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"Little is known about the much-maligned city of Kroth, as very few Elven historians took the time to record and document many of the human settlements in the time before the Fall. What we do know, and what we can infer from recent studies is that Kroth was an important trading hub with the dwarves of Uzhrad and Gothrad, providing in most part seafood and crops for the dwarven holds. Built in a marsh-land at the very southern tip of Slavers Run, the initial human settlement was gradually improved by dwarven engineers with fortifications and battlements. Strange that the dwarves would build on such unstable ground, perhaps they thought the foundations were deep enough to withstand the shifting bog, or perhaps the humans were too short-sighted to see the geological changes that would occur in the near future? Nevertheless, the sands eventually reclaimed much of Kroth, with the Western wing collapsing into the marsh. We can only assume the settlement was abandoned at this time, the humans probably moving into the Zyndrian Desert or to the Trade Sea in seach of more hospitable terrain. Due to the scale of excavation required to sift through the shattered mess, few explorators have troubled themsevles with delving into the remains of Kroth, and one can only assume that it's halls are now filled with all manner of Goblinoid or other beasts. Still, for the true historians, much of the human culture would remain untarnished and preserved if one was willing and able to seek them out."
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator

Port City of Tul'Khaarga

The Port City of Tul'Khaarga has owes its origin as much to the Empire as to the dispossessed and displaced lesser races that call it’s rocky manses home. Tul'Khaarga can be found by drawing a straight line north of Aerion far to the south. There Tul'Khaargar sits at the tip of the Shadowspit, containing the Boiling Gulf to the west.

Formed some 4 centuries past, Tul'Khaarga heralds itself as the last free city in the known world (conveniently forgetting the free city of Khaanos of course). Tul'Khaarga is a home to many of the lesser races; those forgotten or left behind by the cruel racism and segregation of the Eladrian and Syverian Elves. Lycans, Orcs, Carngoblins, Goblinoids, Thaurs and the like find respite from the one-sided laws of the elven homelands. Tul'Khaarga is by no means a paradise however. As is want to happen when you have so many races in a cultural melting pot, might often has more say than the meek. The insidious and the clever outwit the strong and brawny whilst faceless men laugh from the shadows. Pureblood Elves are most unwelcome in Tul'Khaarga, often relegated to 3rd class citizenship and become the targets of sanctioned beatings, extortion and murder. Tul'Khaarga is governed by a council of 8 pirate lords who control trade, war and economy over the city and the Shattered Coast. These individuals are powerful men and women, often owning fleets of ships and hundreds if not thousands of men at their command. In-fighting and sabotage is a common occurrence, and weaker council members find themselves either ousted by clever political positioning, or just outright murdered. The current members of The Eight are listed below.

  • Lord-Captain Xiang: A Lycan-Elf of fearsome reputation, Xiang is one of the few members who regularly engages in ship to ship action in person. His bloodlust knows no bounds, and he is considered quite insane by everyone who crosses his path and survives.
  • Warchief Gorn: A Trueborn Orc, blessed by the gods to lead orc-kind into a new age of savagery and conquest. At least, that’s how the prophecy goes…
  • Leader Kresht: A Hobgoblin of inspired cunning, Kresht and his band protect and tithe the canals and flats of the Shattered Coast in their fleet of flat-bottomed canoes and skiffs.
  • Lady Lyssar: A beautiful human female who inherited her position from her late father. The council is still debating in hushed whispers over the ‘natural’ causes of his death.
  • Salt-Thane Agrok: Agrok stands as one of the few Duergar to venture from the underground halls of his forebears and take to the ocean in search of fortune. A masterful merchant and trader, Agrok has built himself a substantial empire through his black-market affairs.
  • Bull Stonehoof: Thaur never forget, as the saying goes, and it is safe to assume Stonehoof never forgot the murder of his tribe at the hands of the elves of Aerion. His quest for vengeance has led him to The Eight, the place where he could best strike back at those who have wronged him.
  • Mistress Braele: Once a scion of one of the noble houses in Eladria, Braele the Sylvayr and her family were forced from their homeland and hunted across the wastes of Tartaria by a fierce political opponent. Braele is the last survivor of her namesake, and she intends to go out with a bang.
  • Midrel: Dragonborn are an uncommon sight in Tartaria, even more uncommon to find one as the head of a massive criminal empire. Midrel’s story is unknown to the other councillors, but it is rumoured he is the last of a great line of dragons, cast into exile for crimes against Xortivar himself. Who can believe such rumours though…?

Creatures of the Syverian Wastes

Feral Orcs


"One of the more aggressive creatures of the Syverian Wastes, the Syverian Feral Orcs are characterised by their pale skin, pronounced simian gait, and long grey fur. They are often clad in scavenged leather and skins and sport many tribal markings such as scarification and tattoos. Especially fearsome is the many-toothed black-steel blade carried by the Feral Orc, the 'Bruuka'. Loosely translated into Imperial-Dwarven, this means 'Biter', or 'Cleaver'. Syverian Feral Orcs are tribe-like in nature, meaning that they follow the rule of the strong. The largest and most fearsome Feral Orcs are known as 'Gorbrag', or 'War Chief' in Common. These creatures are larger than even the mighty Bugbear, and whilst lacking the intelligence of their scheming cousins, they are twice as dangerous in their physicality. Be warned. The Syverian Feral Orc has a habit of capturing live elves for the purposes of ingestion. All others are usually killed in pusuit of this goal."
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator

The Lost


"The wastes of Syveria are an expansive and lonely place to put it lightly. Travellers and adventurers are often lost in the wintery wilderness, their frozen corpses a testament to the dangers of Syveria. Another danger is the saturation of the arcane from eons of magic use against the original human inhabitants. At times, a mourning adventuring party might bury a companion in the unforgiving ground, unknowingly allowing the magic a fresh source in which to extend itself. These bodies awaken in an undead state, doggedly pursuing the last commands of the magic that now inhabits them. The Lost, as they have become known, are relentless and impossible to distract once they have found prey to expend their ageless wrath upon."
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator



"If there is one Goblin you can see, usually that means there are a whole lot more you can't see. At least, that's what my father taught me. And for the most part it rings true. Almost everyone is familiar with the common Goblin. Short of stature, sharp of teeth and thin of arm, the Goblin poses very little threat to any adventurer even with the most mundane equipment. It is in their numbers where Goblins become dangerous. A brace of Goblins is of no trouble, but find yourself surrounded by half-a-dozen of the blighters and I fear they'll soon be arguing over the looting rights to your freshly stuck corpse. Goblins can be found in almost any environment, whether it be underground in mines and caves, clinging to the trees in the forests, or traipsing about the desert."
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator



"Whilst Hobgoblins are distant cousins to the common Goblin, they have little in common with their smaller counterparts beyond genetics. Hobgoblins are smart, much smarter than many give them credit for, and they are talented fighters to boot. Standing the height of a man, if a little on the thin side of things, Hobgoblins are often yellow of flesh, or a light brown depending on their heritage. Found more commonly in the Zyndrian Deserts, these warriors of the sand often group together into fierce mercenary companies, leading bands of Goblins and Carngoblins on raids and sorties. Hobgoblins hold no racial grudges or animosity, unlike many creatures in the Eladrian Empire, and will simply work for whoever is paying the most. Once a contract is taken tho, Hobgoblins have a strict sense of honour, and will not cease until the job is finished. It is useless to argue or plead with them, as it will fall upon deaf ears."
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator



"The Carngoblin (or Bugbear as some lesser folk may know it) is a curious creature indeed. Rumours are rife about their inception, with many believing that Elven Carnymancers melded the flesh of Goblins and Orcs to create the brutal physicality required of front-line soldiers. Of course it is preposterous to assume such unnatural things. It is far more likely that the Carngoblin is simply an offshoot of Goblinoid that adapted to a more physical role. In the same way the Hobgoblin grew taller and smarter to better survive in the harsh desert, the Carngoblin grew thicker and hairier to better survive the Syverian winters. Arguments of their origins aside, the Carngoblin is a foe to be reckoned with. Standing close to 8 feet tall with a blunt, bat-like face and ruddy coloured skin, Carngoblin are often used as shock-troops in Hobgoblin mercenary companies. Once these brutes are clad in plate and wielding a two-handed club like a man might wield a cosh or blackjack, there isnt much that can stand in their way. While they are not exactly short on intelligence (for a Goblinoid), they do lack ambition and imagination, making them poor magic users. "
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator

Creatures of the Blood Peak Peninsula



"Ah, the Fish-folk. What can we say about the much beloved Fish-folk? A Goblinoid sub-species who evolved in aquatic habitats, the Fish-folk are a slimy and scaly bunch who prefer the use of subterfuge through toxins and poisons then direct conflict. Never found far from water, they group together in clans of between 20 and 50, and will slink out of the depths at night to ambush unwary travelers. Somewhere along their line, they developed quite a taste for human and dwarven flesh, and many carry the fetishes and trophies of half-chewed bones and mandibles about their bodies. "
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator



"Often found roaming the sands in hunting packs of 6-12, the Gnoll appears as some hideous combination of man and vyena. Standing close to 7 feet tall and weighing between 280-320 pounds, Gnolls sport drab, yellow fur spotted with black marks, a hunched and well-muscled back (the larger males tend to grow a mohawk of black fur that leads from their crown to their tail), and walk digitigrade much like their distant canine relatives. The pack follow the right of might with the largest and most fierce Gnoll (the Alpha) in command of the lesser, weaker pups. In a curious twist on status quo, females are treated no differently in the pack-system then the males, and are expected to hunt and fight and forage with the rest. On occasion, a particularly strong or aggressive female will lead a pack in place of an Alpha male. Gnolls are highly adaptable, and carry a variety of weapons such as axes, swords, maces, spears and more exotic fanfare like the kama or three-piece-staff. Having no societal centre, Gnolls do no produce anything, and rely upon thievery and raids to gain equipment and arms. "
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator



"Dear readers, I must apologize for this entry as it is almost entirely unfounded in any reasonable sense and cannot be verified by anyone of any credibility, but in the efforts of a truly completed collection of flora and fauna I feel compelled to include it. I once spoke with a Dark Elf many moons ago who spoke of strange and twisted creatures who stalk the peninsula in the dead of night. No two ever appear the same, so he said, and to look upon one is to invite madness into your psyche. A horrifying amalgamation of flesh and bone, creature and beast, unhallowed and forsaken. The Dark Elf scribbled out an image for my records (which I took the liberty of doctoring somewhat to make it presentable), as if doing so would somehow verify his extravagant claims. Nevertheless, I have included these Unknown in my works on the off-chance they do exist in this mortal coil. I however, sincerely doubt it."
-Telatinche Gasperg, Deep Elf Explorator

New Characters:

S is starting and T is total.

  • e.g. Chris's character dies. He gens a new character. Tom is the lowest party exp at 10,000 spent. Chris's new character begins with ((10,000-3000)/2)+3000 = 6500 exp. Of this exp, 3000 is swords/exp as per character generation rules, and the remainder is pure exp.



Past Vessels

The Dawnthief

LB Max Speed Man. Integrity Mass
16x4 (4) 7 1 or 3 under lanteen 5 +1A 6.4 -12.1 tonnes

Traits: Elipsodial, Shallow Keel, Ribbed Spars, Hull Deck, Top Deck
Rigs: 2x Modern Sail Rig and Mast [Can rig either Lanteen or Square sails] square sails provide 128 propulsion each, lanteen provide 64 each [Top: 15]
Equipment: Captains Quarters [Hull: 10], Scullery [Hull: 5], 4x Light Scorpions (100m, 4D10+10 Piercing, 4 Full Rld) [Top: 8], 20x Bunks [Top: 20]
Deck Space: Hull: 64/64, Top: 42/58
Cargo: 49 Dedicated [12,250kgs]
Crew: 16/16

  • Shipmaster: Ogrin Cannonhammer
  • Captain: Edmund Havelock II
  • First Officer: Zax Fellsnow
  • Boatswain: Grimgor Wolfblood
  • Windweaver: Haraldir
  • Misc. Crew: Collection of Wind Elves, Salt Dwarves and Nautical Humans

Beauforte factor 1 - 128 lanteen, 256 square
-lanteen 1 knot, square 2 knots
Beauforte factor 2 - 256 lanteen, 512 square
- lanteen 2 knots, square 4 knots
Beauforte factor 3 - 384 lanteen, 768 square
- lanteen 3 knots - square 6 knots


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