Grimgor Wolfblood

Trueborn Ork, Halfthrope, Wolfrunner, Specialist

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
15 13 13 8 13 7


Experience: 2000/2200
Taint: 0
Size: 7'2", 102kg, Medium
Speed: 5m

Linguistics (Trade Dwarf, Glibtongue), Dungeoneering, Awareness, Stealth, Weapon Training (Simple Axes, Simple Thrown, Military Axes, Dwarven Urgosh), Dodge, Parry, Sailing (Marine), Intimidate, Hardened (Don’t check shock from mundane horrors), Athletics.

  • Orcborn Physiology
    • Orkborn Resistance: You receive a +4 bonus to all Constitution checks to resist poison, gas, diseases, hostile environments and other endurance checks
    • Heightened Senses +2 (Smell): Orkborn have quite advanced olfactory senses. As such they may also track by smell.
    • Darkvision (uncoloured): Orkborn see in the dark in sepia tones.
    • Fearsome Appearance: Other races find you fearsome to behold. You suffer a -4 penalty to charm attempts, but you gain +2 to Intimidate with non Orkborn.
    • Orcborn Leader: You gain +2 to all interaction checks with Orkborn and count your Charisma bonus as 2 higher
  • Halfthrope Physiology
    • Immunity to Magical Diseases: Lycanbloods can never get Lycanthropy or Vampirism. If they catch Vampirism they simply die. Lycanthropy doesn’t effect at all. However they can catch it an be a carrier for the disease, even though they are not when they are born.
    • Natural Weapons: Lycanbloods all have Clawed hands. They increase their unarmed damage to D6.
    • Fearsome Appearance: other races find you fearsome to behold. You suffer a -4 penalty to charm attempts, but you gain +2 to Intimidate with non Lycanbloods.

Gear 4/15
-Handaxe (3m; Heft:1; D6; Slashing; Offhand, Thrown)1
-MW Dwarven Urgosh w/ Duellist's Grip (Heft: 3, Balance: 2; D12 or D10; Slashing or Piercing; Defensive [1], High Critical [+1], Reach [2])2
-Mw Javelin (5) (12m; D6; Piercing; Reload [Half]; Strength Factor)1
-Holy Icon,

Head/Face: 4 [Mw Burgonet]
Body: 3 [Mw Leather Shirt (1), Mw Lamellar Armour (2)]
Arms: 2 [Mw Leather Shirt (1), Mw Lamellar Armour (1)]
Legs: 2 [Mw Leather Leggings (1), Mw Lamellar Cuisses (1)]

2 Platinum Dragons
1 Gold Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

  • Born to lead the Orc races but forever separate because of the impurity of his blood.
  • Has travelled the sea's on various boats, looking for more if his kind in order to start his own 'pack' with.

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