str
    • Spider's Climb: Able to walk on walls or ceilings
    • Kazzanar's Gills: Able to breath underwater
    • Haste: Doubles Usable actions per Combat Turn
    • Iron Body: 15 DR/ Adamantium. +3 Str, -3 Dex

-Dwarven Fists
-Mw Shortsword, Mw Bow w/ 20 Broadheads, Mw Clothes (Medium Sized), Mw Leather Shirt (Medium Sized), Mw Leather Leggings (Medium Sized), House Pendant


Head: ? [?]
Body: ? [?] Weight ?
Arms: ? [?]
Legs: ? [?]

? Dragons
? Drakes
? Swords
? Slaves




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