Happenings in the Empire and Larger World

Era of the Empire 1231

  • In Sice the Imperial Embassy Consulate is accidentally killed in a spell misfire. Rumours abound as to whether or not foul play.
  • In Darmissia, minor fires destroy the military camps in Darmissia after an earthquake opened up previously unexplored parts of the ancient crumbling city.
  • In the Dominion of Vael, a major storm rocks the Red Forest, destroying many trees, and ripping a branch from the Vael home tree. The Blood Elf Prince has proclaimed EE 1232 a year of Mourning.
  • A hurricane hit Cassangreca hard after its entire population was brutally murdered by a Daemon Prince, destroying and uprooting the dregs that had made their way back into the ruins. A dreadful warlord has now moved into the abandoned ruins, claiming dominion over the ruins. He is styling himself lord of the west and has begun border skirmishes with both the Empire and Vargo-Baronia and has supported himself on controlling and administrating the dungeoneering that occurs in the city.
  • A major storm in Silira would have damaged their city had it not already been forseen by their college of Diviners. Instead the Archmage was assassinated by his successor whilst finishing the warding spell. Now a minor mage-war has now broken out in the city. Unaffiliated wizards have commented that the damage caused by the mage-duels closely aligns with the damage that was predicted.
  • Lo'Esis and Eris have opened new trade routes with the Blood Lands after a capitilising on a minor change to Imperial tariff restrictions. Trade in beasts and some weaponry has increased the revenue of Sviofalva by a significant percentage.
  • An Elven diplomat to the Blood Prince was found exsanguinated, and quite Undead. This was clearly an act of defection, thankfully he was accidentally killed during a mild storm when the silver stake all Elven Emissaries are given when they go to the bloodlands was thrown into his chest during a bumpy coach ride. Observers have pointed out that removing the stake would just bring him back to life, others say that the Blackguard got to his body first and removed him from Varg.
  • In Kazir a cosmic alignments have damaged the Runeshield. Minor infernal instances are being recorded, so far nothing more than mischievous imps and quasits have been found.
  • Minor fires in Mikese have damaged the Patrician's Palace.
  • Many dwarves have been emigrating to Talio, just south of the Daggerseas, as the Human mines their begin to flourish after striking some fairly rich veins of ore.
  • Floods in Remore have damaged parts of the city, nothing to critical however and agriculture continues as normal.
  • The Grand Councillor Maxinmazintraxas, the Iridescent, has made a journey to Amile, to make a pilgramage to the site of his birth up in the Daggerseas. A full contingent of Immortals and Dragon Exarchs have accompanied the Silver Dragon.
  • In Zuhcaress a meteor strike destroyed most of the outer districts, though the adamantium gained from the meteor has boosted trade considerably and the city has arguably, never been in better shape.

Era of the Empire 1232 - THE NEW YEAR

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