Bael Lumino

Human, Amnesiac, Mage

Mage-Luitenant of the Kraken Guard 27th Springuards

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
8 11 11 15 13 10

+3 Int, +1 Con, +1 Per

Will Save: 7
Experience: 1500/2000
Wound Thresholds: 12/23/34
Taint: 6 (Nightmares and Hallucinations)
Size: Medium
Speed: 6m

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Draconic), Gamble, Navigate, Mage Caster Level (3), War, Command.
+1: Arcana, Literacy, Spellcraft (Mage)


  • Energy Affinity: [Fire]. +1 Caster level using Fire spells.
  • Quickling
  • Human Adaptability
  • Mage’s Might: You store all your spells in your spell book. You may memorise up to you Intelligence score of spells of which you may cast any at any time, provided you have your spellbook to memorise them from. Memorising any number of spells takes you one hour, and may only be done once per day, requiring an additional 8 hours rest if you wish to rememorise on a day on which you have already memorised spells. You must have your spellbook to memorise spells, if you do not have your spellbook you do not forget the spells you have memorised previously, but you cannot memorise new ones. You can only cast spells that your Intelligence Bonus is equal to or greater than the Spell Level. Additionally your Caster Level is decreased by the effective weight (modified by proficiency) of any armour you wear. If a mage’s Intelligence increases then they gain additional spell slots. Identifying a mage’s spells for dispelling requires an Arcana check.
  • School Specialisation: When you cast spells from your specialised school of magic you receive +1 to your effective Caster Level, and you receive +2 to your spell craft checks to Dispel against spells of your preferred school, and to casting the Spells of your preferred school Unfettered. You do not receive this +2 bonus to casting normally.
  • Contacts:
    • Luitenant-Mage Gylazian of the Firestriders - Mortarion
    • Luitenant-Sorcerer Farnarath of the Icespears - Tantras
    • Archmage-General Gregor van Goethe - Mortarion [Reanimated, Empress' Guard]
    • Fryn Moonsong: Grey Elf, Performer, Rogue - Zhylrad, The Copper Kraken Inn

Equipment (Carrying Capacity 7/8
-Spellbook (1),Somatic Staff (1), Backpack (1), Bedroll (1), Rope (2), AQ Clothing, Clothing, 4x Ink Vials, parchment and a quill, Winter Cloak (1), Coldforged Knife.
-Bael's Battlemage Robes: Mages' Robes w/ Spellforged AQ Leather Shirt 3 [A, B], Spellforged AQ Leather Leggings 3 [L], Spellforged Mwk Mail Coif 4 [H]

2x Potions (Pestilent and Bullstrength)
Scroll of Detect Secret Doors
Scroll of Hypnotic Pattern

H- 4
B- 3
A- 3
L- 3

Money bag:
9 Dragons
7 Drakes
20 Swords
1 Slaves


Caster Level: 3

  • Specialisation: Evocation
  • Forbidden: Necromacy, Enchantment



  • Detect Magic
  • Read Magic


  • Light
  • Fireball
  • Scorching Ray
  • Fire Shield


  • Cat's Grace
  • Fox's Cunning


  • Invisibility
  • Displacement


  • Arcane Mark
  • Prestidigitation


  • Mage Armour
  • Teleport


  • Alarm


  • All Level 0 Spells


  • Fireball
  • Scorching Ray
  • Fire Shield
  • Shocking Grasp
  • Darkness
  • Magic Missile


  • Mage Armour
  • Obscuring Mist
  • Evard's Black Tentacles
  • Teleport


  • Invisibility
  • Displacement
  • Hypnotism
  • Mirror Image
  • Illusionary Wall
  • Shadow Conjuration
  • Persistent Image
  • Shadow Evocation


  • Cat's Grace
  • Fox's Cunning


  • Hold Person


  • Alarm

Starting Exp:

  • Caster Level 2 (1000)
  • Energy Affinity (1000) [Fire]

Spent Exp:

  • Spellcraft +1 (1000)
  • Caster Level 3 (1500) (1000 Money, 500 Experience)

Training: Linguistics (High Elven) 19/1000

  • Former battlemage in the Empress' Royal Navy. Lost memory and rank during an unfortunate miscast.
  • Presumedly from the Empire.
  • Small red dragon tattoo on shoulderblade.
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