Elf, Scoundrel, Rogue

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
9 10 14 11 15 13

+2 Dex , +3 Per, -1 Con, +2 Ch

Will Save: 6
Experience: 0/775
Wound Thresholds: 11/21/31/41
Taint: 0
Speed: 7m

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, 'Elven Dialect'), Religion, Charm, Deceive, Weapon Training (Crossbow, Simple Blades), Low Light Vision, Stealth, Crossbow Drill (Reloading Crossbows a full action), Thievery, Dodge, Sneak Attack (1D6)
+1: Awareness
+2: Weapon Focus (Crossbow)


  • Fey Origin: For spells and effects the Elf is considered to be a Fey creature.
  • Trance: Elves are immune to Sleep effects; in addition they only need to spend 4 hours of rest to gain the benefits that other races would normally gain from 8 hours rest. In addition whilst in a trance the Elf counts as if they had the Light Sleeper talent.
  • Elven Accuracy Once per day you may decide that a single attack roll is a critical result, declare before rolling.
  • Sneak attack: Must be declared before the attack. The rogue must be either behind the enemy, undetected, or attack the enemy while it is engaged with an ally or another enemy. If the attack hits it does and extra +D6 of damage.

Equipment (Carrying Capacity 8+/9
-MW Crossbow w/ Bayonet Attachment (+1, D10; Range: 30m; Piercing; Penetration [1]) (3)
-Bayonet (D8; Piercing; Two-Handed)
-Hand Crossbow (D8; Range: 20m; Piercing; Offhand)
-Shortsword (+1; D6; Slashing; Offhand)
-Dagger (+1; D4; Range: 3m; Slashing/Piercing; Offhand, Thrown)
-Souscoats: Mail Shirt (2- A, B), Leather Leggings (1- L)
-Surcoats: Open Helm (3- H)
-Backpack, 25m of rope w/ grappling hook, Waterskin, 5 Stakes, Rope Ladder, Crowbar, Climbers Kit, Thievery Tools, 2 days worth of rations, Charcoal, Caltrops, 32 quarrels, Holy Icon of Cifyre

H- 3
B- 2
A- 2
L- 1

Money bag:
0 Dragons
6 Drakes
28 Swords
24 Slaves

Imperial Cheque Account:
105 Swords

Party Belongings:

Sack of Ancient Coins (2 'Sails', 16 'Clotes', 4 'Wagons')

  • Fled from Drow city to Silver Empire.
  • Grew up on the streets as an urchin and was caught stealing from a Cifyren temple as a youngster.
  • Name erased from history and set on a path of redemption by the clergy, sent out into the world to enforce the necessary balance of The Keeper of Secrets.
  • 5'11", lithe, grey skin, white hair.

Missing in the ruined Trajkovska manse.

Entering the manse on the outskirts of Sice, Shadow hurriedly entered the building eager to find what treasures lay within. Reaching to inspect an ornate vase the floor beneath him gave way, dropping him into a seemingly endless darkness. This would be the last time they saw him…

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