Dragonborn, Gladiator, Cleric

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 13 9 8 7 14

+2 Str, +1 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Int, -1 Per

Will Save:
Experience: 0/0
Wound Thresholds:
Taint: 0
Size: Medium
Speed: 6m

Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Draconic), Intimidate, Jaded, Armour training (Heavy), Weapon training (Primitive, Thrown, Crossbows), Simple Weapon Training (Axes, Blunt), Military Weapon Training (Axes, Warhammers), Religion, Spellcraft (Cleric), Cleric Caster Level (2)


  • Dragonborn Vengeance: * When you have taken critical damage you gain +1 to all attacks.
  • Draconic Physiology: * When you receive healing (both magical or non magical) your gain your Constitution bonus in additional healing.
  • Dragon Breath: * As a single action you may attempt a Constitution check to make a breath attack against enemies. Passing the Constitution check indicates that you may make the attack, failing indicates that you can’t summon the energy just at this moment. At character creation you pick the type of damage of your breath attack and this choice is permanent. A critical fail on this check on this roll indicates you may not used your breath weapon until the next day. On a critical success you deal double damage.
Prof Range Damage Type Special
- 5m D6 + Con Bonus Acid Spray
  • Divine Promise: * Deity: Dragar Domain: War

You have may cast any of those domain spells whenever you would like so long as your Charisma Bonus is equal to or greater than the spell level.
Your caster level is the power at which you may cast a spell, and your caster level is NOT modified by armour weight.
You also gain the additional ability of your domain.
You must keep to the tenants of your Deity or you will be rejected by your god, and have your powers stripped from you until such a time as you have restored your faith.
You must pray at the holy times of your god or you cannot cast any spells until you pray at the next holy time (unless uncontrollable circumstances stopped you from praying, if so you must pray as soon as is possible).
Identifying your spells for the purposes of dispelling requires a Religion check.

Equipment (Carrying Capacity x/8
Poor Quality handaxe
3 poor quality throwing axes
Writ of freedom.
Religious Vestments,
Mail Shirt,
Holy Icon of your Dragar
Holy Tome of Dragar

H- 0
B- 0
A- 0
L- 0

Money bag:
0 Dragons
0 Drakes
5 Swords
0 Slaves

Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus, Duration: Caster Level/Min
Spiritual Weapon: Magical weapon attacks on its own.
Magic Vestment: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.
Divine Power: You gain attack bonus/Caster Level, +6 to Str, and 1 hp/Caster Level.

Caster Level: 2

Tenants of Dragar

  • Be like the storm, for the storm is righteous and has no forgiveness,
  • Earn your strength, as the wolf earns his, those who are strong have been blessed
  • War is the just trial for evil, practice it so that you may triumph over darkness on the battlefield
  • The strong will prevail,
  • Trust not in the outsider, for they shall only deceive,
  • Uphold the laws of the strong, for they have won them through battle

Starting Exp:
Cleric Caster Level 2 (1000)
Spent Exp:

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