Malleul Drovonic

Human, Noble, Rogue

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
8 8 13 10 10 12

+2 Dex , +1 Per, +1 Ch

Will Save: 6
Experience: 0/275
Wound Thresholds: 9/17/25/33
Taint: 0
Size: Medium
Speed: 6m

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Dalmestrian, Lyssian), Literacy, Nobility, Charm, Deceive, Dodge, Awareness, Stealth, Thievery, Sleight of Hand, Mercantile, Parry, Streetwise, Weapon Training (Military Blades, Superior Blades, Thrown Weapons, Crossbow, Simple Blades), Ambidextrous
+1: Weapon Focus (Duelling Dagger)


  • Quickling
  • Human Adaptability
  • Nobleborn

Equipment (Carrying Capacity 5+/8
-MW Elven Quicksword [+2; D8; Slashing; Offhand, High Crit] (1)
-MW Duelling Dagger [+1/3; D4; Offhand, defensive (2)] (1)
-5 Mw Throwing knives [+2; D4; 5m; Piercing; ½ reload] (1)
-MW Chain Shirt [3: B,A] , MW Leather Leggings [2: L]
-Garlic, Waterskin, Thieves Tools (1), Mirror (1), Icon of Dragar, 5 days rations.

H- 0
B- 3
A- 3
L- 2

Money bag:
0 Dragons
5 Drakes
10 Swords
0 Slaves


Sice, once a city of merchants and travelers, has long been made nearly redundant by the widespread and stable use of teleportation. The crumbling city's only real claim to power is as a border town between the Silver Empire and the Bloodlands of ancient Lyssia. Within its streets noble gangs roam, fighting with sword and dagger in short yet brutal skirmishes. These short, stylish yet brutal melees are almost always followed by days of drinking, whether in celebration or memorial.
It is from this life that Malleul Drovonic came.
In a brawl that almost cost him his life he met, and was subsequently saved by, a strange band of mercenaries. An eladrin mage, two elven archers and a suspiciously youthful armoured warrior joined the fray for a simple price of one gold each and turned then battle in their favour. Owing them a life-debt he endeavoured to travel with them, escaping Sice and making his fortunes in the worlds beyond ancient Lyssia.


While attempting to cancel his blood debt with the Elf known as 'Shadow', Malleul travelled to a manorhouse near his home city of Sice. While at first refusing to fight the Vampire that dwelled within, Malleul threw himself into the fray when he learned of 'Shadow' being turned. He lost his leg and head in short succession to the Vampire's longsword and died immediately from shock.

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